CHIKARA Pro responds to review of Everett, MA show

We want to thank all 336 paying customers that joined us in Everett, MA yesterday for a fun afternoon at the matches!

We certainly regret the failure of Marty Jannetty to appear as advertised. Our responsibility was to alert the fans seeking admission to this event of this change to the advertised card as promptly as we could, and we did. We did on 3 separate occasions before the first bell sounded. We made it clear to any ticket holders that we would offer them a full refund if they so desired, and offered it with our apologies. Marty's failure to appear was beyond our ability to control. Not a single person took us up on our offer of a refund yesterday.

The entire CHIKARA cast and crew worked extremely hard to present our fans in both Portland, ME (Saturday night) and Everett, MA (Sunday afternoon) with the best experience possible, and so you can understand why it is discouraging to return to the office, after logging some 821 miles, to read a review of the kind published on the Wrestling Observer site yesterday evening.

It would have been easiest to simply cancel the scheduled tag match featuring Los Ice Creams outright, as Green Ant's partner (Marty Jannetty) did not appear. Certainly the other 8 bouts of the card were not lacking in the categories of excitement or fun. Instead, we had the opportunity to feature a beloved member of the CHIKARA family, Steven 'The Turtle' Weiner, who was marking his 5th anniversary with our organization, and takes great pride in being one of us. Steven Weiner has overcome the developmental/behavioral disabilities presented by his autism to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. He is not just a remarkable, amiable person, but an inspiration to anyone that struggles to overcome adversity in order to accomplish their goals. We here at CHIKARA would like to set the record straight.

Any review claiming that our fanbase was 'pretty upset and vocal' about Steven's substitution yesterday is a gross exaggeration. In fact, in a room of 336 enthusiastic wrestling fans, a handful at most voiced anything like this. A handful. And just being 'the loudest,' 'the rudest,' or even having your opinion posted on a wrestling news site, does not make you right. At least, not at CHIKARA. Should any situation present itself again in the future where we can, we will continue to present Steven 'The Turtle' Weiner as an in-ring performer, just as we have over the last 5 years.

To those who find this statement offensive or view it as an affront to their personal tastes in professional wrestling, please feel free to direct your attention, and as is your right as a consumer, your money, elsewhere.

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