UFC live coverage from Staples Center in Los Angeles

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC on FOX from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Both men debuting in UFC. Moraga was an All-American wrestler at Arizona State. They are in a clinch against the fence. Moraga cut near the right eye. Moraga with a nice low kick. Gomez bleeding from the forehead. Gomez ducked a high kick. Nice body shot by Moraga. The cut was from a head-butt. Body kick by Moraga. Another left to the body for Moraga. Gomez is going for the takedown but can’t get it. Knee by Moraga. Body shot by Moraga. Gomez again trying for a takedown. Elbows and punches by Moraga and he finished Gomez with a flurry. Moraga looked very good here.  Two elbows and an uppercut and a right to the jaw were the key blows.

I hope The Grappler is getting some residuals from that Chael Sonnen Nexersys TV commercial.


First round: Flying knee by Gamburyan. Slow start. Omigawa knocked him down with a left but Gamburyan right back up. Crowd now booing because nothing is happning. Gamburyan moved in with punches. Body shot by Gamburyan. Left by Omigawa. High kick by Gamburyan. Good left by Omigawa. Left by Gamburyan, missed another and Gamburyan landed to the body and head. Body shot by Omigawa. Gamburyan tried for a takedown but didn’t get it. End of round. Omigawa got the knockdown but Gamburyan landed more overall so I’d give him the round 10-9.

Second round: Omigawa landed and now both are throwing. Omigawa more accurate. Body shot by Omigawa. Left by Gamburyuan. Gamburyan ducked for a takedown but Omigawa blocked it and working for a choke but Gamburyan out. Gamburyan still working for the takedown and and the crowd booed. Gamburyan did get the takedown momentarily but Omigawa right back up. Another takedown by Gamburyan with a slam. Another takedown by Gamburyan and he’s got Omigawa’s back on the ground. Gamburyan now on top. Omigawa back to his feet. Big right by Gamburyan. Gambuyan’s round for sure, so he’s up 20-18.

Third round: Big head kick by Gamburyan. Omigawa was hurt. Gamburyan is swinging wildly trying to finish. Gamburyan landed another head kick. Big right by Gamburyan and another head kick and a hard left. Omigawa stood up to the shots. The first head kick would have finished most guys. That has to freak out Gamburyan that he landed all those hard shots and Omigawa is fine and now he’s tired. Now Omigawa is coiming back. Gamburyan landed a hard left and Omigawa coming back. Hard right by Gamburyan but Omigawa landed several shots right back. Omigawa landing shots. Gamburyan wants to take it down. Gamburyan got the takedown but Omigawa right back up. Now Omigawa is going for a guillotine and Gamburyan took him down again. This is a good fight. High sidewalk slam takedown by Gamburyan. Gamburyan with a powerslam takedown into side control. Now Omigawa up and working for a neck crank with 36 seconds left. Gamburyan escaped and back up. Head kick by Gamburyan but Omigawa stayed up. Hard round to score but I’ve got Gamburyan winning the round. First and third were debatable tho.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Gamburyan.


First round: Thompson was a former World’s Strongest Man competitor, but he’s lost a ton of weight since then. De Fries at 6-5 has a significant height and reach edge. De Fries caught Thompson with a right as he moved in. Thompson working for a takedown. They were in a clinch and John McCarthy separated them. Thompson landed a right and De Fries moved him into the fence and clinched him. De Fries is the one with the reach but De Fries is the one going for the takedown. Fans booing. De Fries got the takedown but Thompson right back up and landed a right. De Fries still has him in the clinch working for a takedown. De Fries landed a knee. Now Thompson working for a takedown but gave it up. John McCarthy separated them. Low kick by Thompson. Right by DeFries. Thompson back with a right. De Fries is now going for another takedown. Crowd booing again. Knee to the body by De Fries. De Fries landed a few punches at the end of the round. Crowd booing. 10-9 De Fries.

Second round: De Fries dropped him with a right and is throwing punch after punch on the ground but Thompson got back to his feet. Thompson is tired. Thompson landed a knee. Now De Fries in a clinch throwing short punches. De Fries now looking for a takedown. De Fries landed several punches after breaking the clinch, and then moved back into the clinch. Now both trading punches and Thompson landed the better shot. De Fries throwing more feeling Thompson is tired. A hard knee by De Fries and a few punches and now he’s moving in for a takedown and got it. De Fries has Thompson’s back on the ground. Thompson punching from back position. De Fries wore him out and got the rear naked choke for the submission.


First round: Yahya tried for a takedown and Grispi nailed him with a punch coming in. Yahya landed a punch and got the takedown. Grispi doesn’t want to be here. Yahya is awesome on the ground but pretty much all he’s got is the ground game. Yahya landing punches. Yahya maneuving on the ground into side control. Yahya got a choke and kept spinning counter clockwise and Grispi had to tap out. This was a big upset.


First round: Front kick by Davis. Prado landed a good right and now a left. Prado got poked in the right eye. It was a nasty poke. Prado is having a hard time seeing. He can’t see. The doctor asked Prado if he could see and he said he's seeing two people and the doctor stopped it.  Prado started screaming he didn’t want to fight to end. Prado told them he was seeing two people. He’s Brazilian and I don’t think he realized that when you say that it means the doctor is going to stop it.  Match would be ruled a no contest.  Fans are not happy with this.


First round: Miller landed a left. Miller uses a front kick. Miller has a huge reach edge here. Phan moved in with body shots. Miller now landing, including a kick to the head and a jab. Phan hurt him with a left. Phan landed another left hook. Third left hook landed. And a fourth and Miller is in trouble. Phan landed an overhand right. Phan with a great combination to the body and head. Head kick by Miller and front kick but neither landed hard. Miller bleeding under the right eye. Miller landed a nice left. Phan back with a left . Phan with another combination. Phan in with a conbination and now Miller firing back. Phan landing a series of lefts. Phan 10-9.

Second round: Miller landed using his reach. Phan cut near the right eye. Body kick and both throwing punches. Miller going to the body and hard right back. This is a good fight. Miller landed a nice right. Phan now with a conmbo and Miller back with a series of punches. Miller landed a few and hurt Phan. Phan back with a solid punch. Both trading and Miller got the better of the exchange. Phan landed an uppercut. Front kick by Miller. Phan with a left to the body. Miller landed a right. Body kick by Miller. Phan landed a flurry and Miler back. Miller with a right. Phan landed the left hook. Good right by Miller and another, both shots hurt Phan. Phan landed the left. Good left by Phan. Miller with a right. Good hard left by Phan. Another hard left by Phan. Miller in with a superman punch. This round was close, but I’d go Miller even though Phan nearly won it in the last 45 seconds, so 19-19.

Third round: Phan landed a left and now a body shot. Phan landed a few more lefts. Phan is landing the punches and another. Phan missed a high kick but landed the left hook again. Miller keeps getting hit with the same punch. He landed it again. Miller tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Phan with a right. Body punch by Phan. Miller landed a left. Body punch by Phan. Knee by Miller. Phan landing a series of punches. Body punch by Miller. Both trading. Miller landing several punches. Flying kick by Miller. Phan back with punches. Real good fight. Knee by Miller missed. Phan’s round so 29-28. Third round is close, though.

Scores: 29-28 Phan 29-28 Miller 29-28 Phan


First round: Swick clobbered himwith a right and Johnson trying to clinch. Another big right by Swick. Now Johnson back but most of his shots were blocked. Johnson caught hm with a right. Swick landed a knee but Johnson threw him down and is on top of him. Johnson landed an elbow from the top. Johnson landed a right. Johnson landing body shots from the top. Swick kicked him off and landed a right. Swick landing a series of punches. Johnson landed a hard right back, now Swick with knees. Johnson took Swick down again. Johnson has his back. Johnson is now in full mount. Johnson landing sold shots. Johnson landed hard elbow and more punches. Now Johnson has his back, Johnson working for a D’arce choke. Swick escaped. Swick’s face is marked up. Johnson 10-9

Second round: Swick landed a right. Johnson now back with a left. Swick’s face is a mess. Javier Mendez told Swick to stay on the outside. Swick landed the left hook. Swick landed a few more punches. Johnson landed a right. Johnson with a kick. Swick grabbed the leg and took him down and knocked him out with two punches on the ground. Actually Swick knocked him out with the first punch on the ground. Very good fight.

This was really a good story with Swick coming back after two-and-a-half years off.  Swick has swelling under both eyes.  He said he coudln't see out of his right eye.    

Joe Rogan did a great job building up the next fight.  Very cool video packages for these fights.  Joe Lauzon came off very likeable.  They told a nice comeback story with Varner.  They pushed that Lauzon is tied for second place all-time in post-fight bonuses.  They are doing a much better job than usual in making these fights have a story and telling you who the people are as opposed to a bunch of fights with people nobody but the hardcores know.   


First round: Varner in with punches. Varner landed a good right. Varner landed a body and head shots. Body kick by Varner. Low kick by Varner and he landed a right. Varner hurt Lauzon with a right. Body shot by Varner. Lauzon in with some punches and hurt Varner with a knee but Varner back with right. Flying knee by Varner. Lauzon with a left. Now Lauzon landing punches. Body kick by Varner. Right by Varner. Varner landed several shots and now has Lauzon’s back. Lauzon landing several punches. Varner in with punches. Varner with a body shot. Lauzon hurt him with aright. Varner dropped Lauzon with a punch. Lauzon tried an armbar but Varner pulled out. That knockdown make the round hard to score. Very good round. Varner with knees to the body. 10-9 Varner.

Second round: Low kicks by Varner. Varner in with several punches, most of which were blocked. Lauzon back with punches. Varner throwng more punches. Varner landed several punches. Varner with punches to the body and head followed by a knee. Varner landed an elbow and a punch. Varner tried a takedown but Lauzon blocked it. Lauzon went for a takedown, but Varner grabbed a guillotine. Lauzon escaped and got Varner’s back. Varner stood up but Lauzon has piggy back position, went for a choke and Varner is out. Varner continues to land punches. Varner landing body shots now. Varner continually landing punches and now has Lauzon’s back and took him down after several punches. Lauzon pounding on him from the back. Varner back up. Lauzon took him down and got his back with 49 seconds left. Lauzon working for a choke. Lauzon moved to full mount with 30 seconds left. He’s working for an arm triangle but gave it up. Lauzon escaped, got his back but Varner reversed with seconds left and Varner throwing elbows. Tremendous round. Luzon’s round so we’re even 19-19 going into the third.

Third round Crowd cheering both as the round started. Lauzon called for a time out as he realized he started the round without his mouthpiece. Lauzon shot but didn’t get the takedown. Varner landed a knee and moved out. Varner is tired now. Varner got the takedown. Lauzon back up. Lauzon landed a right but Varner landed several punches. Varner landed a right. Varner landed several elbows and now punches and got another takedown. Lauzon swept him and is working for a triangle from the bottom. Varner tapped out. Excellent fight. Best UFC fight on FOX so far.

Lauzon didn't get an interview after because they are running a little late since the main event couild go five rounds.  It probably won't, though.


First round: No ring intros. Crowd hot for this match. Bader is a lot bigger, probably 225 to 201 or so. Body kick by Machida. Bader moved in and landed punches and moved out. Bader moved in and didn’t land. Crowd cheering for Machida. Hard body kick by Machida. Knee by Machida. Body kick but Bader countered with a right. Bader moved in and didn’t land. Bader can’t get any wrestling game going. Machida with jabs. Front kick by Machida. Front kick by Machida. Big right by Machida. Rogan said Machida the only guy to win a round against Jon Jones, not true, Stephan Bonnar won the third round against Jones a few years back. Bader moved into a clinch but gave it up. Front kick by Machida. Body kick by Machida. Big right by Machida. Not exciting, but the fight is what you would have expected and Bader has no answer so far. 10-9 Machida.

Second round: Low kick by Machida. Bader landed a punch. Bader moved in and Machida countered and knocked him out. He rushed in and Machida landed the right and the combination of Bader moving forward and Machida’s punch led to the knockout. It’s going to be tough for Rua to look better than this.


First round: Vera with a body kick and another one. Rua missed a body kick. Rua with a takedown. Shogun got a short shot in but mostly staying on top doing no damage. Shogun is just trying to pass guard. Shogun passed guard. Shogun in side control. Shogun with a knee. Vera up and threw two high kicks thatdin’t land strong. Shogun grabbed a clinch and ducked for a takedown. Vera with a guillotine attempt. Shogun popped out and is on top. Shogun now throwing punches on the ground. Shogun passed to side control agian. Vera gave up his back with 45 seconds left. Now it’s a time question. Shogun throwing some hard punches but time is running out on him. Shogun with more punches. Shogun’s round 10-9.

Second round: Shogun with low kick and Shogun landed punches. Vera kicks Rua and hurt him with punchs. Rua back with punches and knees. Vera doesn’t have the firepower to stand toe to toe with Shogun as long as Shogun isn’t tired. Vera landed a nice elbow that caught Shogun’s attention. Vera landed a hard left. And another left. Vera landed punches and kicks. Shogun may be in some trouble right now. Rua looks slow now. Big left and other one by Vera. Shogun hurt him with a right. Shogun with several knees and going for a front headlock. Shogun got his back with 2:50 left. Shogun working for the choke. Shogun landing several punches. Vera bleeding from the left eye. Vera with a high kick. Vera landed a big right. Shogun now hurt. This is great fight. Now Shogun landed a hard right. Vera is really doing a hell of a job as the opponent to the star here. Another hard right by Shogun. Vera landed a right. Both in a clinch trading knees. Shogun bleeding from the right eye. Loud Vera chant. People actual sense he can win. Vera with the takedown. Shogun is in exhausted. Vera with shoulder strikes. Vera with an elbow for the top and another as time ran out. Good round. Vera’s round 19-19.

Third round: Vera with punches and a kick. Both guys are tired but I think Shogun is the more tired of the two. Vera landed a hard knee. Now in a clinch. Vera avoided the takedown but went for a kick and Shogun pushed him. Shogun with a front headlock and a knee. Shogun on top. High kick by Vera and more kicks and punches by Vera. Shogun then took him down. Shogun throwing punches from the top and now elbows to win the round at the end. Rua’s round 29-28.

Fourth round: Body kick by Vera and Shogun landed a right. Vera landed an elbow. Vera with a punch and a knee to the body. Rua landed a right. Shogun landed left. Shogun trying for a takedown. Vera blocked it. Shogun with a knee and a hard knee to the head. Loud Vera chant. Vera landed a knee and tried a trip takedown and didn’t get it. Vera with a body kick and two elbows by Vera but Shogun with an uppercut. Shogun muscled him against the fence. Both guy are tired with 2:00 left. Both guys are moving real slow now. Rua landing hard punches and has Vera hurt. Rua finished him. 4:09

No doubt Machida is the one who deserves the shot. It will be interesting because UFC was looking at Shogun as the contender before the show. Joe Rogan said Machida deserves the shot easily.

Shogun said Vera is a good fighter. He said he didn’t give his best today but hopefully he’ll be at his best in the future. Rua said he was really tired in the second and third round, more than he expected.

Joe Rogan is interviewing Dana White. He put over Vera’s performance and said he fought like a warrior. White said Machida looked the most impressive. He made the clear-cut call.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


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