WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 10, 2012
Montreal, QC

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the Night!
- Bret Hart steps foot in a WWE ring in Montreal for the first time since Justin Bieber was just 3 years old.
- CM Punk, and perhaps, Paul Heyman, address the actions at the close of last week's Raw.

Bret Hart opened the show, waiting several moments for the warm welcome from the Montreal crowd to die down before speaking. He thanked the crowd for getting him through his dark days, but was interrupted by CM Punk. Punk came out to wonder what would have happened if Punk wrestled Hart at the 1997 Survivor Series. He surmised that he would have beaten Hart, Vince never would have had to screw Hart, the attitude era would have never happened, and then Punk would have jumped to WCW and the WWE would have died. That is the most likely scenario, yes. Punk talked about beating Cena on Sunday and leaving him a broken shell of a man, much like Hart is. The segment ended with massive heat on Punk, and Michael Cole announced that Hart would be out later to interview John Cena.

#RAWactive was announced for later, with the WWE Universe selecting CM Punk's opponent: #PunkBrodus, #PunkLawler, #PunkOrton. My guess would be Orton winning.

Match: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro & The Miz
It was announced that the Night of Champions pre-show on YouTube would see a battle royal to determine a US Championship challenger for Antonio Cesaro later on the Pay-Per-View. This match was billed as an all-champions match to build up the upcoming Night of Champions. Basic tag match, lots of flying from Kofi. Finish saw Truth take out Miz, Cesaro dumped Truth, then Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise to pin Cesaro for the win.

Recap: Last week's Smackdown, Booker T banned Sheamus' Brogue Kick at the request of Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus, backstage, was shown talking with Bret Hart.

A video is shown of Sheamus, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez at a deposition. I'm not sure what the deposition was for, exactly, but it has something to do with Sheamus' brogue kick. Jokes and such ensued, including one that won't ever be found on Saturday Morning Slam. The crowd was dead during this, until they got into a brief YES! chant brought on by Sheamus continuously answer 'yes' to Otunga's questions. Segment ended with Sheamus kicking the camera recording the deposition, and Sheamus singing "Hava Nagila." Shit.

Match: Eve & Layla & Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox & Natalya & Beth Phoenix
Natalya ruined the Girls w/ Last Names vs Girls w/ No Last Names gimmick. Weird pairings here. Lot of whistling during this one. Like, seriously, never noticed so much whistling before. Maybe the crowd, otherwise, was just so dead that it was easy to notice. Anyway, Eve won. Layla was not impressed. Eve, however, was quite pleased.

Backstage, AJ was also not pleased. CM Punk walked up to her and asked why he had a match and John Cena didn't. He questioned AJ's integrity, but nothing really came from this.

Hey, look, it's CM Punk again in the "main event" at 9pm. The WWE Universe decided that CM Punk should battle Randy Orton with 75% of the vote.

Match: CM Punk vs Randy Orton
After healing Bret Hart earlier, Punk still got a ton of favorable chants tonight from this crowd. CM Punk tried to walk out of the match, but Randy Orton caught him at the stage and brought him back. Orton tripped Punk up as he went for his beautiful flying elbow, and hit a superplex of his own. Orton seems to be putting that into his regular arsenal. Late, each guy countered the other's big move, until Orton gained control and set up for an RKO. Before Orton could hit, however, Dolph Ziggler attacked him from behind for the DQ. Orton was being beaten by Punk and Ziggler until Jerry Lawler made the save. Jerry and Orton managed to rid the ring of the meanies. As Lawler and Orton were going outside for more, the show suddenly went to commercial.

Returning from commercial, we find out that GM AJ Lee has made this a tag team matchup.

Match: Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler vs CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler
Punk looked thoroughly disinterested in this match while on the apron. After a few minutes, of which Punk was never involved in the ring, Paul Heyman made his way down to ringside had a conference with CM Punk. Vickie was upset, wanting them to pay attention to the match. This was very weird. During the conference between Punk and Heyman (which was hilarious in itself with Punk and Paul discussing how there was no good food in Montreal), the match continued in the ring... in the background. The cameras remained focused on the Punk-Heyman discussion, while Orton hit Dolph with an RKO for the victory.

Backstage, Matt Striker asked Paul Heyman about his relationship with CM Punk. Punk answered, "I'm a Paul Heyman guy."

Anger management~! A recap of last week's Hug It Out segment aired. It's a smiley face world.

Backstage, Bryan and Kane met in a room, brought together by Dr. Shelby. Dr. Shelby said he has one last thing to try and get Bryan and Kane on the right track.

Heath Slater was in the ring demanding a rematch with Zack Ryder. Ryder saind it wasn't RyDER he was facing, but RyBACK.

Match: Heath Slater's Spray Tan vs Ryback's Entrance Theme
Brad Maddox, who went to the Tiffany School of Officiating, was your ref. I don't know the story, but his sudden appearance as a ref has me thinking this is leading to something, possibly small, sometime soon. Heath managed to DDT Ryback to get him down... briefly. Ryback then quickly won with his moves.

Backstage, Primetime Players met with AJ in her office. AJ alerted them that they are not the #1 contenders to the tag titles. She made Primetime Players vs Kane & Daniel Bryan for later. So, apparently, Dr. Shelby's brilliant last ditch effort of an idea was to team Bryan and Kane up.

The crowd came alive for the first time since Bret Hart arrived with our next match.

Match: Daniel Bryan & Kane vs Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
#1 contendership to the tag titles at stake here. Massive "Oui!" chant at the start. Young & O'Neil are an underrated tag team, and have done well in their role. This match was obviously, and quickly at the last minute, put together to get Kane and Bryan on the PPV and have it make a little sense. Finish saw Kane deliver a chokeslam to Daniel Bryan, but Bryan landed on Darren Young for the pin. So we're getting Hell No! vs Truth & Kofiquences for the tag titles on Sunday.

Something happened with Jerry Lawler at ringside during this match, although we weren't told right away. The crowd completely lost interest in the match and watched the ringside area, while commentary was quiet for a long while. (*Note: It's been reported that Jerry Lawler collapses during the match, and was brought to the back for medical attention.)

Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Tyson Kidd
Crowd still quiet from the Lawler situtation. No reaction for Kidd, even though he's likely only on the show because it is in Montreal. Kidd managed to turn Del Rio over into a sharpshooter, which brought the crowd back a bit, but Del Rio got to the ropes to break the hold. Alberto won quickly after that with his cross armbreaker.

Michael Cole addressed the Jerry Lawler situation, telling us he collapsed at ringside and was being attended to in the back. From what was said, it sounded very serious.

Match: Sheamus vs David Otunga
Michael Cole was eerily quiet during entrances, and video packages that were meant to be talked over. It seems like a conflict of interest to have Otunga competing against Sheamus in the ring and in the court. Still no commentary. Honestly, not very into this show myself right now. Sheamus won with the brogue kick, I think. AJ Lee came out, but was cut off by Booker T.

Booker T told Sheamus that if he uses the brogue kick again, he will be stripped of the World title and fired.

Backstage, Bret Hart and Rey Mysterio were discussing their careers in WCW.

Anger management~! Daniel Bryan was yelling at Kane for hurting him. Dr. Shelby said they just had a triumph. Bryan told Kane he didn't appreciate the chokeslam, but was starting to like the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane. The two fought over the name of the team.

Michael Cole updated saying Lawler was brought to a local hospital, and that there would be no further commentary on the show.

Match: Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Cody won with the Cross Rhodes after interference from The Miz. Looks like Miz vs Rey at Night of Champions. Oops, spoke too soon. Cody just hit Miz with his finish, too, then raised the Intercontinental title.  Maybe a three-way, or four way, at the PPV. No Sin Cara here, though.

Michael Cole updated the situation again saying Lawler was more responsive, and was in isolated ER in a Montreal hospital.

The main event tonight was Bret Hart interviewing John Cena in the ring. Probably the only time Hart could get literally no reaction coming to the ring, with all that is going on. Hart compared the Cena-Punk feud to that of Hart-Michaels. Punk came out when Hart called him a phony. Punk said that he has surpassed John Cena as the top guy, just as Shawn Michaels surpassed Bret Hart as the top guy. Punk then said he was better than Shawn Michaels. Going one step further, he said he was better than Steve Austin and The Rock. Cena called Punk a liar and a hypocrite.  Cena put over the rivalry of the last year, and how Punk didn't bring change to WWE but whined his way to the top. Cena began speaking French, which turned the crowd in his favor. It was really a complete 180. Punk feigned punching Bret Hart, but Cena stopped him. As Punk backed off, he went for Hart again but Hart blocked, and delivered a punch of his own. Punk bailed. No physical confrontation between Cena and Punk, so you'll have to wait until Sunday!

Michael Cole, in a much better mood, updated the crowd that Lawler's condition had greatly improved and he is stable.

I'd say this was a pretty strong final segment overall to build to Sunday, however it will be greatly overshadowed by the Lawler situation.

Final Thoughts: #PrayForLawler


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