Javier Mendez talks Fight Factory and his issues with Josh Koscheck

AKA Founder and Owner Javier Mendez was a guest on today's edition of The MMA Report with John Pollock on TSN 1050 Toronto and spoke about his issues with Josh Koscheck and the 'Fight Factory' series among other topics. 

The development of 'Fight Factory':
It was a basically a management decision, DeWayne Zinkin and Bob Cook are the managers and we talked about whether this was good or not and we felt worst case it would still benefit (the fighters) and best case it would generate more income for the fighters by endorsements, by being known more (to the public) so we talked overall it was worth the gamble. DeWayne had his concerns regarding the reality show potentially could ruining the gym and it is definitely a concern by we felt overall the goodness it could bring overrides the negative.
They paint the picture how they want to paint the picture and it may not necessarily be 100% accurate. I personally didn't want the last one and I don't think I will watch anymore because every time I watch, the negativity of some of the issues, I just don't want to be involved with it. I'm fine with them filming it but I just don't want to watch it. 

The comments Josh Koscheck has made about him:
He is who he is, that's the real him and yeah he's personally going after me but the thing of it is he isn't doing anything out of character, that's who he is as a character so that's not him trying to be something he's not that's him being who he is. I expect him to come after me like he has been and it will continue but my issue is there is no issue, I want nothing to do with him, I have nothing to do with him going forward, it is what it is with him. He is that individual you are either going to love him or hate him, most people love him or hate him. I personally don't want to have any feelings with him whatsoever anymore and isn't someone I care for anymore and I'm pretty sure 100% that it will stay that way because there are no more meetings him and I that I care to ever have, he isn't a good person and I just don't want to be around him.
The full show is available at itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/mma-report-john-pollock/id548343539 and airs Friday nights at 11pm EST on TSN 1050 Toronto. Follow @iamJOHNPOLLOCK. 

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