WWE female performer victim of alleged assault (updated)

Milena Roucka, better known as Rosa Mendes in WWE, was apparently the victim of an assault in Las Vegas just prior to leaving for television in San Antonio yesterday.

According to a story at www.diva-dirt.com sourcing the San Antonio police, Roucka was spotted visibly upset in the bathroom after landing last night in San Antonio.  Another woman in the bathroom saw how upset she was as well as being able to see her injuries and called police.

Police came and took photos of her injury as well as gave her transportation to her hotel last night.

Roucka identified her fiance, Andy Slocum (The 6-foot-9 former WWE wrestler known as Jackson Andrews), as the alleged perpetrator saying he was a habitual woman beater and she's afraid he will kill her, when asked by police.  Roucka claimed Slocum had hit her several times.

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