OVW TV tapings report 7-4

   Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episiode #672 that was taped on July 4th, yes July 4th, with an air date of July 7th in Louisville. This was the "go home" show for the July 7th Saturday Night Special that will see the teams for OVW owner Danny Davis and heelish "Talent arbitrator" Josette Bynum square off for control of OVW in a 5 on 5 gauntlet steel cage match as ordered by OVW Board of Directors member Ken Wayne. OVW vs Jo-VW. Wayne has also stripped all champions of their titles here, and all the title vacancies will be filled on the July 7th show. Don't try to make too much sense out of it, the booking here lately would give Russo a boner. Davis and Wayne were both left laying at the end of last weeks show after an attack from Josette Bynum's "Family", and members of Bolin Services 2.0. 

The big news from this episode is Danny Davis actually wrestles on this show against Rob Terry. He did a six man tag once last year, I have no idea when his last singles match was. And it was announced that TNA's "Monster" Abyss will be on Davis' team in the 5 on 5 gauntlet steel cage match on July 7th. There is no word yet on what Joe Park thinks of this development. 

Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer. 

Congrats to Taeler Hendrix on getting a TNA contract on last weeks "Gut Check"! OVW is 2 for 2 in that department so far. 

Dylan Bostic appeared on last weeks WWE Smackdown as one of the jobbers to Ryback. 

This episode opened with Ken Wayne in the ring, and he ordered Josette Bynum and her "Family", and BS 2.0 to come to the ring now, while Wayne took his sports coat and tie off. Wayne said if this was the old days, nobody in the ring would be standing after what they did to he and Danny Davis last week. Ken Wayne then fired everyone in the ring. Several OVW babyfaces came to the ring before the fired heels could attack Wayne again. "Smooth" Johnny Spade tried to talk Wayne out of firing the heels, but Wayne stuck by his guns. Dean Hill got in the ring and made an impassioned plea to Wayne to not fire the "idiots", saying it would "kill" OVW if they are just fired. Huh?? Danny Davis came to the ring and made a plea for them not to be fired as well, but Ken Wayne said there needs to be discipline here. Davis then offered Ken Wayne an unusual deal. Davis said he will wrestle against Rob Terry tonight, and if Terry wins, he will give OVW to Josette Bynum and just walk away, which tipped off the finish already, but if he wins, the heels keep their jobs, and the Saturday Night Special will go on as as planned. Wayne and Davis talked in private off the mic, and Wayne then agreed to that stipulation. Not a bad segment really, it's just the "firing" thing, with the other side then begging for their foe(s) not to be fired, has been done so many times in wrestling before that nobody can buy it. Hey, at least we were actually going to see Danny Davis wrestle tonight. 

Raul Lamotta and Shiloh Jonze were talking backstage. Lamotta is upset because Danny Davis has not picked him twice in recent weeks, once to go for the OVW tag team titles on July 7th, and last week Davis selected Mohamad Ali Vaez of the "Family" instead of Lamotta to go for the OVW TV title on that date. Davis said he did it to mess with Josette Bynum, but it didn't sit well with Lamotta. Here Jonze was trying to talk Lamotta into bowing out to do what's right for "Team OVW", and Lamotta reluctantly agreed. 

1. Paredyse beat Jessie Godderz w/Josette Bynum & Rudy Switchblade 

Paredyse came to the ring with 4 Patriotic style balloons tied to him. He ended up popping one of the balloons when he was back dropped on to it. Godderz was totally in control here, but Paredyse pulled out the win out of nowhere with a sunset flip. 

Michael Hayes and James "Moose" Thomas cut a promo for a July 13th house show strap match of Hayes vs Jack Black. 

A old music video aired of back when Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver were the "Mobile Homers", with Revovler "playing"(?) banjo in it. When the video ended McNaler and Revolver were shown now on the couch in their mobile home, with a Rebel flag between them, talking about how embarrassing those days were for them. McNaler's girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, came into the room offered BBQ chicken, and said she had Ranch dressing too, if the "boys" made up. McNaler & Revolver's "Mom" then came into the room, and said if they don't make up, she had chores for them to do all next week. Then it said to be continued. An absolutely hilarious piece. It looks like McNaler & Revolver may got back to being the Mobile Homers. 

2. Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade 

Bellagio was in control here early, but Spade came back with a superkick. BS 2.0 member Joe Coleman tried to interfere on behalf of Bellagio a few times, but failed, and was ran off by Michael Hayes and James "Moose" Thomas. But Coleman's antics did provide enough of a distraction to allow Bellagio to chokeslam Spade off the second rope for the win. This match was short, but to my mind this was a huge win for Bellagio. Probably his biggest singles win ever here. Spade is pretty much the top babyface in OVW, or at least he has been for the past few months. 

Josette Bynum held a meeting with her "Family" backstage, and talked about how crazy Danny Davis was to want to face Rob Terry tonight. The talk then turned to Mohamad Ali Vaez, and Bynum said tonight would be "Family members" Vaez vs Rudy Switchblade, with Vaez being expected to just lay down and lose to Switchblade, the same way Bynum expects Vaez to lay down this Saturday, since Danny Davis picked Vaez to represent OVW for the OVW TV title match. Vaez didn't seem so sure about the whole just laying down dealio, and asked Bynum who she was picking to face him on Saturday. Bynum said it didn't matter, since he was just going to lay down and lose anyhow for the best interests of "The Family". I'm not so sure about that Jo Jo... 

3. Rudy Switchblade w/Josette Bynum & Jessie Godderz beat Mohamad Ali Vaez 

Switchblade put his towel down in the ring for Vaez to lay down on and get pinned, but a sad looking Vaez refused to do it, and Switchblade and Vaez, both members of "The Family", then grappled for a few minutes. Josette Bynum finally got up on the ring apron and ordered Vaez to lose to Switchblade, so Vaez let Switchblade roll him up and beat him, but he didn't do so happily. Actually, Vaez had Rob Terry just lay down for him a month or two ago, which allowed Vaez to "regain" the OVW TV title in a bogus fashion, but I think come Saturday Vaez is not just going to lay down. He loves the OVW TV title way more than he loves "The Family". The crowd here was chanting a lot for Vaez, so he could become a babyface out of all this. 

Dean Hill talked at the desk about the matches for this Saturday, and he mentioned some I didn't know were happening, in fact, after what he said I'm not even sure the 5 on 5 steel cage gauntlet match is still a go. Like I said, the booking the weeks prior to this as been really dreadful, so it seems they are making adjustments now. 

While Hill was talking, Raphael Constantine, with two of this ladies, ran to the ring carrying Ralphie the stuffed bear, with Tony Gunn and Nick Dumeyer in hot pursuit. Constantine stole Ralphie awhile back, and Gunn can't seem to get him back. Yeah, it's dumb. Anyhow, all the interested parties in this ran backstage, where they met up with Ken Wayne. Wayne took Ralphie away from Constantine, and said this Saturday will be a "Bear on a pole match", with the winner getting control of Ralphie. Wayne then said this was all "unbearable", and chuckled. 

4. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane beat Cliff Compton with Jason Wayne as the special referee 

An odd dynamic here. Both Silvio and Compton are babyfaces, and the ref for this match, Jason Wayne, is a heel. What these guys all have in common though is none of them can stand each other. After Silvio and Compton were both knocked down, thanks to an assist from Jason Wayne, Wayne went out and got a chair, and hit Silvio with it. Compton took the chair away, but when Silvio got up, he saw Compton with it, and assumed Compton hit him with it. Silvio and Compto argued until Silvio dropkicked Compton in the back, which caused Compton to take the chair to the face in the corner. Silvio then pinned Compton to end a weird match to say the least. Things are far from settled with these three, and I'm not sure Silvio will still be a babyface when the dust settles.

 Taeler Hendrix was backstage telling her boyfriend Dylan Bostic how glad she was the July 7th match she has against Epiphany for the OVW Women's title has now been changed to an evening gown match. 

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Danny Davis and Ken Wayne where talking when Josette Bynum and Rob Terry barged in. Terry shoved Davis into a locker, but Davis told Terry he was not afraid of him in no uncertain terms. Ken Wayne told Josette Bynum that Terry cannot touch the owner of OVW like that, but Bynum said tonight Davis has made himself into a wrestler. When Bynum and Terry left, Davis told a concerned Ken Wayne not to worry, that he has a plan to beat Rob Terry tonight. 

Prince Bolin, with Joe Coleman and Rocco Bellagio by his side, cut a promo for the July 13th house show strap match between Michael Hayes, and his man, Jack Black. 

Dean Hill gave the rest of the card for the Saturday Night Special at the desk, and it does indeed include the 5 on 5 gauntlet steel cage match. He also plugged the July 8th house show at Expo 5 in Louisville, which is being called the "Sunday Night Special". 

5. Danny Davis beat Rob Terry w/Josette Bynum 

TV main time. Davis worked in a black t shirt, and black track pants. Chris Sharpe was the ref here, but he no longer appears to be a heel ref at all with no explanation, just like he became a heel ref for "The Family" with no explanation. Dean Hill spoke of being able to announce Lou Thesz for a match years ago, and compared Danny Davis wrestling now to that. Davis with some punches early, but Rob Terry took over quickly, thanks to an assist from Josette Bynum. Davis bit Rob Terry's nose to escape a bear hug. Terry clotheslined referee Chris Sharpe by "accident", so Davis kicked Terry low. But Bynum's "Family" then ran in and beat up Danny Davis, except for Mohamad Ali Vaez, who stayed on the floor and just watched. Terry tried to pin Davis, but babyface Johnny Spade pulled referee Sharpe out of the ring. Trailer Park Trash ran in and hit Terry with a roll of quarters, which allowed Davis to get the win. Rob Terry beat TPT after he was hit with a roll of coins a few months ago, which was when Josette Bynum gained full control over OVW in the first place. TPT was reinstated here as "Director of wrestling authority" by Ken Wayne last week. 

The top OVW babyfaces, and Ken Wayne, got into the ring to help Davis celebrate his victory. Josette Bynum got into the ring and sarcastically asked Davis what 5 guys he had that could beat her 5 men in the gauntlet steel cage match. Davis said he had Johnny Spade, Trailer Park Trash, James "Moose" Thomas, Michael Hayes, and this man, and then pointed to the video screens, where TNA's "Monster" Abyss cut a promo, saying Danny Davis was an old friend of his, and he would be here in July 7th to cause "Damage" to Bynum's "Family". This was a real shocker, and got a big pop, while Josette Bynum looked panic stricken, and nearly in tears. 

The show then ended with a big brawl in the ring, that included Ken Wayne and Davis punching out some heels. 

Well, this was certainly the best show of the past few weeks by far, and Abyss coming in here was a real shocker. I don't think anyone, including me, saw that coming. It's good, and really, there should be more big time TNA guys like that coming in here on occasion, haven't seen much of it so far, except for a guest ref spot by the Pope months ago. To be nit picky though, why is Danny Davis friends with a "Monster"? Does Abyss coming in mean that Davis knows his regular guys can't get the job done on their own against Bynum's troops, so he had to call in outside reinforcements? Also I'm old school, I will always believe that a cage match is designed to keep the combatants in, and others out. Doesn't a gauntlet match in a cage defeat the purpose of having a cage in the first place? It'll be guys going in and out constantly. Plus, no blood can happen in Kentucky, which again sort of defeats the purpose of a cage match in my book. How will this Saturday Night Special go? It could be good, and it could be a real mess I think. It's just way, way, way too many stipulations on one show I think, plus with every title up for grabs, since they're all stripped, and the whole show for control of OVW between Danny Davis and Josette Bynum. It's just too much going on at once, and the crappy booking of the past few weeks muddled it up that much worse. I don't see how they can expect the fans to stay hot for that many stips on one show, but we'll see. If Bynum is still in control when the dust settles on Saturday I'll be beyond shocked. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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