More feedback from UFC 149

I would give this show a thumbs in the middle.
KO of The night- Rivera
Sub of The Night- Riddle
Fight of The Night-Caraway vs. Gagnon
I'll just some up the Prelims and say that they were all great.  Jimmo looked impressive in his UFC debut. The Nick Ring decision was bull shit though and I happen to find Nick Ring to be a very boring fighter personally.  Usually when the Prelims are good that spells doom for the main card and this card was no exception.
Matt Riddle vs. Chris Clements-  What a fun fight.  Whenever Riddle is fighting I look forward to it because this kid is insane and just comes out wanting to go at it. Idk if its gonna be good for his career in the long run but idc because he always delivers.  That submission he caught Clements in was perfectly timed and was a great finish.  Its good to see he is working on becoming a more well rounded fighter. His Post Fight Press invterview was funny with the story of the British guy spitting in his mouth.  However I do not have any interest in him fighting Dan Hardy.  I think he needs to just fight whoever the UFC gives him before he starts calling people out.
Brian Ebersole vs. James Head-  Apparently that arrow on Ebersoles chest was pointing at the guy who didnt come here to fight.  Which was pretty clear as soon as the fight started.  Dont care about this fight just like he didnt care about the people who paid to see him fight.
Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan-  Horrible fight.  Kongo had his opponent switched on him and was injured according to his post fight interview.  So I'm not gonna shit on him.   Give him the winner of Struve vs. Miocic.
Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch-  This is the fight i think alot of people were really looking forwad to.  I know I was excited. I was routing for Boetsch because I just dont like Lombard and felt like he was extremely overrated.  From the start of the fight Lombard didnt come out aggressive like he normally does.  I think its because he realized he for once wasnt facing a can and knew he could not smash this guy in the first 21 seconds.  Lombard was flat footed and was just walking forward.  Boetsch went for takedowns and threw leg kicks and just didnt seem afraid of Lombard.  I agree with the decision and find it funny that Boetsch broke his foot in the second round and Lombard still couldnt do anything against him. HUGE let down this guy turned out to be.  I'd like to see Lombard fight Munoz or Leben in his next fight or maybe even Ariel Helwani since thats one fight he might actually win.  Give Boetsch a fight with Alan Belcher.
Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao-  This fight is pretty much what I expected.  Faber is one hell of a fighter.  When this guy fights he doesnt give a shit if he has 2 broken hands he will elbow the hell out of you.  He was getting picked apart and his leg was getting chewed up but that didnt stop him he was stilll trying to land and pull off a come from behind victory.  But in the end Barao was just a little too fast and too much for him to handle.  I thought it was a great fight with alot of technique.  I dont understand why the Canadian fans were booing. Maybe it was just frustration from the other lack luster fights on the card or maybe they were just confused that they didnt see ice and hockey sticks so that upset them.   Idk but that fight didnt deserve to be shit on by the fans.
I also just want to say that I watched the Post fight press conference and it really bothered me that every reporter asked Dana White what are you gonna do about the horrible fights?  How in the hell is it his fault that fights sucked?  What is he supposed to do when Kongo and Jordan are just holding each other against the fence?  Is he supposed to wrap the cage in barb wire and turn it into a "hardcore" match?   This isnt scripted like wrestling.  He has no control over how a fight turns out.  Everyone knows that before they order an event or purchase tickets to a UFC event.  Just like with any sport there are always going to be shitty games.  Some football games go the full game without one team scoring a touchdown just a bunch of feild goals (49ers).  Which makes for a pretty boring ass game to watch.  Why do we only attack the UFC when our entertainment level is not met?  This is a sport somedays its going to be the greatest show on earth and somedays its gonna be horrible.  Thats just how sports go.  I will say this though any event the UFC puts on is 10 times better than anything Boxing has done in years. Have you seen the Klitchkos fight? If you think UFC 149 was boring go watch one of there fights.
Frank Fleming

Thumbs Down
Best Fight : Renan Barao v Urijah Faber
Worst Fight : Hector Lombard v Tim Boetsch
Goldberg hit an all time low. On James Head "his grandfather was a
boxer so he doesn't mind exchanges on his feet", the latest in a long,
long list of utter stupidity and I've lost count of the number of
times Joe Rogan had to correct him last night. Goldberg is infomercial
level. Shawn Jordan is fat irrespective of Joe Rogan's lame attempts
to convince us otherwise. Even if Hector Lombard gone through Boetsch
at 5ft 9in he doesn't pose a threat to Anderson Silva. The only
positive from the show? Watching Renan Barao destroy the
extraordinarily tedious Urijah Faber.
Dana White doesn't seem to understand the novelty of seeing guys fight
wore off for many fans a long time ago. MMA is not a weekly sport. The
difference between MMA and the traditional sports is that the cream of
the crop compete in Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Gridiron, Tennis,
Ice Hockey etc, etc when that clearly isn't the case in MMA. A purple
belt and a tattoo are not a substitute for legit credentials. There
should be a black belt = no entry rule. Hiring World Champions and
Olympians would be a start, it is after all what the sport was built
M B Mehdi, Middlesbrough, England

Big, big, BIG thumbs down.  Probably the worst PPV I've bought since UFC61.
Best fight - Probably Riddle/Clements.  I've always liked Riddle because he's a goofy
fucker and he's long since proven himself to be a serious fighter.  Finish was completely
awesome, especially how you could see the moment when it went from a chinlock to a choke.
McGee/Ring was also great, marred by the bad decision, not to mention I can't take Ring
seriously with that nickname.  McGee always seems like he's on the cusp of something great
but can't get there.
And my sentimental fight of the night, my Brother Freemason Ryan Jimmo finally fills his
dream and unofficially becomes the Baddest Mason on the Planet.  Congratulations, Brother!
Worst Fight - Have to give it to Lombard/Boetch because both guys were just too cautious.
I was sure Lombard was just playing possum and would pounce any second.  I waited fifteen
I hate to go off on Kongo/Jordan because to my semi-trained eye, it looked like Kongo was
clinching the entire time, refusing to engage, and Jordan just couldn't do anything about
it due to relative lack of experience.  Almost like Kongo was so upset about the caliber
of his opponent he put on a pitiful display out of spite. Plus, Kongo seems to have more
"accidental" dirty shots than any other fighter.  Hopefully Kongo keeps fighting as the
gatekeeper he doen't want to admit he is, and Jordan gets more chances to show what he can
Lastly, I feel sorry for Barao.  On another card, this would have been an exciting fight
but tonight the crowd had no patience for it. 
Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs in the middle. Some impressive performances including a sub of the year candidate but not much on competition
Best fight: Barrow-Carapellucci from the undercard
Worst fight: Room With A Wiuff-Carpenter
KO: Daley
Sub: Amoussou (with props to Barrow also)
I missed the first two undercard fights.  I saw Raul Amaya TKO 2 Somebody Moss on a verbal tap from G&P. Moss claimed a shoulder injury but Amaya was beating the hell out of him.
Ben Saunders blitzed Brian Warren in 22 sec. with knees from Thai Clinch and G&P.
In a cross state matchup. Jason Carapellucci from Orlando wiped up the mat with Tampa local Paul Barrow for two rounds with wrestling top control but showed no finishing ability or instinct, which came back to bite him in the 3rd when Barrow pounced on a missed trip attempt and immediately sunk both hooks and the RNC for the tap.
On the top card, DREAM WW champion Marius Zaromskis finally had the easy fight he should have had all along with sub-.500 stumblebum Waachim Spiritwolf (who is cornered by his wife and 14 year old kid) and won a ridiculous split decision to take their rubber match after two inconclusive finishes. Zaromskis was the aggressor, kept Spiritwolf on his heels, and dominated all three rounds. One judge somehow had it 29-28 and should be barred. Another had it 29-28 for the other guy and should be shot. It wasn't a war like their last fight but it was crisp and fast paced.
Travis Room With A Wiuff humped Tim Carpenter for 15 minutes and took the UD in a LHW tourney semi. Unfortunately he is going to win the tourney and then the title as he already beaten the lame duck champion, M'pumbu, in a nontitle fight. I dunno if Bellator can survive having both him and Askren as champions, the two most boring fighters on the planet.
In the other semi, Attila Vegh took a debatable SD over Emmanuel Newton, who seemed to me to have won on work ethic. Don't see anything in Vegh that will stop Wiuff from humping him all night. This wasn't very good either.
Paul Daley made his promotional debut and showed up in shape, making weight and folding up useful journeyman Rudy Bears in short order with body knees and a left hook.  Daley will be a threat in Bellator's limited WW division.
In the main and WW tourney final fight, Karl Amossou pulled off a brilliant sub to take out Brian Baker in just under a minute. I'll try embedding a gif here but if it doesn't work, he slipped a high side kick, took back, swept the supporting leg, rolled a TD (with a little help from Baker's trunks [takes ya back to when that used to be a 'foul' in rasslin']) right into an Inverted Heel Hook which Baker had to tap to. Amoussou scores 100 large and a title shot with Boring Ben.">
UFC 149
Thumbs overall in the middle. Surprisingly good undercard, top card which wasn't great on paper was infinitely worse in action.
Best fight: Caraway-Gagnon
Worst fight: Head-Ebersole, Kongo-Jordan, &  Boetsch-Lombard, which were back to back to back on the top card. Horrible. 
KO: You wanna say Jimmo but there's always a fluke aspect to first punch of the fight KOs, so I'll say 3 way among him, Caravalho and Rivera, who both also got 1 punch KOs but through technique.
Sub: Riddle & Caraway
First the fb stream was like Amish Dialup quality. Nearly unwatchable. Had to watch the repeats of the fights on the tv cards to see what happened. In the first fight Kuivanen of Finland seemed to learn OTJ, after losing the 1st to local wrestler Mitch Clarke came back to dominate the 2nd and 3rd, at times using techniques Clarke had just used on him, to take the correct SD (shouldn't have been split). Decent fight.
In the second fight, local Antonio Carvalho cleanly outstruck Daniel Pineda and dropped him for the count with a perfect short counter right in about a minute. Extremely impressive.
On the midcard show, Brian Caraway drops to 135 and outgasses local Mitch Gagnon. Gagnon takes the first, the second is back and forth and very close, but then in the 3rd Caraway takes back and body tri and uses a very slick mouth smother to open up the RNC with the other arm for the tap. Really good fight.
Jimmo makes his UFC debut by dropping Perosh for the count with the first punch, an overhand right, in 7 seconds to tie the UFC record. If the ref had been closer it would have broken it.
Cisco Rivera turns as perfect a demonstration of kickboxing as you could hope to see,  raking local Roland Delorme with hard shots from all angles and never being in position to be countered or grappled, ending it late in the 1st with an overhand left (FRONT hand) counter that traveled maybe 2 inches.
Ring and McGee meet in a rematch. Ring won a disputed MD on TUF, but had to drop out injured and McGee won the season. First two rounds are very close, with McGee the busier but Ring the more accurate. McGee with his usual cardio advantage overwhelms Ring in the 3rd, but not enough for a 10-8. Ring wins the 29-28 UD, which is also how I had it, but it's disputable. The fans boo it even with Ring being the local.
Riddle and local Clements open the top card. Riddle dominates the first but at times stupidly gives up dominant or advantageous positions in order to keep the fight interesting or something. Clements is getting up there and really is too small for the division but is fun to watch. The second is back and forth. In the 3rd, Riddle slips a spin elbow and sinks a standing to ground Arm Triangle for the tap. Really nice. Good fight, more technical than expected. At this point I'm thinking 'this card so far is actually better than the last few'. This is about to go in the toilet.
Ebersole turns in a horrible performance. Everything is telegraphed. He was supposedly training to drop a division when he got the call for this and looks it. Head looks twice his size and stays steady and I thought won all three rounds clearly. The decision is somehow 29-28 split. The fight is a stinker.
It's about to get worse. Shawn Jordan shows absolutely nothing and Kongo is able to nail him at will then clinch and dominate at that range also. Kongo doesn't have the gas to fight three rounds and has to use rest positions and Jordan cannot stop him. One judge somehow goes 30-28, giving an even round, no clue what round that could have been. Kongo wins but does himself no good.
Well, now is Lombard and Boetsch, this HAS to be exciting, right? WRONG. Lombard appears comatose, just walking around after Boetsch looking for a home run. Boetsch is able to peck and poke from long range pretty much at will. Lombard lands a body kick in the 2nd that hurts Boetsch but can't do anything with it. I didn't even think it won him the round and had Boetsch 30-27. Decision was 29-28 split. Both guys essentially eliminate themselves from title contention. Anybody who said Lombard could beat Anderson Silva needs to go back into mommy's basement now. Maybe Anderson should fight all these guys the same night.
Barao and Faber turned in 5 rounds of skilled effort which the Canadian yahoos booed. Stay classy, Calgary. Barao just younger, quicker, and much harder hitting. Maybe could have pressed more for a KO but nothing to chant 'bullshit' about. In any case wins the onesided UD, 49-46 X 2 (also my score), 50-45 to take the 'interim' title.  
Crimson Mask

Hi Dave,

Thumbs Down.

I don't know what to make of the UFC right now. Where have all the characters gone?!? There's far too many shows and not enough personalities near the top to carry them. I bought this show to watch Brian Ebersole and Hector Lombard (They headlined a lot of Australian cards, so I have an interest in them,) and needless to say neither of them covered themselves in much glory. With the Countdown shows being viewed by less and less people, I just don't know how UFC is going to get over a lot of uncharismatic fighters who are venturing towards the top of cards. Renan Barao acted like a complete idiot at the end of his fight, so I guess he's unintentionay doing his bit to become a top heel who can't draw money.

Let's finish on a positive though, I liked Matt Riddle. He's like a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and a kid with ADHD who can fight. Good luck to him, UFC needs more like him.


Caleb Palmer

Thumbs down!
Just watched the show and the three main fights were all completely terrible. I feel bad for those in Calgary who paid money to see it. Thankfully I'm in the UK so watched it for free, but jeez, what a poor night for fights.
Hector Lombard? What was he doing? Try throwing a punch sometime. What a goof.

Paul Philbin

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