Absolutely scary lack of No Surrender feedback

Hey Dave,
Thumbs Down
Best Match: Daniels/Kaz vs AJ/Angle
Worst Match: Bully v Hardy
I was really excited about Bound for Glory after Impact on Thursday.  After tonight's PPV, I've lost a lot of interest.
The opener between Joe and Hardy was good, but their Impact match was better.  The Bully/Storm match was way overbooked, and I can't believe the way they brought Roode back.  For a match that was supposed to have a year build to main event the biggest show of the year, both men have lost tons of momentum and the match has fallen to a midcard act.  In hindsight, it was a real mistake giving Aries the title.
We got no progression with Aces and 8's.  The World Champion Aries was in a meaningless match in the middle of the PPV.  The fight was just a backdrop to set up the Hardy injury angle.  I also have a really bad feeling that Hogan is behind Aces and 8's.
The next few matches were fine but completely forgettable.
Daniels and Kaz defeating AJ and Angle was an awesome match.  So many great spots, and seeing Angle work this match injured was amazing.  Still though, not enough to save the PPV for me.
And finally the main event.  When Hogan came out and said that the final match would be Thursday, I said they really can't screw their PPV crowd this badly, can they?  Anyway, the whole injury angle just didn't work for me.  The entire match seemed flat, and became clear early that Hardy would win.  I know that I'm not excited for an Aries vs Hardy match.
It's sad that after how great this year's Bound for Glory Series was, it ended on such a flat note tonight.
Jesse Ringel
Philadelphia, PA

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