Feedback to UFC 148

Hi Everyone,
I gave the PPV a thumbs in the middle. The under card was not great but the last two fights saved the PPV. Cote vs Le was OK but a bit disappointing as a Canadian.
Best Fight: Griffin vs Ortiz
Worst Fight: hard to pick here as it could be a toss up but lets go with Menjivar vs Easton
Best KO: Chad Mendes for the nice body punch
Best Sub: n/a
Shane Roller vs. John Alessio - This fight going in was whoever imposed their will as I feel even though Roller has heavy hands, Alessio had the advantage standing.
Another 30-45 second more in the 1st and the 3rd and Roller could have been in trouble as Alessio had the advantage at the end of each and definitely the 1st round could have been a finish if it went longer as Roller was rocked. Roller deserved the nod here. Not a showcase fight to entice people to buy the PPV for casual fans.
Riki Fukuda vs. Constantinos Philippou  - I had Philippou all the way in this one with a 1st round KO. A decent fight, nothing spectacular again with a lot of feeling out until the 3rd round when Philippou had enough with the 2 nut shuts and the eye poke.
Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Gleison Tibau - Tibau looks ripped at 55. A pretty uneventful fight that again is not going to attract last minute buys. I don't think I would have scored this 30-27 but every round was pretty close and there was not a lot of damage done. 

Melvin Guillard vs. Fabricio Camoes - The first round was great as we actually saw guys trying to finish the fight. After Camoes was rocked and got back in control at the end of the round I though Melvin was getting submitted for sure. Guillard looked good in the last two rounds and didn't seem to have any conditioning problems. This was a n entertaining fight.
Ivan Menjivar vs. Mike Easton  - Surprised at Menjivar's strategy here. I thought he would weather Easton's usual fast opening barrage, take him down and submit him. Did he even try for a takedown? Maybe he thought Easton was too powerful on the ground for him but his stand up game wasn't winning the fight either and he needed to try something.

Chad Mendes vs. Cody McKenzie  - Cody looked like an anorexic Mick Foley with his new look. Mendes looked like the beast he was before losing to Aldo. Nice to see a solid body punch end a fight.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Demian Maia  - Too bad for the rib injury as this fight had potential to be a real good fight.

Cung Le vs. Patrick Cote  - An underwhelming return by the Predator. Nice to see Cung Le get a victory in the Octagon. Kind of surprised that with a 5 inch reach advantage, Cote couldn't find his range and do more damage, maybe a bit too much respect for Cung Le or Octagon jitters wanting to make an impression. I am sure he will have a spot on the Montreal card as the home crowd loves him there and the Cote chants are deafening.

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin  - I thought this was a hell of a fight as both guys kept coming forward. Tito looked really gassed in the 3rd but kept coming. Forrest was entertaining on the mic after the fight but strange he left the Octagon again after it was over, at least he didn't run from the Octagon like the Silva fight. A good way for Tito to go out, not a victory but a true warrior.

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen - After the first round I think everyone was thinking that this cold be a repeat of the first fight as Sonnen looked great and Silva had no answer on his back again. Missing the spinning backfist and losing his balance cost Sonnen the fight. At first the knee looked illegal but watching the replay it was a devastating shot to the body. Interesting to see the post fight here with Silva being a sportsman and shaking Sonnen's hand and Chael begrudgingly accepting. I thought it was hilarious the Silva said he would have him over for a BBQ, maybe Chael will still get his medium rare steak! For all the trash talk before the fight, the post fight interviews don't really jive to keep the animosity up as we have seen in the past with fighters saying they are just trying to hype the fights. I think they need to cool it on that and let the fans suspend their disbelief like in wrestling as the animosity is what draws the buys. I was expecting Silva to give Sonnen a lot more damage on the ground and send a real message to him. So what is next for Silva? retire as champ and forever have the mystic of being the best pound for pound fighter ever, or move up a weight class and fight Bones and potentially have it ruined? If Silva was to move up  and beat Jones and then retire, I think it would be hard to argue he isn't.
Have a great weekend.
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Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs up
Best Fight:  Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffen
Worst Fight:  Kim vs Maia
I gave Tito all 3 rounds.  He won the first one because of his takedown and controlled the first part of the round.  In the 2nd round he knocked him down with a hard shot that almost finished Forrest.  In the 3rd round he got the takedown again and controlled most the round.  The Silva/Sonnen fight went as I had expected.  It always takes Silva the first round to warm up but came out dominate in the 2nd rouind.
Mark Black
Pittsburgh, PA

Thumbs down on the show.
Best match: Griffin vs. Ortiz. There's a time and a place for Forrest's post fight antics, but it sure wasn't last night in Tito's final UFC match.
Worst match: Gleison Tibau vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Bad on several levels. Tibau main offense was blocking takedowns....and that's about it. Then Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan reacted to Khabib winning like Appalachian State had defeated Michigan in football again. What were they watching?
Place I watched the show was as packed as I've ever seen it.
Jeff Hamlin

Thumbs up but all for the top card. The undercard really, REALLY, REALLYsucked. Maybe worst of the year so far. Actually part of the top card sucked too but the rest was good enough to overbalance it.
Best fight: Forrest vs. Tito
Worst fight: basically the whole undercard, plus Easton-Menjivar & Cung-Cote
KO: giving it a tie between Anderson & Mendes
Sub: none. At all.
On the fb prelim, Oliveira, an oddity, a BJJ rather than wrestling, grinder, did just that to cop a boring UD over Izquierdo, a terrific kickboxer who desperately needs to improve his ground game.
The midcard show opened with almost the same exact fight as Shane Roller humped his way to another snoozer UD over John Alessio.
Phillipou seems content to take a safe boxing decision over Fukuda until Fukuda rakes him with an entirely intentional looking double eyepoke late in the 3rd that has him screaming in pain. Upon continuing Cos does his best to separate Fukuda from his head for the few seconds that remain and takes the UD. First real action of the night.
Gleison Tibau appears to me to do all the landing and take every round over the aggressive but ineffectual Khabib---... I'm not even gonna attempt his last name... but Khabib gets an incomprehensible 30-27 UD. They rerun the fight later and Tibau appears to me both times to clearly win at least two rounds. Basically the styles negate each other and it's another stinker.
Melvin Guillard and Fabricio Camoes throw a great first round but then both gas and the fight gets very dull. Melvin keeps his head together and takes a 30-27 UD that really could have just as easily been the opposite. This fight gets repeated to fill time after the top card too. Hey guys, sometimes it's better to just go off the air. 
Easton and Menjivar kick off the top card with another style clashing stinker with nobody landing anything. Easton gets busy in the 3rd and lands some early but then it gets back to the pattern. Easton gets the UD and everybody is getting very cranky by this point.
Ronda Rousey appearing in Cody MacKenzie's corner is the highlight of the night so far, but Chad Mendes, not known for being an exciting fighter, blows things up real good by dropping Cody like he was dead with a solar plexus punch and pounding him out in very short order.
Damien Maia dropping to 170 contributes another quick, if odd, finish, getting behind Dong Hyun Kim and throwing him straight to mount and apparently injuring him on the landing badly enough to force an immediate verbal tap. Wasn't quite clear what the injury was, but the huge Brazilian contingent went nuts. This puts Maia right into the top mix at WW and maybe signals a return to his grappling roots which he was insane to abandon.
Cung and Cote, both looking old and fat, stink out the joint for most of the three.  Cote gasses worse and Cung takes the UD. Lousy fight.
Tito and Forrest tear it up pretty good for Tito's last rodeo. Forrest is far the better conditioned and lands at will most of the fight, but every time he isn't, Tito is knocking him down. Forrest takes the unpopular but deserved 29-28 UD but runs out of the ring as soon as the fight ends with Dana running after him, and then when he comes back grabs the mic and interviews Tito as Rogan stands there dumbfounded. Forrest then allows Rogan to interview him. Fun fight anyway. Forrest is getting goofier than a pet coon, like the Southerners say, and might wanna think about avoiding concussions in his life from here on in. 
In the main, Chael actually looks to me leaner than in his last several fights, less pumped up. Lavinge catches Anderson rubbing the vaseline from his face to his body (I'm still not sure that's even illegal by the letter of the rules) and wipes it off before the fight starts. Chael takes Anderson down before the bell stops ringing and keeps him grounded all round, but unlike the first fight Anderson is able to keep him tied up even when Chael mounts late in the round and minimize Chael getting off many strikes, Chael wins the round wide but it's already a different fight. Give him credit for having one more good round vs. a healthy Anderson though, but then, as Dusty Rhodes used to say, this was where reality begins. In the 2nd, Anderson kicks it into overdrive, stuffs all Chael's TD attempts, nails him with a couple body shots while holding the shorts (for which he gets warned by Lavigne) (which Chael is also known to do btw), then transcends once again into the Matrix Zone, rocking Chael with a right and prompting a maybe instinctive attempt at a Spin Backfist, which Anderson calmly slips and sweeps Chael's foot as he blunders by, sending him crashing head first into the cage and falling back on his ass, drives a perfectly legal knee into Chael's sternum which doubles him over and pretty much ends the fight right there, pounds on him, lets him up, drops him again with a right hook and then pounds him out as he turtles up and ceases defending actively. More highlight reel footage for Silva. The footsweep in particular was art, and it was so quick and not where you'd be looking almost nobody noticed it, but it was the beginning of the end. Anderson then interrupts the postfight promo to pull Chael over, tells the Brazilian fans to show manners and cheer him, and invites him to a barbeque.

Crimson Mask

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Tito/Forrest
Worst Match: Menjivar/Easton
I watched this in a movie theater setting and it is, I believe, the
first UFC PPV I've ever seen legally (and I haven't streamed that
many) and I was worried that like the last PPV I purchased (Mania)
that it might be fairly underwhelming in the end and not feel worth
the money paid but this was a highly satisfying show.
For me it was a two match card with the Cung match (which was
entertaining) a decent curiosity. I thought the undercard was largely
unremarkable. But it is hard to be anything but satisfied with a show
that had two such strongly presented and entertaining main events.
Tito and Forrest put on a show and it was just very fun to watch and
the post-match was charming and compelling. They did a great job
selling the idea that Ortiz' retirement was a big deal and making it a
semi-main of a big show rather than building a show around it seems
like it was a good idea in retrospect - it might have underwhelmed as
a main event even if I enjoyed it the most. Forrest interviewing him
post-match was somewhere between wacky, charming and sweet.
Then the main event was short but memorable and exciting. The finish
had me on the edge of my seat and I felt satisfied that somehow, in
spite of not being able to plan in the way WWE can that they paid off
their story well, with Anderson decisively giving the obnoxious heel
his comeuppance. The missed backfist, fall into the cage, knee into
the cage sequence was more beautifully exciting than nearly any I've
seen in pro wrestling in years - just perfect and all the better for
being natural. The fact that Sonnen was able to get back up was
shocking and then the immediate fall back down worked.
Man - I have a hard time talking about this as though it's not a work,
come to think of it. But it just felt perfect and proper as an end to
the feud. Up to and including Anderson graciously putting his arm
around Chael and Chael looking soul crushed. I'd feel like a jerk for
enjoying that if Chael wasn't an obnoxious cheating asshole. As is -
it was very satisfying.
An easy, easy thumbs up show. It encouraged me to seek out more big
UFC events in the future.

Ryan Tardiff

I watched the show at Palace Station in Las Vegas. They started turning people away at about 6:30 p.m. It was absolutely packed and supposedly all of the Stations properties "sold out" their ballrooms. I've never heard of this before. The crowd was very pro Silva and Tito.
Thumbs in the middle
Best fight: Tito-Forrest 
Worst fight: Maia-Kim (what happened here?)
I would normally say this was a thumbs up card. But I probably unrealistically expected more. The first three PPV fights left me bored. Like I say every time I write one of these, maybe I'm not hardcore enough of a fan. But the finishes lacked in my opinion. Two bizarre finishes seemed to take the wind out of things. Cote-Le was fine, but nothing spectacular. 
Forrest-Tito was entertaining and the crowd was geeked for it. Where I was they hated Forrest, a complete 180 from what I've seen in the past. I do think Griffin won 1 and 2, with 3 going to Tito. The crowd hated the decision.
Main event was lacking. Was the knee illegal? 
I was bummed it didn't go longer. I'm sure I'm not alone. Still a big Chael mark coming out of this. 
I hope they just go ahead and make a Silva-GSP fight or something. There's nobody at 185 who is beating Anderson. 
Mike Trask

I give UFC 148 Silva vs. Sonnen 2 a thumbs up.
I'm glad that Silva won, I thought he was going to win going into the match.  Sonnen is a good fighter and talks some good shit but beyond that I find it hard to get behind him as a fighter.  Meaning, I don't care whether he wins, loses, or what he does next. But it will be interesting to see who faces Silva next. Hopefully there's not a lot time before his next match. It just makes that Silva/GSP match that will never happen more intriguing. I had Ortiz beating Griffin 29-28, and I thought Khabib beat Tibau 29-28.  I think I would say Cung Le vs Cote was the best match and I enjoyed the Mendes finish over McKenzie. Overall really good show.

Jason McNeil

Thumbs Up
Best Match - Griffin vs. Ortiz
Worst Match - Me vs. Comcast (close second - Maia vs. Kim)
Took me almost half-an-hour on the chat with Comcast to get them to activate my order after it didn't go through the first time. I enjoyed Guillard VS. Camoes on the pre-show, and then I didn't see anything until McKenzie vs. Mendes, which was fast, as was the weird Kim vs. Maia match where it looked like Maia just decided he won and stopped punching. At least that's what it looked like.
Loved seeing Cung Le fighting at forty and winning solid against Patrick Cote, who impressed me more here than in any other match I've seen him in. I thought Cung controlled the tempo the whole way through, even though he didn't show anything on the ground. It wasn't even close.
Forrest vs. Tito was the kind of fight I love: a solid battle between two guys where the guy who wins dos so by dictating the pace. Tito fought Forrest's fight, which is why he won, and deservedly so. It was close though. I was really excited the entire way through.
Main Event - Anderson won after a stupid Chael mistake (going for a spinning backlist in that position? Really?) and Anderson capitalized and got the win. That knee was what did it. Sadly, Chael could have become the face that MMA needs to go Mainstream. Instead, the best fighter, who usually has no personality, won, which is cool. I still say that Anderson is the best fighter in the world today and the best UFC Champion of all-time, with no one coming close.
Really Strong Show.
Chris Garcia
Santa Clara, CA

Hey Dave and Bryan,
Thumbs in the middle
My thoughts:
-Maybe Joe Silva is overworked cause Mackenzie v. Mendes was a HUGE
-How awkward was the end of Tito v. Forrest? Kinda seemed like Forrest
really fucked up a chance at a nice farewell interview w/ Tito.
Forrests rep for being this moody unlikeable guy is reallyhining thru.
Can't say I'm a Forrest fan. Tito went out like a champion, a gassed
champ BUT a champ at that. Really wish he could have put a couple of
good shots together and went out a winner.
-So what was the deal w/Anderson holding the shorts for nearly 30
seconds??? which helped him defend a takedown AND allowed him to throes
a couple punches.  TERRIBLE JOB by Yves. How is Anderson not a hated
man? Can't believe I might pull for Bisping.

Jesse Otawka

Not a special PPV/TV show. No new production elements. Crowd didn't sound crazy on tv. Griffin conduct weird and distracting. Tito's treatment/sendoff was embarrassing & I'm not a big fan if his. Silva simply TOO good for Chael. Spent $55 for HD/PPV and feel unsure that i got my monies worth.
Name withheld by request

Such bullshit. Yves lavigne this isnt Japan. I'm done with the UFC.

Andrew Turner

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