Great news for Lawler (updated this afternoon)

Brian Lawler posted earlier today that his father does not appear to have suffered any brain damage, which was the biggest fear as of last night.

"The CT scan of my dad's brain came back good," he posted.

Lawler on Monday after suffering a near fatal heart attack while announcing, had his heart stop beating for what is believed to have been close to 15 minutes, which is where the fear of brain damage came because of oxygen deprivation to the brain. 

Brian Lawler flew to Montreal on Tuesday and has been by his father's side for the past day.

Kevin Lawler, who is not in Montreal, said that his father is not able to speak, but he is writing things on a notepad.

"Not just brief notes, but detailed stores which show he knows where he is and what is going on," Kevin Lawler told

Joe Cooper, Lawler's business partner in Memphis, told WMC-TV, where Lawler was a fixture on television for two decades as the star of Championship Wrestling, the saem thing.

Stacy Carter, Lawler's ex-wife,  posted, "The rumors are true.  I just got confirmation that Jerry Lawler's test results are in and he has no brain damage.  That is wonderful news."

Afternoon update:  Jerry Lawler is now talking and laughing in his hospital room so he is seemingly bouncing back strongly from surgery.

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