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Hi Dave,
UFC 149
Thumbs down
Best fight: Riddle vs. Clements (by default)
Worst fight: Lombard vs. Boestch
Holy crap I'm glad I didn't pay for this event. Almost every match was dull except for the first and the last fight. Me and some friends went to a local bar to watch the fight and everyone there was pretty disappointed about the whole thing.
Riddle and Clements had a good fight that got plenty of applause from the bar crowd. Both fighters looked good and Riddle's stock just rose with the sub victory.
Ebersole vs. Head was just flat out bad and really killed the momentum of the event after the first fight.
Kongo vs. Jordan looked promising especially after Kongo had to recover from that nasty shot to the groin and then showed some aggression for the rest of the first round. But then both men gassed out and turned into just another bad fight. You know the fight is getting bad when Jordan was bent over with his hands almost touching the canvas and Kongo cannot capitalize.
Lombard vs. Boestch was just plain terrible and could easily go down as one of the worst fights of the year. From the promo video on Lombard and his record you would think he would have done something besides dance around. But sadly the string of bad fights on this card continued as nothing exciting happened and Boestch was given the victory, even though he gained nothing from the fight. At this point I went on my Twitter and I mentioned to my friends how you know the event is bad when even Dana White is tweeting "BOOOOOO."
I had high hopes for Faber vs. Barao to save this show, but they didn't do much either. It wasn't an exciting fight, but it was a strategic one and I can respect that. I just wish more could have happened to bring back the energy for the fight. I'm bummed that Faber lost, but I'm mad at how Barao began to celebrate as Bruce was reading the results. Yes, it was clear that he won the fight, but he could have shown some respect until after the result was read and then celebrate. I actually hope that he stays interim champ so Cruz can beat the crap out of him when he comes back from injury.
Overall UFC 149 was just a bad ppv all around. The first ppv fight and the technical title match saved this thing from being a complete disaster, but should still go down as one of the worst events of the year.
Will McClure


Best fight - Matt Riddle and Chris Clements. If there was a star making performance on this card, and there weren't many, it was either Riddle or Jimmo. The only reason I can't give Jimmo "best fight" is that it was only 7 seconds long, but after the entire PPV, I was wishing the majority of those fights had been even shorter.

Worst fight - Hector Lombard and Tim Boetsch. Twitter feedback got it right when I read that "both of these guys just proved they don't deserve to be prime time players." Sad to see Lombard fail so hard after watching him in Bellator for so long. Boetsch did enough to win but only by the narrowest of margins.

This entire card was booked in reverse. The Facebook fights were better than the PPV fights. The FX card was free and was better than the one people paid $54.95 to watch on TV or even more for tickets if they were at the Saddledome. I don't blame the crowd for booing. I felt the same way at UFC 130, where the only fun to be had was chanting CHEESEBURGER at Roy Nelson. I don't blame Dana White. He admitted the PPV card (save the main event in his opinion) failed to deliver at the press conference. Still when the most exciting thing to happen in three hours was Cheick Kongo taking an elbow to the nuts, that's a problem. Don't buy the replay OR the DVD.

- Stevie J

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