Last Tough Enough star in heaps of trouble reported more details on the arrest of Ariane Andrew this past Friday morning.

While her booking sheet showed she refused a Breathalyzer test, the police report indicated she was tested and had a blood alcohol contet of .20, more than twice the legal limit.  She also allegedly offered one of the officers who arrested her $10,000 to keep it quiet because she would lose her job.  In his booking sheet she claimed to be employed by Wells Fargo, but the arrest report listed her as working for WWE.

There was an unidentified male passenger with her who said the two had been drinking martinis before getting in the car.

The story also quoted a WWE rep as saying, "Ariane did not alert us to this matter.  We are investigating and will take appropriate action."

Her not alerting WWE to this over the weekend is very significant in how the company handles these kinds of matters.

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