Bellator live coverage from Tunica, MS

The final show of the summer series from Tunica, MS, featuring light heavyweight and bantamweight tournament finals.


First round: Two thick heavyweights who look more like powerlifters than fighters. Wessel lipped and Martinez is on top in side control. Martinez was trained by Royce Gracie. Probably not when it comes to diet. His trunks read "Future Legend." At this point I’d rather be watching Cheerleader Melissa. 10-9 Martinez.

Second round: They are in a clinch. Martinez got another takedown into side control. Wessel back to his feet. Martinez threw a high kick and Wessel took him down. Wessel got his back but Martinez back up. Martinez is getting tired. Wesel landed a right to the jaw. Martinez took him down at the end. 19-19 but both rounds are close.

Third round: Wesssel landed a nice right. Wessel is controlling the center but not much action. Wessel moved him into the fence. Wessel with two knees to the body. Wessel moved in with more punches. Hard right by Martinez. Both firing from a clinch. Wessel with several knees. Wessel’s round. He should win 29-28 or possibly 30-27.

Scores: 29-28 Wessel, 30-27 Martinez ?, 29-28 Wessel


First round: Van Buren threw a kick and Mucitelli took him right down. Van Buren with a cool reverse on the ground. Mucitelli has some skill on the ground, doing a great job of both defense and attacking from his back. Mucitelli did a cool move to get Van Buren’s back. Mucitelli got the takedown . Van Buren reversed to the top but Mucitelli got the triangle from the bottom for the submission. 3:01


First round: Low kick, punches and a takedown by Galvao. Nogueira right back up. Galvao landing several punches. Nogueira hurt from a low blow. Crowd booing, they don’t believe Nogueira was really hit low. Trading low kicks. Galvao with punches and now Nogueira moved in. Both trading punches. Nogueira working for a takedown and planted Galvao into side control, but Galvao was back up immediately. Nogueira moved in with several punches. Both guys firing hard punches. 10-9 Galvao but a good round.

Second round: Both swinging. Nogueira landing hard but Galvao with a knee. More knees by Galvao. Nogueira missing punches short. Nogueira with punches and Gavlao with knees. Nogueira moving forward. Hard right by Galvao, which is the best punch of the fight. Knee by Galvo. Hard left by Galvao. Nogueira is in trouble and backed into the fence, Galvao on top into mount. Nogueira in toruble. Galvao throwing punch after punch. Nogueria gave up his back. Galvao with elbows, including elbows straight down that are legal in Mississippi unlike almost everywhere else. Nogueira can’t get off the bottom while Galvao keeps throwing punches and elbows and ref Jason Herzog stopped it.


First round: Vegh dropped him with a right and finished him in 25 seconds with punches on the ground.

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