More notes on UFC on 9/1 being canceled and Jones vs. Machida taking place on 9/22 in Toronto

Some notes from Dana White at today's UFC press conference.

Dana White lashed into Greg Jackson, who he blamed for telling Jon Jones not to take the fight with Chael Sonnen.

"I'll go on record saying this guy is a fucking sport killer.  This guy is from another planet.  I've never seen nothing like this in my entire life."

White said that they thought they were going to announce Jones vs. Sonnen and it wasn't until about 1 p.m. when they weren't able to convince Jones to take the fight.

"This is one of those selfish disgusting decisions that doesn't just affect you, but you affected 16 other people's lives."

"I don't think this is a decision that will make Jon Jones popular with fans, sponsors, cable distributors."

White noted that Sonnen did not earn the title shot, but bad things happened and he stepped up and said, even without a camp, he'd fly to Las Vegas tonight and fight if needed.  He also noted that Sonnen's girlfriend's father just had a stroke and he was with him and still ready to take the fight.

Dan Henderson suffered a partial tear in his MCL several days ago.  White said Henderson tried to train through it, and UFC found out on Sunday or Monday about the injury and flew him to Las Vegas.  Their doctor diagnosed the injury, said he would have problems with lateral movement and problems in a number of positions.  Henderson doesn't appear to need surgery but he wasn't going to be ready to fight.

While he wouldn't specify a dollar figure, White conceded this was going to be a massive financial hit.  All ticket money for the show is being refunded, which in and of itself is well over $1 million and with casino buys likely well over $2 million.  All the publicity, commercials cut, etc. is a loss.

"It's huge, there were supposed to be prelims on FX, all the marketing money we already spent, the billboard in Times Square, all over the country, the media, all the TV ads that have been running.  I'ts a massive, massive hit."

There is no decision on what will happen to the undercard fights.  They will likely be spread over the next several shows.

This is the first time a UFC show was canceled this late in the game.  There was a show in Montreal canceled earlier this year, but it was a few months out and before tickets were put on sale.

White buried Jones, and believes this is going to hurt his popularity.

"It's in Jon Jones' head that he didn't prepare for this guy."

"As much as he's won and all the things he's accomplished, he been a champion who hasn't been very popular and I don't think this will do wonders for his popularity.  Me and Lorenzo are both disgusted."

When asked about if the Machida fight was signed, he said the bout agreements were sent and Jones knows about the fight.  It should be noted that just two days ago, Jones reiterated that he didn't want to fight Machida because he's a businessman and he didn't think the Machida fight would do well on PPV.

"I can tell you this right now, he's not turning down the Machida fight.  If I get a call he won't fight Machida, we'll have another conference call later this afternoon and it won't be good."

White said that Jones didn't ask for more money to face Machida on 9/22.

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