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Thumbs in the middle

BEST: Daniels/Kazarian vs. Angle/AJ
WORST: Bully Ray vs. James Storm for an overbooked mess
This is the first TNA PPV I had seen in a long time, and was planning on purchasing Bound for Glory... but I'm not so sure now, as I feel a lot of TNA's momentum was killed with this show.  A face vs. face title match with no history up to this point for the main event of their version of WrestleMania doesn't make me want to spend money to see that match. They have five weeks to change my mind.  It's also shows that they didn't strike with James Storm when the iron was hot, as Storm has lost tons of momentum and the program with Roode is now relegated to the midcard... history was not learned from SummerSlam 1993/Lex Luger.  
The Aces & Eights angle just is missing the mark with the live crowd.  I think they've now booked themselves into a corner, as once the reveal comes on who they are, there's going to be little reaction, if any, to Mike Knox or Luke Gallows being revealed.  It's also time that they give the group some motivation -- why are they around, why are they attacking people, and why couldn't they get contracts with TNA and then join up as a group?  I hope they're not thinking that this is their NWO moment, because the NWO had huge stars, and motivation (well, early on at least, when it was that they were ex-WWF stars who wanted to take over).
If they drop the number of PPVs as speculated next year, they also need to drop the number of shows in Orlando... if they do 8 PPVs, do 4 in the Impact Zone to make the people there look forward to the big shows and get into them more.  I think that there are 9 per year there now which is way too many, and it feels like a longer version of Impact that you have to pay for, rather than something special and different.  I felt bad for Tara and Tessmacher, as they had a good match -- borderline great for a women's match these days -- but the crowd just offered what amounted to pity applause when Brooke was pretty much begging for a reaction after she hit some big moves.  This was the case in several matches, but I noticed it the most in the women's match.
Overall, I go thumbs in the middle because the wrestling was good, but I think the booking was bad and made me less forward to seeing Bound for Glory -- which is a loss for TNA because that show needs to be a success to validate the improvement of their product over the past several months.
Lakeland, FL

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Thumbs up
Best: Angle/Styles vs Daniels/Kazarian barely beating out the X Division match
Worst: Bully vs Hardy
A bit overbooked and 3 ref bumps in one match, give me a break. But the guys I watched the PPV with all enjoyed it.
Dave Rude

Thumbs in the middle
PLEASE TNA get OUT of the Impact Zone.
I blame the crowd for 80% of why the show wasn't good. Please Dave if you gotta influence TNA to get outta there. I thought there was ok wrestling but a actual wrestling crowd would have made this an average to above average show. I thought Hardy vs Joe was good and then it was downhill kinda. Tessmacher and Tara keep wrestling like there on a water bed at the hotel. Bully Ray vs Storm was good but alot of stalling. Tessmacher had the best womens promo I may have seen...since Karen Jarrett. Bully Ray's promo near the end was PHENOMENAL. Magnus reminds me of Edge and had a ok match and should of won. (Even Steven) Hardy vs Ray was WAYYYY to many finishers. In the words of Bryan "MY GOD". Roode's return was great BUT Earl had bad timing. Aries vs Knox was a good brawl but the crowd once AGAIN was what it was. The tag match was kinda ok and the last 7 minutes were good. Ummm....I think thats it
Xavier Nowlin

Thumbs up
Best match: Angle/Styles vs. Daniels/Kazarian
Worst match: Tessmacher vs. Tara
I was at this show live, my first visit to the Impact Zone, and I liked it a lot. The stuff that was supposed to deliver all did, to a degree, and the tag match put it way over the top for me. I'm not sure how well you could see Angle on TV during the earlier Aces and Eights brawl, but he couldn't run, couldn't take two hard steps without limping and was obviously in severe pain. But you knew he'd deliver at bell time, and man, did he ever. As did the rest of the guys in that match. I didn't see their earlier PPV match, but this was awesome.
Bully Ray might be my favorite heel in wrestling right now. His ring work tonight was only solid to good (especially in the Storm match, which felt repetitive) but his ability to get heat in the ring and on promos was off the charts.
Jay Reddick

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