Devon hints he's done with TNA

Devon Hughes, known as Devon in TNA, posted a remark on Twitter that would seem to indicate he's done with TNA.

Hughes wrote:  "I would like to thank the TNA fans for making the last seven years fun.  I'm sure we will see each other again down the line real soon.  I'm ready to see where God brings me to next.  I can't wait.  I see big things on the way.  Oh and Hell no, I'm not retiring."

He has been retweeting all kinds of fans alluding to him returning to WWE.

Devon held the TV title with TNA and his contract with the company is up this week. It makes no sense that they didn't have him drop the title already, although it is possible he may do so on television tomorrow.

No word on Bully Ray, whose contract also expires this week.

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