NWA name expected to wind up in new hands with lawsuit settlement

Those who stated that the lawsuit filed by former Championship Wrestling from Florida ring announcer and now Brownsville, TX,  attorney Bruce Tharpe was a way to garner control of the NWA were right.  But those who predicted he had no case appear to have been wrong.

The lawsuit was settled this week, and as part of the settlement, the NWA name and intellectual property has been transfered from Pro Wrestling Organization, LLC, headed by Bob Trobich, to a new company headed by Tharpe.  Trobich had resigned as head of the NWA as a result of the suit, which charged the NWA as committing insurance fraud by having insurance for shows that would draw 100 fans or less when many shows drew more tha that.  Tharpe claimed the NWA was able to garner new members by the promise of having their house shows insured if they joined.

Trobich appears to be the only major player out as the other members of the board will stay on with the new company headed by Tharpe.

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