TNA house show report 7/21 Brooklyn

A  A- 3,000 Approx MCU Park Brooklyn, NY 7/21/12
Mr. Anderson W. Robbie E. 2*
More comedy shtick than actual wrestling. Entertaining but instantly forgettable
Rosita W Gail Kim 1 ½*
Over before you blinked and didn’t much matter.
RVD W Kazarian  2*
Big pop for RVD. Match nothing one will ever remember.
AJ Styles W Jeff Hardy 2 ½*
Eight minute matches shouldn’t have lengthy rest holds. Felt Rushed. Disappointing.
Sting W Bully Ray No DQ Falls Count Anywhere 3*
Sting by far biggest fan reaction of night.  Exciting 12 minute brawl throughout stadium into stands.
Austin Aries W Bobby Roode Championship Match 3*
Great to see deserved Aries with belt. Real solid 18 minute match although I’ve seen Aries, my favorite active wrestler, in far better ones in ROH. Roode strong in-ring performer but essentially colorless.
Summary- Overall show was entertaining but way too much talking and shtick while the total in ring time was anemic on a six match show. Of the three shows I saw in NY over the past month, ROH, Extreme Rising and this one, TNA’s was unquestionably the weakest of the three. For $20 it was a fun night out, but really nothing I’d likely be inclined to seek out again. When AJ Styles wrestles 8 minutes and they hawk merchandise for a half hour at intermission following, the balance is just plain off. Dixie Carter was there in ring saying she appreciated feedback, well, hope this helps: a once a year stadium show in a major market like NY should feel special. This felt like any other indy, albeit a loaded one.

By Jeff Cohen

1.Due to my late arrival, I missed the 1st match which was according to 2 fans, Mr.
Anderson beat Robbie E

2.Rosita beat Gail Kim

3.RVD beat Kazarian

4.AJ Styles beat Jeff Hardy

5.Dixie Carter came out & pretty much thanked the fans for their support

6.Sting beat Bully Ray

7.Austin Aries beat Bobby Roode

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