UFC On Fox 4: Notes regarding things Dana White talked about after today's press conference

Dana White said a few things today after the press conference building up Saturday night's FOX fight in Los Angeles at Staples Center. These are just some of the notes from John Hoven at Mayor's Manor, an L.A.-centric sports blog.

The main things:

1) He said he'd like Forrest Griffin to retire.  "He won the title when people thought he couldn't.  He became a huge star.  He made shitloads of money.  He's got a beautiful wife.  He's got a baby.  You know if you don't want to be word champion and you're still not in that mix, like I call it, why, what's the point?  I get it.  It's hard to walk away from walking into the arena with big crowds, etc. But there's a point in time when it's like, `You've done your thing man.  You've had an amazing career.  You've done great things. There's nothing left to prove'.

2) When brought up the potential of a Griffin vs. Bonnar fight after both coached a season of TUF, White dismissed it without thought.

3) He also thought Matt Hughes should retire.

4) On who Rashad Evans should fight if he moves to 185, White suggested Chris Weidman, but said that's just off the top of his head.

4) White said he didn't want to give Frankie Edgar the rematch against Benson Henderson later this month, but he pushed for it and felt Edgar had always been a team player and wanted to return the favor. 

5) When asked about Edgar cutting to 145, White said he thinks he should have done that already but it's his choice.

6) He said B.J. Penn could have been in talk of the greatest of all-time but asked how many times Penn has shown up in phenomenal shape.

7) On Penn and Rory MacDonald agreeing to VADA drug testing, he said "Whatever, that's their business."

8) Said UFC would be adding smaller weight classes.  This is not the time for that.

9) He said neither he or Lorenzo Fertitta ever considered Tim Sylvia for the match with Daniel Cormier.

10) He did see a day when there will be enough quality women fighters to have women's matches in UFC.

11) On Anderson Silva vs. Nate Diaz, the proposed fight by the Diaz camp that the Silva camp said they wanted, "On what fucking planet does that make sense?"

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