UFC 149 live coverage from Calgary, Alberta, Canada Faber vs. Barao, Boetch vs. Lombard, Record tied

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Hot crowd, as you'd expect.


Clarke, who is from Saskatoon and now lives in Edmonton got the expected monster reponse.

First round: Clarke working for a takedown and got it right away. Antoher takedown and has his back. Kuivanen with a takedown. Clarke spun into an amrbar but he let go and moved to Kuivanen’s back. Now Clarke is working for a choke. Clarke 10-9

Second round: Clarke got the takedown . Nice reverse by Kuivanen. Clarke reversed but Kuivanen did a pro wrestling lateral drop takedown and back on top. The ref is warning them to work. Clarke landed a strong up kick. Both were going for leg locks late and Clarke threw punches from there. Kuivanen 10-9 so we’re even going into the third round.,

Third round: Kuivanen on top most of the round until Clarke got to his feet with 90 seconds left. Once again Kuivanen ended up on top and Kuivanen with body punches from the top. Clarke is going for leglock. Kuivanen got his back with punches and hit a hard knee standing and a few punches standing late. Kuivanen’s round should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Kuivanen 29-28 Clarke 29-28 Kuivanen. Fans booing like crazy but it was the right call.


First round: Carvalho came out to Bret Hart’s music. Crowd popped huge for this. Announcers didn’t seem to recognize the significance. Carvalho is from Oshawa, Ontario so between that and the music, he’s the crowd favorite. Carvalho knocked him down with a left high kick. He knocked him down a second time with a right uppercut and finished him with a few more punches. 1:11


First round: Gagnon is from Sudbury, Ontario, making him the favorite. Gagnon got Caraawy’s back and took him down. Caraway spun to his back and Gagnon landed punches. Caraway working for an armbar from the bottom. Gagnon put a knee to the throat and used it to break the armbar. Gagnon landing big punches from the top. He’s hurting Caraway with the punches. Caraway back to his feet. Caraway tried a throw but Gagnon blocked. Gagnon has his back. . He took him down but Caraway back up. Gagnon with a knee. Caray landed some punches and worked for a takedown and got Gagnon down. Caraway moved to mount with ten seconds left. Not enough to win the round, though. Gagnon takes it 10-9.

Second round: Gagnon landed a big left. Caraway tripped him down. Gagnon back with an uppercut. Both swinging from close range. Gagnon landing punches and elbows. Hard knee by Gagnon . Both swinging and Gagnon landing strong. Caraway got the takedown to stop Gagnon’s momentum. Gagnon grabbed a guillotine but Caraway shook him off. Now Caraway got his back. Gagnon bleeding from the left ear as Caraway punching the ear from back position. The crowd is booing but I have no idea why. Well, I do, they are so pro-Gagnon they are mad he’s on his back. Caraway is trying to find an opening for a choke. Caraway has a mount and is punching down. Caraway now has his back. Caraway working for a choke but doesn’t have it. Gagnon reversed and got Caraway’s back with 23 seconds left. Now Gagnon trying a guillotine. Caraway up and escaped. Gagnon is exhausted. Hard knee by Gagnon. Caraway’s round so we’re even 19-19 after two.

Third round: Gagnon landed a left and another left. Caraway driving forward and looking for a takedown and got him down and moved to his back. Caraway locked him in a triangle body scissors. Caraway working for choke again and Gagnon had to tap out.


First round: Jimmo is from Edmonton. Jimmo knocked him out with one punch, an overhand right. What a debut. Jimmo did the splits. Place went wild. Seven second knockout.  They called it seven seconds, I just timed it at 6.04 seconds.

They announced this as a tie for the all-time record for quickest knockout which is the Bang Ludwig record. 


First round: Delorme is from Winnipeg. Rivera landed several punches. Landing more. Head kick by Rivera. Hard right by Rivera. Rivera with a body kick and a low kick. Rivera landing tons of punches, threw him down, and punched him on the ground. Left front kick by Rivera. Left front kick by Rivera. Rivera landed a good right. Delorme throwing but Rivera moved away. High kick by Rivera. Knee by Delorme. Good right to the jaw by Delorme. Rivera back landing. Rivera with a staight right. . He caught Delmore coming in and knocked him out. Delorme missed a right short and a short left knocked him out. Rivera looked tremendous here.


First round: They didn’t show the ring entrance with Bret Hart for those keeping score. McGee booed heavily. McGee landed a high kick. McGee landed a left. Traded kicks. Crowd hot for Ring. Body kick by Ring. Nice left by McGee. Ring going for a takedown but McGee easily blocked it. Ring went for a second takedown and again McGee easily evaded him. McGee landed another left. Left by Ring. Body kick by Ring. McGee moved forward. Ring landed the left. McGee with a low kick and Ring with a push kick. Another low kick by McGee. 10-9 McGee.

Second round: Trading kicks. Night landing solidly. Trading low kicks. McGee landed several punches. McGee landing more shots. Good head kick by McGee. McGee starting to land. Ring landed a punch and McGee bcking up. Good left by Ring. Trading low kicks and a straight left by Ring. McGee bleeding from the nose. McGee went for a kick. Ring caught it and tried a takedown with it but didn’t ge it. Ring with a right. Ring stopped McGee’s takedown attempt but McGee landed a right and another right. Close round. Slightly to Ring so I’ve got 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: McGee came in with punches. Ring went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. McGee landing more punches. McGee landed a right. Now a trade. Ref Yves Lavigne stopped it because of loose piece of tape on Ring’s glove. Back to action. Ring landed a left. Ring slipped and went down. McGee landed a left. Body punch by Ring. McGee with several uppercuts. McGee starting to land more. Spin kick to the body by McGee. McGee landed a lot of uppercuts. McGee continues to land. Elbow by McGee. Ring with an elbow. McGee’s conditioning is better and he’s taking over. McGee continues to land and Ring is exhausted. Right by Ring. McGee moved in and landed, now a high kick and a low kick. McGee continued to move forward and landed a ton of punches. He hurt Ring with a left. Ring went for a takedown, McGee went for a guillotine but Ring is on top. McGee’s round, I’ve got him 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Ring. McGee not happy. Even the local fans are booing that one. Joe Rogan called it a home town decision.  That's sure how I saw it.


First round: Clements from Chatham, Ontario, came out to Rockin Robin, which is a 50s song, not a former WWE women’s champion. These two have vowed to win fight of the night. Riddle got the takedown right away. Clements was so not ready for that. Clements up and Riddle landed some punches. Close range favor Clements. Clements landed a good right. Knee by Riddle and another knee by Riddle. Trading punches. Josh Rosenthal thought there was a low blow when Riddle landed a strong liver kick. Rosenthal stopped it and that killed Riddle’s momentum as he had Clements hurt. Body shot by Clements. Another takedown by Riddle and Riddle landing a low of elbows on the ground and now throwing punches. Clements to his feet. Riddle with knee. Riddle working for another takedown but Clements sprawled and blocked this time. Riddle spun around and go his back, though. More lefts on the ground by Riddle. Both trading big punches. Riddle shot for a takedown late. Riddle 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Riddle. Clements landed a body kick and punch. Now Clements with a spinning backfist. Riddle working for another takedown and has him down again. Riddle has his back. Riddle throwing punches from that position. Riddle working for a choke but doesn’t have it. Riddle now has the body triangle while keeping back position. Clements with a backward elbow. Riddle on top into side control. Elbow again backwards by Clements. These elbows are strong. Riddle just outwrestling him this round. Clements back up with 1:00 left. Clements finally up with and threw a nasty body kick. Spin kick somewhat landed by Clements. Riddle shot for a takedown. Clements on top throwing punches and Riddle with elbows from the bottom. Riddle’s round 20-18.

Third round: They hugged before the start of the third round. Body kick by Clements. Body shot by Clements hurt Riddle. Clemens with punches and knees and Riddle is in some trouble. Riddle tied him up. Short elbow by Clements. Riddle moved right to the center to trade. Riddle missed a kick and Clements threw a spin kick. Right by Clements. Riddle ducked a punch and got the takedown. Clements back up, Riddle landed a knee. Clements missed a punch and Riddle got the arm triangle standing and powered him down and got the submission. Really great looking submission. The finish was so good that the Canadian crowd cheered Riddle. He got it standing and then used it for a trip and slam.


First round: Crowd likes Ebersole because he’s got a unique charisma. Ebersole is billed from Thailand. Ebersole shot right away and Head sprawled. Ebersole shot again and Head sprawled again. Head landing punches, knees and a kick. Ebersole with a body kick. Body kick by Ebersole. Knee by Head. Ebersole seems flat. Not sure about fighting so quickly and the one month between fights in today’s UFC. Head is taking him apart with body shots and an elbow. Ebersole landed a left. Ebersole landed a right. Body kick by Ebersole and he shot in for another takedown that was stuffed gain. Ebersole can’t take him down. Head has a guillotine. Ebersole gave a thumbs up. Crowd popped for that. Ebersole now on top. Ebersole got a nice shot from the top. Ebersole landed the cartwheel kick but now Head is back on top. Ebersole giving the thumbs up while on the bottom. 10-9 Head.

Second round: Ebersole shot right away and Head blocked it easily. Ebersole landed a right. Head landed a right. Ebersole with a low kick. Head landed a knee. Ebersole snuck in a left. Body kick by Ebersole. Uppercut by Ebersole. Ebersole powered him into the cage. Head doing a good job blocking the takedowns. Head escaped the corner. Ebsole chopped the knee. Head now landing punches. Ebersole shot and Head again sprawled. Uppercut by Ebersole. Right over the top by Head. Ebersole landed a right and shook his hand like he may have hurt the hand. Right by Ebersole and a left. Hard knee by Head and Ebersole moving forward and finally got the takedown. Ebersole not doing much damage from the top and Head reversed him and is on top. Very close round. Ebersole so even 19-19 after two.

Third round: Ebersole went for the takedown and Head sprawled away again. Head landed a right but Ebersole back with a body shot. Ebersole dropped for a takedown. . Head sprawled and Ebersole dropped for another takedown. Crowd booing. Head in with punches and a knee. Ebersole back with punches. Left and a knee by Head. Nice right by Ebersole. Body shot by head and a left by Ebersole. Head got his back and took Ebersole down. Eberosle tried a reverse but Head escaped. Crowd booing Ebersole. Ebersole with a body kick but Head blocking all the kicks and Ebersole shot again and again not even coming close. But landed a punch from the knees. Ebersole landed another left from his knees. Both tired now. Crowd booing. Ebersole shot again and Head sprawled. Head moved away from the punch on the knee. Body kick by Ebersole. Ebersole shot for another takedown and didn’t get it. Ebersole on top with 20 seconds left. Ebersole got mount when the round ended. Fans booing. Very difficult to score but I’ve got Head winning 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Head 29-28 Ebersole 29-28 Head. Crowd cheered the decision.


First round: Kongo landed punches.  Jordan working for a takedown.  Kongo blocking well. ans cheering for Kongo.  Jordan still working for a takedown and not getting it.  Kongo got behind him standing.  Kongo with two punhes.  There was low blow by Jordan and Kongo looks hurt bad.  It was a hard elbow right to the groin.  Yves Lavigne gave him a first warning because he believed it wasn’t intentional.  Body kick by Kongo.  Kongo wants to keep it a kickboxing match.  Kongo moved into a clinch.  Kongo with a knee to the body.  Kongo wanting a takedown which is weird.  Kongo threw a knee right at the horn, actually right after, he snuck him in.  Kongo 10-9 but neither had any real advanage.

Second round: Kongo’s corner told him to quit wrestling.  Jordan’s corner told him to throw big punches.  Knee by Kongo and they’re back in a clinch.  Another knee by Kongo.  Jordan working for the takedown.  Fans booing.  Kong disengaged and landed a right and a knee.  Kongo throwing knees from close range and ducked for a takedown.  Kongo with two hard rights.  Now back in the clinch.  Kongo behind him.  Kongo is the better striker but he keeps wanting a clinch. Kongo landed a right and then went for a takedown.  Kongo got behind him.  Kongo staying behind him.  Kongo has him down but Jordan reversed him.  Jordan didn’t do any damage from this position.  This is not the fight the crowd wanted out of these two.  Kongo’s round 20-18.

Third round: Kongo’s corner yelled at him again for wrestling saying he can only lose if they wrestle.  Kongo with a right and a kick and then moved into a clinch.  Knee by Kongo.  Yves Lavigne yelling at them to work.  Right by Kongo and he moved right back to the clinch.  Jordan can’t strike with Kongo but Kongo doesn’t want to strike with him.  Traded punches.  Kongo threw a knee and went back to a clinch.  Jordan landed a body punch.  Crowd booing these guys really loudly.  Kong is outwrestling him.  Knee to the body by Kongo.  Boring fight.  Crowd booing loudly as they are still in the clinch.  The ref should separate them.  Knee by Kongo.   Kong has his back and Jordan turned him.  Terrible fight.  When the fight ended, Kongo fell to the ground completely exhausted.

Scores 30-27, 30-28 and 30-27


First round: Boetsch went for the takedown.  Lombard sprawled and punching.  Boetsch is the physically bigger guy.  Lombard took him right down.  Lombard landed a right.  Boetch throws knees to the thigh.  Lombard landed a left.  Boetsch went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Hard left by Lombard.  Two rights by Lombard.  Left by Lombard.  Low kick by Boetsch.  This didn’t have the expected fireworks either.  Lombard more cautious.  Lombard landed a right.  Crowd booing.  Boetsch went for a takedown and didn’t get it.  High kick by Lombard.  Good low kick by Boetsch.  Lombard with another right.  Dull round.  Lombard close 10-9.

Second round: Lombard landed a good left.  Hard right and a left by Lombard.  Low kick by Lombard.  Both missing big punches.  Low kick by Boetsch.  Low kick by Lombard.  Boetsch with a low kick.  Lombard with a body kick.  I’m surprised this is such a boring fight but Lombard is not fighting at al like he usually does.  For that matter, neither is Boetsch.  Crowd booing a lot now.  Lombard with an uppercut and missed a right and hit a body kick.  Body kick by Lombard and Lombard now on top.  Rogan was acting like Boetsch is clealry winning the fight and that’s crazy because neither has done a thing.  Lombard has had most of the offense.  Boetsch back up.  Lombard tried a takedown and Boetsch almost got him down but Lombard back up.  Boetsch tried another takedown and couldn’t get it.  Crowd back to booing.  Lombard’s round.   20-18.

Third round: Low kick by Boetsch.  Body kick and a right by Lombard.  Crowd booing.  Right by Lombard.  Lombard landed a right.  Missed another right.  Body kick by Lombard.  Front kick by Boetsch.  Neither guy is doing anything.  Boetsch went for a takedown and didn’t come close.  Boetsch tried and other takedown and Lombard blocked him.  Body kick and a left by Lombard.  Boetsch tried a takedown, but Lombard bounced right up.  Two front kicks by Boetsch.  Crowd booing loud.  Lombard with a low kick. Lombard got the takedown but Boetsch right back up.
Boetch with a knee tot he body.  Several knees to the body by Boetsch.  I saw this as almost a dead heat, maybe Boetsch close so I’ve got Lombard 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Boetsch 29-28 Lombard and 29-28 Boetsch.  Whatever, neither deserved to win.


First round: Faber moved in but Barao landed several punches.  Front kick by Barao.  Low kick by Faber.  Faber landed a right but Barao landed right back.  High kick by Barao.  High kick by Faber missed.  High kick by Barao missed.  Faber missed a punch.  Faber landed a right.  Low kick by Faber and Barao missed a punch.  Now Barao landed the inside low kick.  Nice spin kick by Barao that landed and a big kick and a knee to the body by Barao.  First real offense of the fight.  Faber moved in with a right and missed Barao. Barao missed a body kick.  Barao missed another kick.  Body kick by Faber and Faber in with a punch.  Spin kick by Barao missed.  Faber
landed a body shot.  Low kick landed by Barao.  Faber back with a low kick.  Barao’s length is the big difference so far.  Barao 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Faber and Barao landed punch in response.  Faber landed two punches and ducked out so Barao’s counters didn’t land.  Barao got his eye poked.  Body kick by Barao.  Barao with a flying knee and a left.  Now they’re tied up in a clinch.  Faber with a left and a right.  Low kick by Faber.  Low kick by Barao.  Body kick by Barao.  Body shot by Barao.  Faber moved in but didn’t land.  Head kick by Barao that barely touched the top of Faber’s hair.  Barao landed a good right.  Kick to the face by Barao.  Spin kick by Barao missed.  Trading punches and then Barao landed a follow up kick.  Crowd booing and this one they shouldn’t be
booing.  Both traded punches.  Left and a low kick by Barao.  Barao landed several punches.  Low kick by Barao and then he landed more punches.  Faber’s left leg is in trouble.  20-18 Barao.

Third round: Faber landed a right.  Faber landed another.  Barao landed a leg kick and followed with punches that hurt Faber.  Faber’s leg is all bruised up.  Faber tried a takedown and didn’t come close.  Barao missed a kick and went down.  Faber with a right.  Faber landed a right.  Barao threw two punches.  Barao landed a big punch.  Faber landed a left.  Low kick and punches by Barao.  Faber back with a punch.  Another low kick by Barao.  Faber landed another right. Faber shot for takedown and again didn’t come close.  Faber starting to land.  Good right by Barao and a front kick.  Big low kick by Barao.  Faber with a right.  Left by Faber.  Faber tried
to catch the leg but still couldn’t get the takedown.  Crowd booing.  Both missing punches.  Faber landed another right.  Faber did better in this round but still lost it.  30-27 Barao.

Fourth round: Body kick by Barao.  Faber snuck in a left.  Faber again tried a single leg and couldn’t get the takedown.  Barao landing punches.  Crowd booing again.  Spin kick by Barao missed.  Faber landed a right.  Eye poke by Barao.  Left by Barao.  Another left by Barao.  Faber with a left.  Faber again failed to get the takedown.  Crowd booing again.  Barao landing few punches and missed two spin kicks.  Good low kick by Barao.  Faber’s right leg is hurt.  Barao starting to land.  Faber again went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Crowd booing.  I think they can see Faber isn’t going to do anything.  40-36 Barao.

Fifth round: They hugged to start the round.  Front kick by Faber.  Faber again tried to catch the leg but couldn’t get the takedown.  Barao landed a left.  Baroa with a right.  Faber with a right to the body and Barao landed a left.  Barao landed a low kick.  Faber with a right.  Body kick blocked by Barao.  Left and right by Baroa.  Big left by Barao.  Best punch in a while.  Faber moved in with threw punches.  Great low kick by Barao.  Barao landed a left.  Faber back with a right.  Spin kick by Barao missed and time ran out.  Barao’s round 50-45.

Crowd loudly yelling “bullshit.”  I’ve never heard a chant like that after a UFC show.  The undercard was actually great but the main card was a disappointment.  Main event was almost exactly what should have been expected but the Ebersole, Kongo and Lombard fights were bad, and Lombard fight extremely bad.

Scores: 49-46, 50-45 and 49-46 Barao.  Barao celebrating like crazy rubbing the belt.  Crowd booing Barao and there’s no reason to do that. 

Faber: Thought he got a broken rib in the second round.  He said this was nothing like Aldo. 

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