Traditional Championship Wrestling TV report

TCW Wrestling Review
Shawn Davis

This weeks show starts with the established TCW opening, with nothing new added or subtracted.  The opening takes us to the announcing booth where Chris Cruise and TCW Owner/announcer Brian Thompson welcome us to the show.  Cruise and Brian give us the run down of what we are going to see on the show.  Matt Riviera will be in action, Thompson teases what will Riviera’s mindset be after TCW International Champion shoulder blocked him on accident two weeks ago.  Brian tells us the TCW International Championship will be defended as Tim Storm will take on Boink the Clown.  I have checked with TCW’s roster page…this is indeed Matt Bourne, the original Doink the Clown.  They tease a ladies match as well, and then send it to Ken Resnick with an interview with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan about what happened last week.

Ken introduced “Hacksaw” and then Ken goes on to talk about how Duggan must be thrilled due to his win over Al Farat.  Duggan then talks about how he’s trying to keep his cool, because he came to TCW and was having fun.  He was happy to see everyone, and was happy he won his match, but then he talks about “something that has never happened to Hacksaw Jim Duggan in 30 years.”  Farat apparently attacked Duggan with Duggan’s own 2x4.  This attack was not shown on the TCW show last week, it must have happened after the match, after the show ended.  Duggan goes on to talk about how his 2x4 is now missing, and he is going to look for it.  Man, Duggan can still cut a fiery promo.  Resnick sends us to the ring for our first match.

Lorelei Lee def. “The Goddess” Athena in 8:03

TCW ring announcer Tom Simon introduced “The Goddess” Athena.  Athena comes to the ring, as she is walking down the isle, she plays some games with the fans.  Goes to high-five them, and pulls back with sass.  Athena is a well built attractive black woman, a believable female wrestler.  Athena plays more games with the fans by teasing throwing her shirt to the audience, and then doesn’t.  Tom Simon introduces Lorelei  Lee.  Lorelei comes out and fires up the fans.  I thought Lorelei looked familiar, so I googled her, and it turns out, she was on TNA briefly teaming with April Hunter for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships.  Lorelei circles the ring, getting the fans going.   While Lorelei circles the ring, Brian Thompson sheds some more light on what happened after TCW went off the air last week.  After Farat hit Duggan with the 2x4, Farat attacked Dennis McCaslin.  McCaslin was the guy in Duggan’s corner.  The boxer that was shown during the match, Bobby Crabtree, then jumped the rail and gave Farat a knock out punch.  The bell rings, and the match is underway.

Athena and Lorelei lock up, and Athena  twists Lorelei’s arm.  Lorelei rolls through it, and twists Athena’s arm.  Lorelei goes into a hammer lock on Athena.  Athena does an impressive one-handed cartwheel to get out of the hammer lock!  Lorelei applauds Athena, giving credit where credit is due. Athena says she wants a test of strength.  Lorelei reaches for Athena’s hand, and Athena plays some mind games by switching hands several times.  They finally lock up for a test of strength, and Lorelei powers Athena over.  Athena bends over backwards due to Lorelei over-powering her.  Athena powers back up and kicks Lorelei in the gut.  Lorelei does a one handed cartwheel of her own to break the test of strength.  Athena charged and hits Lorelei with a shoulder block, and Lorelei doesn’t budge.  Lorelei returns the shoulder block, and Athena staggers, but stays on her feet.  The story seems to be that they are evenly matched, and feeling each other out for a weakness.  They decided that on a count of three they will charge and shoulder block each other.  They count to three, they each bounce off the ropes, and collide in the center of the ring.  They each fall to the mat and quickly bounce up.  Even exchange, again. They decide to do it again.  They charge the ropes, but Athena attempts to outsmart Lorelei  by spring boarding off the second rope.  Lorelei sees it coming and barely deflects the cross body.  Lorelei follows it up with two arm drags and a drop kick to the face.  Athena rolls out of the ring to regroup.  Humorous commentary between Brian Thompson and Chris Cruise here.  Thompson states that someone should “check out the boots on Lorelei Lee.”  Cruise replies, “the what?!”  Thompson says “Boots.”  Cruise, “Oh…the boots.”  funny stuff.  They then discuss whether or not Lorelei Lee “stuffs her boots” or not. Athena waits until the 4 count before she grabs Lorelei by the “boots” and pulls her to the outside.  Athena slams Lorelei’s knee on the side of the ring apron.  She does it a second time.  Athena drags Lorelei too the ring post, and wraps Lorelei’s knee around the post.  Athena then reenters the ring, now in control of the match.  Athena drags Lorelei to the center of the ring by her hair.  Athena attempts a cover, but only gets a two count.  Lorelei rolls over and covers Athena, but only for a one count.  Athena continues her assault on Lorelei’s knee.  Athena chokes Lorelei on the ring ropes, and let’s go at the four count.  Athena executes a snapmare on Lorelei Lee, followed up by a kick to the back.  Athena covers, but only for a two count.  Athena pulls Lorelei to her feet, and whips her into the corner.  Athena does a front flip, and delivers a fore arm to Lorelei’s face.  Athena then whips Lorelei to the opposite corner, and tells everyone she’s going to do it one more time.  This time, after her flip, Lorelei kicks her in the chest.  Lorelei performs a sunset flip off the second rope into a pin, for a two count.  Lorelei is taking back control of the match, as she hits a monkey flip on Athena out of the corner.  Athena catches her breath in the opposite corner, and Lorelei  with a series of flips ending in a back elbow into Athena’s face.  Lorelei then hit’s a bulldog, she covers, but only for a two count.  Athena with a kick to the gut.  Athena tries to kick Lorelei in the head, but Lorelei ducks.  Lorelei Lee rolls up Athena for the three count!  Not a bad ladies match!  Athena pounds the mat in frustration, as Lorelei celebrates. 

We see a graphic for Matt Riviera vs. Greg King.  Chris Cruise calls Matt Riviera Mr. 5.5.  Not sure what that means yet.  I think Greg King was one of the two guys Titan destroyed two weeks ago.   We come back from the break to fans chanting TCW! TCW!  Cruise and Thompson welcome us back and send us to Resnick for a Matt Riviera interview.  Resnick introduces Matt Riviera as a “reality star.”  Once again, after consulting Google, I found out that Matt Riviera has been on the VH1 reality show, “Megan Wants a Millionaire.”  Resnick  asks Matt about his plans that went awry when he got involved in the Tim Storm/Shane Williams match.  Matt said that he tried to do the right thing by looking out for Tim when Shane got a chair, and what does Tim do?  Tackles him into the ref.  He could have hurt the ref!   It’s interesting that Matt’s concern is only for the ref.   Matt talks about how in the world today, it’s hard to be a moral person.  Resnick then asks Matt if he’s a little too focused on his reality star status.  Matt assures everyone that he puts the business first.  Interesting that he doesn’t say which business.  Resnick sends us to the ring for the match.

Matt Riviera def. Greg King in 9:23

Tom Simon introduces Greg King, who comes out giving fans high-fives.  Simon then introduces Matt Riviera.  Matt comes out also giving the fans high fives.  Cruise tells us that the 5.5 in Mr. 5.5 is Riviera’s net worth….in millions.  Cruise also calls Riviera the most wealthy professional wrestler alive today.  Greg King seems to be holding his ribs before the match even starts.  Maybe still feeling the effects of Titan?  Both Matt and King get the fans going.  They lock up, and Matt give Greg waist lock take down.  Matt rolls King up for a two count.  The both get to their feet, and Matt offers King a handshake in sportsmanship.  Greg takes the handshake, and they re-set.  King gets Riviera into a waist lock, but Riviera reverses into a full nelson.  King reverses into a full nelson of his own. Riviera flips King over into an arm bar.  King reverses it, into an arm bar of his own.  Riviera gets his foot on the ropes.  Riviera again offers a handshake to King.  King shakes the hand, and they reset.  Riviera with a wrist lock, and he forces King to the mat.  King fights out of it and gets to his feet.  He gets Riviera into his own wrist lock.  Matt gets to the ropes for a break.  Matt offers the sportsmanship handshake, and King shakes it for a third time.  A ‘sportsmanship’ chant from the crowd.  They lock up, and King gets Riviera into a wrist lock.  King picks up Riviera and delivers a body slam!  Riviera rolls out of the ring to regroup.  Matt enters the ring, and offers the handshake for a fourth time.  Again, King shakes it.  They lock up, and King with a drop-toe hold.  King then moves to a submission more, tying up Riviera’s legs.  Riviera drags King to the rope to break the hold.  Riviera lifts King on his shoulder, and gently puts him down on his feet on the ring apron.  King enters the ring, and Riviera with the sportsmanship handshake for a fifth time.  King takes the shake, but Matt kicks him in the gut this time!  A cheap shot from Matt Riviera!  Riviera then slams Kings head into the turnbuckle.  Riviera follows it up with an elbow to the face.  Riviera drops a knee to King’s head.  Riviera then chokes King with his boot.   Riviera puts King in an armbar submission, but King reaches the ropes.  Riviera waits until the four count to let go.  Riviera with an armbar DDT, and a cover for a two count.  Riviera with some snap punches ending them with a right hand that sends King to the mat.  Riviera tries to pin King with a boot on the chest as he poses, but King kicks out at two.  King tries to kick Riviera, but Riviera drops a knee on King’s head.  Riviera with an underhook suplex.  King kicks out at two.  Riviera goes back to the armbar submission.  King fights out of it.  King hits the ropes, executes a sunset flip into a pin, but only gets a near fall.  Riviera levels King with a vicious clothesline!  Riviera whips King into the ropes, goes for an elbow as King bounces back, but King ducks, and nails Riviera with a super kick!  Both men are down.  The ref starts the count.  They are both stagger up at four.  King with a couple fore arms and a drop kick, sending Riviera to the mat.  King sends Riviera into the corner and hits a splash., and does another splash.  King goes for a kick, but Riviera moves, and King straddles the ropes.  Riviera drags King to the center of the ring by his feet.  He locks in the half-crab submission, and Greg King taps out!  Riviera keeps the hold locked for several seconds after the match is over, until more refs come from the back forcing him to break the hold. 

Next, Tom Simon is in the ring telling us that someone named Boyd Bradford has demanded some time in the ring.  He is accompanied by the ‘Bradford Family.’  Wow!  This is bizarre.  Boyd Bradford is a short manager in a fedora and suspenders. He looks like the from the 1920’s.  His ‘family’  is Boink the Clown and a very tall mean looking dude with a mohawk.  Boink has a clown hammer, and the big guy is pushing a dolly with a body bag on it.  The music for the ‘Bradford Family’ is creepy.  Boink and the ‘big guy’ lift the body back and put it into the ring.  Brian Thompson identifies the ‘big man’ as Killer Nikels.  Bradford takes the mic from Tom Simon.  Boyd Bradford’s voice is hilarious.  Boyd tells everyone that he is about to answer the question, “where is Jon Michael?”  Cruise and Thompson give us a little bit of back-story.  The Bradford Family jumped and beat down Jon Michael and kidnapped him by putting him in a body bag.  Boink and Killer open the body bag.  Bradford says that after hours and hours of mind-control testing, he introduces the new and improved, Jon Michael!  Out of the body bag, sits up a man that looks like a homeless clown pirate.  Jon Michael has a dazed look, like a zombie.  Boyd tells him to get up, and he stands up.  Boyd asks Michael what he has to say to the TCW fans?  Michael answers, “Welcome to Traditional Championship Wrestling.”  In an over the top announcing voice that sounds very familiar to wrestling fans.  Michael continues, “where both feet must touch the floor!”  The family doesn’t like that answer.  Nikels grabs Michael, and Boink slaps him a couple times.  I’m guessing the mind-control is going wrong.  Haha!  Cruise says exactly what I was thinking by saying, “He thinks he’s Howard Finkle!”  Boyd asks Michael how it feels to be the newest member of the Bradford Family?  Michaels answers, “It feels Wonderful!.  Mr. Wonderf----” Boyd cuts him off.  Boink slaps Michael a few times again.  Boyd becomes unhappy with the results of the mind-control, and the Bradford Family leave the ring to the back.  Very Interesting…

The graphic tells us it’s Tim Storm defending the TCW International Championship against Boink the Clown.  Cruise welcomes us back from the break, and sets up that this is Boink the Clown’s opportunity to win the Championship for The Bradford Family. 

Tim Storm def. Boink the Clown and defends the TCW International Championship in 7:03

The Bradford Family is in the ring as Tom Simon introduces the TCW International Champion, Tim Storm.  Storm rides into the arena on a motorcycle!  He circles the ring interacting with  the fans on the motorcycle.  Storm enters the ring, and Boink exits the ring.  Boink grabs a yellow wrapped box that was at ringside, and motions that it could be a present for Storm.  Boink leaves the ring, the present is not for Storm.  Boink teases that the present is for Thompson and then Cruise.  Boink teases a few fans for several minutes before finally taking a pie out of the box and slamming it into a fan at ringside’s face.  Classic!  Storm exits the ring, and sneaks up on Boink while Boink is laughing at the fan with pie in his face.  Tim lays in some punches.  Tim delivers a body slam to Boink on the floor.  Tim rolls Boink into the ring, and attempts to enter the ring himself, but Killer Nikels jumps Tim from behind.  Tim fights him off, and tries to get into the ring again, but Killer grabs him again.  Storm fights off Nikels several times, and Nikels just keeps coming back and attacking Storm.  Storm sends Nikels into the steel steps.  Nikels grabs Storms foot again as Storm enters the ring.  Nothing stops this guy!  The ref finally ejects Nikels from ringside!  Boink is still in the ring recovering from the body slam on the floor.  Storm finally enters the ring without interference as the ref is escorting Nikels down the entryway.  Storm lifts Boink to his feet, and then sends him back to the mat with a clothesline.  Storm slams Boink’s head into the turnbuckle.  Oh wow!  Bobby Eaton comes from the back to help the ref get Killer Nikels and Boyd Bradford to the back!  I guess TCW has Bobby Eaton as an agent in the back.  Storm trips Boink.  Storm lifts Boink up and delivers  some forearms.  Storm delivers an atomic drop on Boink.  Storm follows that up with a clothesline.  Boink waves off Storm, saying “no more”.  Storm fires off some right hands that connect with Boink’s chin.  A right haymaker from Storm sends Boink to the mat.  Storm with a wrist lock, and it’s a violent wrist lock.  Storm jerked Boink’s arm six or seven times.  Storm goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.  Boink finally gets some offense on Storm by getting him in the corner, and connecting with some lefts and rights.  Storm grabs Boink and flips him around into the corner, and returns those lefts and rights.  Storm lifts Boink up onto his shoulder and flips Boink over onto the mat!  Boink begs off Storm and asks for a time-out.  Storm with a kick to the head of Boink.  Storm goes for the cover and gets a two count. Storm gets Boink into the corner, and hits him with a splash.  He hits another splash.  Storm looks like he’s limping.  Storm goes for a third splash, but Boink gets his foot up and it connects with Storm’s face.  Storm falls back into the ref.  The ref is down.  Boink kicks Storm again, knocking him down.  Boink goes to the top rope for the whoopee cushion!  Boink jumps, but Storm rolls out of the way.  Boyd Bradford goes to the top rope.  Storm sees him, and throws him into the ring.  Killer Nikels comes back down to the ring.  Storm leaps out of the ring to meet him.  Storm and Nikels brawl outside the right, trading rights.  Nikels sends Storm into the steps.  Nikels goes under the ring, and pulls out a table!  He sets it up at ringside.  While Nikels sets up the table, Boink the Clown is still in the ring, and he gets his clown hammer. Nikels goes to get Storm. Nikels leads Storm to the table he set up.  Nikels grabs Storm by throat, setting up a chokeslam through the table.  Storm reverses it into a power bomb!  Storm power bomb Nikels onto the table.  The table doesn’t break!  Storm hits a second power bomb that sends Nikels through the table!  Storm goes back into the ring, and Boink is waiting on him.  Boink begins to bombard Storm with shots from his clown hammer.  Boink goes for the cover on Storm, but Storm is under the ropes.  The ref finally gets to his feet.  Boink thinks he’s won, the ref tells him that Storm’s foot was under the ropes.  Storm gets up while Boink is arguing with the ref.  Tim Storm nails the ‘Perfect Storm’ on Boink, and gets the 3 count to retain the TCW International Championship!  

Who is the next UFC champion to lose the title?


Who do you expect to win this fight?