UFC 149 feedback

Wow that sucked.  Wish I just saved my $ and watched the prelims, which were really really good.  I send a txt to my buddy after the Riddle fight, 'Much better overall than the last several shows i think'.  OOPS yeah not so much huh... Lombard looked really flat and unimpressive. 
Not much for a review, but man the feedback of the day is SUCK.

Kyle Wallace

Thumbs down show.

Best fight: Clarke-Kuivanen.
Worst Fight: Lombard-Boetsch, for the decision.

I rarely write to you with feedback, but feel compelled to on this one. To keep it short: a late burst of enthusiasm drove me to purchase this card. The main event fights were mostly awful. Lombard-Boetsch was a mediocre contest with one of the worst decisions of recent times. The main event was so bad that the people I was with, following the dispiriting Boetsch decision, gave up and began fast forwarding on the DVR after the first round. Neither they nor I consider it a mistake to have done so. A deplorable evening all around, and it will be a long time before I buy a marginal UFC again.

Brendan Welsh-Balliett

I gave the show a thumbs down. The undercard was good but the main card definitely did not deliver.
Best Fight: Riddle vs Clements
Worst Fight: Jordan vs Kongo
Best KO: Ryan Jimmo
Best Sub: Matt Riddle
Mitch Clarke vs. Anton Kuivanen - These guys were evenly matched and there were some nice grappling here. Kuivanen definitely deserved the decision here.
Antonio Carvalho vs. Daniel Pineda - Carvalho's finishing sequence was great here.
Bryan Caraway vs. Mitch Gagnon - This was a good fight. Gagnon went for it in the 1st round and Caraway took a few nice shots on his back to survive the round. Caraway's experience and poise along with Gagnon gassing  turned the tides as Gagnon had nothing left in the 3rd.
Ryan Jimmo vs. Anthony Perosh - That was a movie fight scene KO. Perosh was out as soon as the punch landed.
Roland Delmore vs. Francisco Rivera - Rivera's standup was amazing here, he was so crisp and accurate. He looked like he was at a totally different level and Delorme could do nothing to close the distance or take him down. 
Nick Ring vs. Court McGee -  Cant see how Ring got the decision here. It had to have been that close 1st round as I think punch stats had Ring ahead. Ring won teh 2nd and McGee definitely won the 3rd. Never leave it inthe judges hands.
Matt Riddle vs. Chris Clements - This was a great fight and a good opening for the PPV. Crowd loved this one and Riddle's submission was great.
Brian Ebersole vs. James Head - Another example of how accepting a second fight right on short notice to fill a spot usually doesnt end up in your favour and stops any momentum you would have for a title shot.
Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan - A weird fight for Kongo. Not sure why he wouldnt want to kep this a striking game from a distance.
Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch - The long awaited debut of Lombard turns out to be a dud. I actually just watched the Lombard vs Shlemenko fight in Bellator again this week from 2010 that aired on The Score and he didnt look impressive at all there either. Boetsch did himself no favours here either. Dont want to see either against Silva after this fight. Chris Weidman deserves the next shot in my eyes.
Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao - Like the Aldo fight, Faber is slowed down and done in by a lot of leg kicks. Barao clearly won the decision here. Going into the fight, I thought that he was going to stop Faber in 3. What is next for Faber now? He becomes another charismatic gatekeeper that surely cannot get another title shot unless he puts together a string of wins now. Barao vs Cruz will not be as big as draw as the Faber trilogy woudl have been and the only way we would see that fight is if Barao beats Cruz.
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Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs down. Can't believe I'm writing that after the first seven matches. This show was on pace to be among the best of the year, then fell into the abyss.
Best match: Chris Clements vs. Matt Riddle. Great performance by Riddle.
Worst match: Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boestch. I was in shock with Lombard's strategy. He had a stationary target in front of him in the first round, and he responded by staying stationary. The sense of urgency only grew slightly in the final two rounds. Though I had him winning 29-28, it was a kill the town performance like he was on one of those northern Manitoba death tours with Lance Storm and Don Callis. Guess the biggest winner of the night was Chris Weidman.

Jeff Hamlin

Thumbs in the middle
Best KO: Jimmo's 7 second record (tied with Bang Ludwig)
Best Sub: Riddle's standing arm triangle
If you took the card overall, it's a thumbs in the middle. If you take the main PPV card, it's a thumbs down.
The men who fought in the non-PPV undecard deserve props for putting it on the line and fighting hard.
Hector Lombard lost the fight and his credibility as a contender at 185.
Chris Clements had a spare tire at 170.  This basically shows how weak the main card was. Props to Matt Riddle for trapping Clements in an arm triangle and finishing him.  
Brian Ebersole looked like he didn't care if he won or lost since it looks like he was going down to 155 anyway.
Cheick Kongo and Shawn Jordan actually both tried hard and Kongo earned the hard fought win. The fight was just ugly.
I expected Renan Barao to win since he was younger, faster and seemingly stronger than Faber and he was. I was disappointed at the fans for booing since these two guys obviously gave a shit and were fighting hard. So thumbs down to the Calgary crowd.
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

Obvious Thumbs down.
Probably ordered 130 out of 150 UFC shows and can't recall a more disappointing show.

Despite all the changes I thought i was getting a Benoit-Mysterio main event... Little did I know Vince was booking the show.

Jonatham Renfro


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