ROH responds to Kenny King on Impact tonight

ROH issued a response to Kenny King, half of their tag team championship team the All Night Express, appearing on TNA tonight.

According to the response, King's contract expired 11 days ago, but before the expiration, King and ROH reached an agreement that allowed him to negotiate with other promotions, but not to wrestle for other promotions.  When the short extension period was over, he would either sign a new ROH contract or he would leave.

They claimed King had agreed verbally to the deal, but then said he wasn't sure other promotions would accept the negotiation clause period.  He said he was afraid if he signed the extension and negotiated that they would feel they were tampering.  ROH told him they would not view other offers as tampering. 

On Tuesday, King told ROH he was going to have a meeting with TNA, which was allowable under the agreement.  Then, this morning, he told ROH that he'd be wrestling on tonight's show.  He was told by ROH that his agreement didn't allow him to wrestle on tonight's show. 

ROH claimed his response that that while the deal he agreed to seemed fair at the time, others had told him it wasn't fair and he was going to wrestle.  It is notable that King did not sign the papers, only verbally agreed to them according to ROH.

ROH said they consider this a breach and they will not be using King going forward.  A decision will be made regarding the tag team titles.

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