It's SummerSlam day live from Staples Center, HHH vs Brock

Welcome to our live coverage of SummerSlam, from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  We're looking for your thoughts on both tonight's show as well as last night's Strikeforce show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Pre-show match saw Cesaro take the cobra off Marella's arm and throw it in the corner.  Later in the match, Cesaro tore up the cobra, however Marella pulled out a backup cobra.  But the backup cobra got seduced by Aksana.  Yes the arm got paralyzed by her beauty which enabled Cesaro to hit the neutralizer (cradle pedigree) and get to pin to win the title.


Jericho won clean in the middle with the Walls of Jericho.  This would make you think Ziggler wins the title later in the show.  Very good opener.  Jericho kicked out of the Zig Zag.  Another good near fall when Vickie grabbed Jericho's leg and Ziggler used a small package for a near fall.  Jericho came out with his ribs all taped up and was selling the ribs due to the angle where Ziggler attacked him backstage on Smackdown.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman promo.  Heyman said Lesnar will break the spirit of WWE and that if you're not down with that, we've got two words for you, "tap out."


Clean win for Bryan.  Kane went for a tombstome piledriver and Bryan got the pin with an inside cradle.  They pushed this as the first time Bryan ever pinned Kane in a singles match.  Kane is going crazy backstage after the match looking for Bryan.  Kane threw Josh Matthews over some furniture and Kane is looking for him.   They are building to a gimmick where both Kane and Bryan each have anger management issues as the program goes forward.   Average match.


Miz won clean with a hotshot dropped on the top turnbuckle and the skull crushing finale.  There was a good series of near falls before the finish.  The crowd wasn't really that into the match until the last minute or so.  Mystrerio did a 619 but missed the splash off the top, and then Miz went for the skull crushing finale but Mystreio turned it into a front rolling cradle for a near fall.

Teddy Long was backstage with Eve Torres telling Eve how everyone thinks doing a great job on Raw.  C.M. Punk came into A.J.'s office and complained about the three-way match saying it was unfair.  Punk said he humiliated her by turning down the proposal but it's unfair.  He said that and A.J. went blank.  Punk said she's disrespecting him but he's going to retain the title and tomorrow night she'll be forced to show her respect.  She had a blank look on her face all through this segment once Punk talked about the proposal.


No title change.  Del Rio used an enzuigiri for a near fall, and then for some reason Del Rio attacked Ricardo Rordiguez.  The ref put Rodriguez out and Rodriguez threw his shoe to Del Rio.  But Sheamus got the shoe, hit Del Rio, used the Irish curse backbreaker and got the pin.  The ref counted even though Del Rio clearly had his foot on the bottom rope.  Good match, not great, and nothing newsworthy out of this.

HHH talking to ref Scott Armstrong.  He said this won't end on a DQ or count out, it only ends via pin or tap out.  Armstrong agreed to it.  HHH told Armstrong this was a fight to the finish and to let them fight.


Kingston hit a super high plancha on O'Neil outside the ring and in the ring R-Truth pinned Young with the downward spiral.  Work was fine, really better than fine but crowd wasn't much into it until the last minute.

Hopefully they have one really good story to end the show because thus far there has been nothing really newsworthy on the show or even any must-see matches.  First match was very good, but no better than those two would have had if they had a Raw 10 p.m. match.  Everything else was fine but nothing special at all. 


Finish was pretty similar to what you'd think.  Show went for the punch, Cena ducked, hit the Attitude Adjustment, but Punk threw Cena out of the ring and stole the pin to retain.  This came one minute after a restart where Cena had the STF on Show while Punk had the Koji clutch (called the Anaconda vise) on Show and Show tapped.  Cena and Punk both argued with the ref on who Show tapped to.  A.J. came out and after pausing for a while, ordered the match restarted.  The Los Angeles crowd was heavily pro-Punk and Punk played babyface to them.  Really of the three, Show was second most popular and Cena was booed the most.  Nobody said bizzaroland, though.

Celebrities shown were Piers Morgan, Fred Durst (who flipped off the camera, but they couldn't fire him), Rick Rubin, David Aquette wearing a replica WCW belt and Maria Menounous wearing a Bob Backlund T-shirt.


Lesnar won clean with the Kimura submission.  They had a different match, not as good as the Cena match but very good story telling.  Most of the match was Lesnar constantly working the arm and doing the Kimura over and over.  HHH came back working on Lesnar's stomach.  Crowd didn't seem to react to the Diverticiulitis aspect of it an the announcers talked about a previous injury but not really in detail.  Lesnar sold it really well.  Crowd was quiet for a lot of the match but they were into it at points.  Lesnar kicked out of a pedigree and HHH kicked out of an F-5 near the finish.  The ending saw HHH hit a second pedigree but as he went for a pin Lesnar got the Kimura on again.  Real loud "You tapped out" chant at HHH which I'm sure is not what he wanted or expected out of this.  HHH was in the ring to do the Benoit look to the crowd after losing to get the cheers and there were a lot of people cheering and a lot of people booing.  There was also a "HHH" chant.  No doubt this was not the reaction as it wasn't nearly that loud.   

The show ended with the tease that HHH said goodbye and this was the retirement. 

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