Jones vs. Henderson press quotes


Whoever doesn’t think Hendo has a shot is insane’ – White

‘I will take great pride in being first to stop him’ – Jones

‘I plan on putting him on his back’ - Henderson



Las Vegas, Nevada – Today the Ultimate Fighting Championship® organization hosted a media conference call ahead of UFC 151: JONES vs HENDERSON, which takes place September 1live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here are flash quotes from the call:

UFC President Dana White: “If you look stylistically at this fight whoever thinks Henderson doesn’t have a shot is insane. He’s got the style to do it. He’s a great wrestler, he’s got knockout power in both hands and he’s fought everybody from 170 lbs all the way up to heavyweights and won. He continues to impress and nobody has ever knocked out Dan Henderson.

“And Jon Jones has beaten the who’s who in this sport for the last year and a half. He says he wants to be the first to knock Dan Henderson out. If Jones went out and wrecked Dan Henderson that would be even more impressive than he has been throughout the last year and a half. That would be quite a feat.”

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones: “This is a high risk/high reward fight for me. He has a big right hand, he knocked out Fedor who was one of my idols, but I’ve been

punched before. Rashad Evans hit me pretty good, Lyoto Machida hit me pretty good and I get hit in training but I take no pride in getting hit. So my chin has definitely been tested and I think that conversation (about my ability to take a shot) should be over by now.

“No-one has ever stopped Dan Henderson and I will take great pride in stopping him. He is a great warrior and he’s proven a lot in the sport. He’s upset a lot of fighters that were supposedly better than him.

“I want to set the record straight and let everyone know that not everything that I do is based around Dan Henderson. My studying, my tactics, every hour of the day I am think about him. Just because I answer a few questions about other things doesn’t mean that my priorities aren’t straight. I think that people are overlooking Dan Henderson. But I am definitely not.”

Dan Henderson, former three-time world champion and challenger, said: “This is a fight and a challenge I’ve been waiting for and working towards. Jon Jones has improved more than anybody in the last two or three years and is up there with anyone I’ve fought. I’m very excited about the opportunity, the UFC title is a goal of mine and I title I want to add that (to the list of championships I’ve already won).

“I definitely plan on beating him to the punch and putting him on his back during the fight. Everybody seems to have painted the picture of the old guy fighting the younger guy that’s been tearing everybody up, and yes, for me, it’s more about two different styles fighting against each other. For me, I need to at least hurt him and get inside. It won’t be fun for me on the outside with his (range). And that’s a fun challenge to try to figure that out - it’s more about the styles rather than the age.”

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