UFC 148 live coverage from Las Vegas - Silva vs. Sonnen

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Rafaello Oliveira b Yoislandy Izquierdo on straight 29-28 scores in a lightweight fight


First round: Both looking to stand. Alessio moved foward and landed. Roller connected with two looping punches. Roller kicked him low and Alessio went down hard. We got a time out while Alessio regained his bearings. Alessio landed some punches. Roller went for a takedown and didn’t get it. Roller landed a good right. Alessio in a clinch landed hard body shots. Roller landed several punches. Alessio put him down with a punch and is on top. That last flurry won Alessio a close round 10-9.

Second round: Roller went for a guillotine but Alessio escaped. Roller with a high takedown. Roller threw a few elbows. Roller got behind him. Roller kept back position. Roller throwing punches and elbows from back position. More punches and elbows. Roller kept the position for the rest of the round. Roller’s round for sure, so I’ve got 19-19.

Third round: Alessio exploded with punches. Roller tied him up. Knee by Alessio. Roller with a punch and tried a takedown. Alessio grabbing a standing guillotine. Roller got him down and is on top. Roller throwing some elbows but mostly just keeping Alessio on his back. Alessio back to his feet. Roller going low working for another takedown. Alessio defending. Roller behind him and got Alessio down a second time. . Roller has his back again. Roller just keeping the position and is throwing some punches. Crowd booing a little. Roller working for a choke but doesn’t have it. He’s got the figure four body scissors on to keep the position. Alessio reversed with ten seconds left but I don’t think it’s enough to win the round. Alessio is really mad about being held down and Roller is celebrating. Fans booing Roller celebrating but he should win 29-28.

Scores: All three have is 29-28 for Roller


First round: Crowd booing after 90 seconds of non-action.  Fukuda shot in and got the takedown.   Philippou back up.  Philippou threw a looping right.  Fukuda landed a jab.  Philippou in and out, he’s quicker standing.  Crowd booing.  Philippou landed a sold right to the jaw.  Philippou landed a right to the jaw.  Philippou now landing more.  He landed a head kick as Fukuda ducked for a takedown attempt.  Fukuda is swelling from the left eye.  Philippou 10-9.

Second round: Fukuda shot in, got punched, kept moving in but Philippou blocked it.  They are tied up against the fence.  Trading punches.  Philippou landed a good jab.  Good exchange midway through the second round.  Fukuda tried a takedown and Philippou blocked it.  Body kick by Fukuda.  Low kick by Fukuda. Another body kick by Fukuda.  Fukuda landed a solid right.  Now Philippou landed a flurry.  Trading punches.  Philippou landed a right and Fukuda stumbled.  Both in an exchagne with Phillippou getting the better of it.  Philippou’s round, should be up 20-18.

Third round: Fukuda going for a takedown.  Philippou stopped him.  Fukuda got a single leg but Philippou blocked the takedown again.  Crowd booing both men late in the round.  Philippou got poked in the eye and went down.  Steve Mazagatti saw it and stopped the action immediately. Philippou decided to continue and fired up the crowd.  1:43 left.  Philippou moving forward and landing punches and Fukuda back.  Fukuda went for a takedown and Philppou tried a guillotine but Fukuda out.  Philippou’s round, should win 30-27.

Scores:  30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Philippou


First round: Tibau comes out to “Iron Man.”  Khabib shot low for a takedown, didn’t get it but has Tibau pinned against the fence.  Not much happening this round.  Khabib is at least trying for a takedown.  Mario Yamasaki separated them.  The Brazilian fans are singing.  It’s like Brazil invaded Las Vegas. Both throwing wild punches.  Tibau landed a good one.  Tibau tried a takedown and didn’t get it.  Tibau chants.  Khabib working hard for a takedown late but didnt get it.  He’s still working for it.  Razor thin round for Nurmagomedov 10-9.

Second round: Tibau landed a good left.  Tibau shot in, didn’t get the takedown.  Khabib moving forward and going for a takedown.  He fought so hard and Tibau kneed him to back him off.  Tibau got a takedown.  Khabib right back up and threw punches.  Khabib desperately wants that one back.  He’s killing himself trying for takedowns he’s not coming close to getting.  Khabib landed several punches from close range.  Tibau’s rigth eye is busted up.  Mario Yamasaki separated them.  The Brazilians are chanting for Tibau again.  Tibau landed a left.  Khabib in with a punch and a knee.  Another razor sharp round, Tibau 10-9 so even going into three

Third round: Tibau got the takedown and got behind Khabib.  He let him go.  Knee by Tibau as Khabib moved in for another takedown.  This takedown thing Khabib wants isn’t working out well and he’s got no plan B.  Khabib started to land several punches.  Crowd booing.  Khabib landed a good right as both threw and mostly missed.  Khabib starting to land.  Khabib moved in and landed some more.  Khabib won this round so I’ve got him winning 29-28.

Scores: 30-27 for Khabib.  Crowd booing that one hard.  Khabib is on the ground crying.  The Brazilians in this crowd are not happy.


First round: Guillard rocked him with a punch.  Camoes got the takedown but Guillard back up.  Guillard actually tried a Kimura, then landed a body kick.  Camoes went for a takedown and got punched.  Body kick by Cameos and Guillard with punches.  Cameos tried for a takedown, didn’t get it, and Guillard danced away.  Guillard took him down, which was Cameos baiting him for sure.  Guillard landing lefts from the top until Cameos reversed and got Guillard down.  Hard right by Camoes.  Camoes now has full mount and throwing punches.  Guillard covering up and getting elbowed.  The brazilians are going crazy.  Camoes thinking armbar. .  Guillard escaped and up.  Place went wild for that.  Camoes went for a spin kick and lost balance, Guillard may
have hit him as well, but Guillad was pounding on him from the top on the ground as time ran out.  Great round.  Best action of the night.  Guillard 10-9.

Second round: Guillard landing left jabs.  Kick to the face by Camoes Camoes got a takedown but Guillard right back up.  Takedown by Cameos but Guillard up and danced away.  Crowd booing.  This is such a Brazilian crowd, they go crazy for action and boo like crazy when it slows.  Cheering like crazy for Cameos. Both swinging and Cameoes landed the best punch.  Camoes again working for a takedown.  Guillard fighting him off but Camoes powered him down.  Spinning elbow by Cameos but Guillard blocked and now has Camoes’ back and throwing punches, and a hard knee to the body.  Camoes with an elbow.  Guillard pounding on him late in the round.    The late flurry won Guillard this round so I’ve got him up 20-18.  I really didn’t think his fight would get to the second round.

Third round: USA chant loud.  I guess the Americans are getting tired of the Brazilian fans taking over the show.  Now the Brazilians chanting.  This is pretty cool.  Probably will be wild for the main event.  Cameos landed an overhand rigtht.  Camoes missed a roundhouse kick by a lot Camoes ducked low for a takedown attempt.  Guillard got away.  Cameos missed another kick.  Cameos’ nose is bloody.  Guillard landed a jab.  Camoes ducked for a takedown attempt.  He got Guillard down and has 23 seconds to do something.  He didn’t finish.  Camoes round so 29-28
Guillard.  All three rounds were very close so any score is possible.  Best fight by far.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 Guillard.  Brazilians mad, Americans happy.

Crowd went wild for the opening video.  The Brazilians booed Sonnen like crazy while the Americans mostly booed Silva.  Brazilians were definitely louder.


First round: Easton has a great look and charisma but sometimes has dull fights and hasnt really caught on after a strong debut.  Easton landed a body kick.  Menjivar with a head kick blocked.  Neither guy really landed a thing of significance in the round but Easton was the aggressor.  He went for a takedown late.  Crowd booed both guys at the end of the round.  Easton 10-9

Second round: Easton still moving forward.  Crowd booing both guys.  Nobody landing anything of note.  Really this fight sucks so far.  Eaton with a flying knee late.  Easton’s round.  Crowd ooing both when the round was over.  Easton 20-18.

Third round: Easton out swinging.  Both are turning it on.  Menjivar with an elbow off a clinch. Head kick by Menjivar blocked.  Both swinging and missing.  Body shot by Easton.  Crowd back to booing.  Spinning backfist by by Menjivar landed.  Side kick by Menjivar.  Crowd booing now when there is action.  Spin kick by Menjivar missed and Easton used it to get the takedown that may clinch him the fight.  Easton pounding the body.  He threw an elbow.  Menjivar trying for Something from the bottom momentarily, got nowhere with the attempt.  Menjivar back up.  Both
trading punches.  Crowd booed both as the fight ended.  Easton should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 Easton


First round: Ronda Rousey is in McKenzie’s corner.  They are both from the Diaz camp.  First time in a long time during intros that everyone is shooting photos of a corner person.  Mendes in with a knee.  Now a low kick by Mendes.  McKenzie missing kicks.  Mendes threw a punch to the body and McKenzie went down and he hammered him with punches on the ground.  MeKeinzie has no idea what state he’ s in.  It was a body punch counter to a kick and five hard punches on the ground and it was over. :31


First round: Maia super popular with the Brazilians.  Kim booed, but not heavily.  Maia shot for a takedown and Kim fighting it with elbows.  Maia behind him now.  Maia got the takedown.  Kim looks like he broke a rib and it’s over in seconds. :47


First round: Cung took him down off a kick attempt but let him backup.  Body kick by Le.  Le with a body kick and low kick.  Body kick by Le.  Body kick by Le.  Head kick by Le blocked.  Trading low kicks.  Cote moving in.  Cote tried a takedown.  That’s not a good idea because Le is hard to take down.  Le landed a left.  Body kick by Le after they exchanged punches.  Le landed a big right by that hurt Cote.  Kick to the body by Le.  Good left landed by Le.  Spin kick to the body.  Body kick by Le.  Le chants.  Side kick to the body by Le.  Le 10-9.

Second round: Spinning kick to the head landed by Le.  Side kick by Le.  Body kick by Le.  Cote tried to clinch and Le kneed him.  Cote in with punches.  Le cut near the left eye.  Le landed a right to the jaw. Everyone can see Le’s cut and buzzed.  Cote in with punches.  Cote cut as well.  Spinning back kick by Le.  Body kick and punch by Le.  Hard kick and punch by Le. Cote moving in with a lot of punches.  Crowd liking this.  Body punch by Cote.  Le tired.  Cote landing now.  Body kick and punch by Le.  Knee and right by Le.  Cote hurt him with punches but Le tied him up.  Le holding on to stall out the round.  Cote with a lot of of body punches and uppercuts.  Close round.  Cote’s round so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: Head kick by Le mostly blocked.  Knee to the groin by Le.  Cote wanted to keep going.  Cote with punches and Lee with a body kick.  Cote with more punches.  In a clinch.  Le tried to throw him but he’s tired now.  Le with a knee from the clinch.  Spinning backfist by Cote landed.  Le landed a left.  Head kick and spin kick by Le .  Cote back with punches.  Le with a knee to the body from a clinch.  Cote punching the body from a clinch.  Cote punching the body more from the clinch. Takedown by Le and got his back but Cote back up.  Cote going for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Body kick by Cote.  Right by Le.  Body punch and a head punch
by Cote.  Body kick by Le and right looping punch by Le.  Another takedown by Le.  Cote throwing short punches from his back.  Le did nothing from the top, but he still should take the round close.  I’d go with Le 10-9 and fight 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 Le.  I’m glad he got a UFC win at his age.  Le said he hurt his foot kicking Cote’s head.  He said he did it for all the 40 year olds.  Said he wasn’t sure if he’d fight again but indicated he wanted to keep going.


First round: Ortiz got almost no boos, pretty loud cheers.  Griffin’s cheers were quite a bit louder even though Ortiz is the guy the match was built around with the retirement and Hall of Fame. Tito chants.  Now Forrest chants . Tito missed a punch, then Forrest missed a punch but landed a high kick.  Griffin looks faster but Ortiz took him down.  Ortiz with a hard elbow.  Ortiz landing punches.  Griffin tried an escape but Ortiz kept him down.  Griffin back up.  Crowd really into this.  Body kick by Griffin.  Both trading  punches.  More trading punches.  Griffin now landing
more. Head kick by Ortiz. Both trading more.  Both trading.  Oritz went for a takedown but Griffin stuffed this one.  Griffin now landing more.  Griffin threw Tito.  Ortiz now getting nailed with tons of punches.  Oritz landed some punches but Griffin landing more and his quickness is taking over.  Ortiz landed a good right.  But Griffin landing multiple punches for each one Ortiz lands.  Ortiz almost got a takedown late.  Crowd liked it.  Both guys are doing everything they can to entertain the fans.  10-9 Griffin but could go the other way because of the takedown.

Second round: Body kick by Griffin.  Ortiz hurt Griffin with a punch and put him down.  Griffin tying him up and trying to regan his bearings.  Crowd chanting for Tito loudly.  Ortiz tried a takedown but didn’t get it.  Both guys real tired so this is just guts now.  Hard left by Griffin.  Both trading and Griffin getting the better of it.  Ortiz with a punch.  Griffin with a body kick and punch.  Both trading.  Forrest chants.  Griffin landed several punches. Ortiz really tired now. Body kick and punches by Griffin.  Big left by Griffin.  More punches by Grifin.  Left by Griffin.  Both trading and Ortiz landing some.  Big right by Griffin.  Ortiz landed a right.  Griffin landing more punhes. Hard left by Griffin.  More punches by Griffin and a front kick.  Ortiz went for a takedown, didn’t get it and Griffin pounding on him as the round ended.  Even with the knockdown I’d give the round to Griffin, but I could easily see people going the other way on this one as well because of the knockdown.  This is a hell of a fight

Third round: Fans gave both men huge ovations as the third round started.  Forrest chants.  Now Tito chants.  Forrest busier but nobody landed solid until Griffin landed an uppercut and a straight left.  Big right by Griffin.  Front kick by Griffin.  Oritz decked him with a left.  Ortiz then took him down.  That was crazy.  Big elbow from the top by Ortiz.  Win or lose, Oritz is going out with a great fight, and he’s winning this round.  Either of the first two rounds could go to him.  Griffin trying a Kimura but doesn’t have it.  Loud Tito chants now.  Tito tried a guillotine.  Griffin back up.  Griffin working the body from the clinch and a knee to the body. Front kick by Griffin.  Uppercut by Griffin. Right by Griffin.  Ortiz landed a haymaker but missed another.  Griffin now landing all kinds of punches.  Front kick and more punches by
Griffin.  Both swinging late.  Big standing ovation from the entire building.  Griffin walked out of the cage.  That’s weird.  Ortiz won the round.  But no guarantee at all who wins the decision.

Scores: Griffin came back out.  All three have it 29-28, Griffin.  A lot of boos.  People will be arguing the second round to death, a knockdown vs. the other guy controlling the round.


First round: Didn’t touch gloves. Crowd is buzzing. Loud Silva chants. Sonnen took him right down. Sonnen with punches to the head and body. USA chants. Sonnen landing to the body and head. Sonnen trying to pass but Silva holding half guard. Sonnen continuing to punch the head. Fans chanting for Silva. Sonnen with with palms to the ear. USA chants followed by Brazil chants. Brazilians are booing wanting a standup by Sonnen is keeping busy. Silva went for a triangle but Sonnen out. Sonnen now landing solid punches and palms to the ear. Sonnen with elbows. Sonnen moved to full mount. Hard elbow by Sonnen. Shoulder strike by Sonnen and another. 10-9 Sonnen, close to 10-8 as he controlled the whole round. People cheering like crazy.

Second round: Silva dared him Sonnen moved into a clich. Silva trying a takedown now. Trading knees in a clinch. Silva ducked low but Silva blocking the takedown this time. Sonnen gave it up. Silva holding Sonnen’s trunks and Yves Lavigne not calling it. Silva nailing Sonnen. Sonnen moving in for a takedown, then tried a judo throw and didn’t get it. Sonnen lost balance on a missed spinning backfist and went down. Silva threw a knee on the ground to the upper chest.  He's pounding Sonnen.  Sonnen backup. Silva now taking him apart, decked him again and he’s about to finish him and it’s over. Place going crazy.
1:55 of second round.

Silva: Silva said he had no problem with Chael,just said there was a lot of emotion. Silva shook hands with Sonnen. Sonnen had no choice but to accept. Silva said we need to show Brazil has manners and told people to applaud Chael. He said you had a good fight. If he’d like to come over for a barbecue I’d love to have you over.

Sonnen: They gave me the opportunity. He’s a true champion. He got me with a good knee on the ground, other than that I have to look at the tape.

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