WWE Smackdown TV report - Sheamus vs. Bryan

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They recapped Booker banning the Brogue kick from last week. They then showed the legal skits from Raw. They were pretty awful. If a movie cuts from one shot to another, and there's no camera from the point of view it just left, that's fine – it's a movie. Wrestling is supposed to exist in our world, so cutting from the point of view between Sheamus and his lawyer, to one showing them and not having a camera there just reminds you this is fake.

Alberto started the show already in the ring, with Ricardo and Otunga, who were both in neck braces. Otunga called AJ an unbalanced individual for putting him in a match with Sheamus, and he may now have a broken vertebrae. Del Rio took over and showed footage of the softest Brogue kick on Christian. He then introduced Christian via satellite. Christian's arm was in a sling and wasn't overjoyed to be a part of this. Otunga brought up Christian's recent shoulder surgery, and tried to claim he hadn't been 100% for a long time.

Christian cut him off and said he was a two time world champion on his way to becoming a three time champion before the Brogue kick. He said the nerve damage it caused meant he had to get surgery. He said he respects Sheamus but his honest opinion was the Brogue kick should be banned. Otunga then cut the feed and wouldn't let Christian finish his thought. It was very hard to figure out what Christian's angle was, whether he is a good guy who just thinks it's too dangerous, if he is feigning regret for his opinion and just wants the good guy's move banned, or somewhere in-between.

Daniel Bryan's came out and thanked them for bringing this issue to light. Bryan said he doesn't have a goat face, but if he did it would be because Sheamus had kicked him in the face so many times. He thanked Booker T for granting him a WrestleMania rematch for tonight. The crowd chanted “goat face” as Bryan lost his cool. He said he asked for the rematch not because the move had been banned but to prove that Sheamus only won because he was caught off guard.

Sheamus then came out to the ramp and told Bryan he didn't lose because of the Brogue kick but because of him. He walked down the ramp and onto the ring apron as he said that after he beats Bryan tonight and Del Rio at Night of Champions, they'll all learn that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. He finished up by grabbing Otunga's neck brace and snapped his neck down over the top rope. What a dick.

They played a graphic for Lawler, then later asked whether we knew that they out social media'd everyone else Monday. They're hardly endearing.

Match Number One: Sin Cara Vs. The Miz (c), Non-Title Match.

Sin Cara is back to singles competition, which means the return of the dimmed lights. Miz interrupted a dive with a forearm. They're pushing that the Miz has been aggressive ever since winning the title, and while he didn't know who he was facing at Night of Champions it may not matter with his new attitude. Except that they're also running the storyline that three people have had their way with him recently.

Sin Cara ended up winning with La Magistral. He wrestled with the arm first, so it felt a little bit clunky and sort of out of no where.

Winner: Sin Cara, Pinfall.

Matt Striker stopped Miz backstage. He asked if after loses to Rey and Sin Cara, and being humiliated by Cody Rhodes, how he felt going into Night of Champions without knowing his opponent. Rhodes walked up. Rhodes said he wanted his IC title back. Rey walked up and said he deserved an opportunity after pinning Miz and the tag match. Sin Cara walked up and pointed at the title. Long walked up and said on behalf of Booker T, Miz would defend in a fatal 4 way.

Kane was using a stress ball in the back. Bryan walked up and said he was doing it wrong, it was meant to be in the left hand. They argued about how both wanted to be tag team champion. Their anger management therapist Dr. Shelby made testicle puns. Bryan and Kane were both soothed as they squeezed the balls, before Kane said his was bigger and walked out.

Match Number Two: Kofi Kingston Vs. Kane.

Shelby has Kane and Bryan teaming for the titles at Night of Champions, so this is in preview.

Kane won cleanly, grabbing the chokeslam as Kofi came off the top rope and getting the pinfall. It was all to set up the post match. Shelby came to the ramp and gave Kane a look as he was leaving the ring. Kane turned around, picked Kofi up by the neck and hugged him, then walked out with a proud Shelby.

Winner: Kane, Pinfall.

Striker and Orton were backstage. He asked why Orton asked for a match with Tensai tonight before his match with Ziggler. Orton gave a different interview than normal. It had more energy, but wasn't easy to follow. Came down to him not liking Ziggler and looking forward to beating him.

Match Number Three: Randy Orton Vs. Tensai.

Tensai worked over the back of Orton, after bear hugging and charging at the ring post during an ad break. It was about the match you'd expect from these two, times of very slow pace but also times of interesting things they had planned.

Sakamoto tried to interfere but was knocked off the apron. Tensai pushed off the RKO and hit his tree slam. He missed the Senton though and was caught with the RKO for the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton, Pinfall.

Vickie came out and had a problem with Orton calling Dolph a self righteous punk. Ziggler wasn't at the show, and Vickie had a problem getting her lines out with how loud the crowd were, though only for the briefest moment. Orton picked up a mic and said if Vickie was up there talking, there was only one place Dolph could be. He then dropped the mic and dropped down into position for the RKO as Dolph was about to slide into the ring. Dolph stopped himself and ran around the ring up to the ramp.

Cesaro was in the ring with Aksana. He said he was insulted that there would be a battle royal to decide his challenger. He said he was outraged in five languages. He lost his cool but was cut off by Tyson Kidd. He said Cesaro could run his mouth in as many languages as he wanted, but to put it into Canadian, he would be a former champion come Sunday, ey. Cesaro hit a European uppercut and tossed Kidd over the top rope and asked if there was anyone else. Brodus stormed down the ramp without dancing, but finally cracked a smile when Cesaro got defensive and tried to avoid confrontation. Cesaro turned around into a kick from Kidd and a headbutt from Brodus. Brodus and Kidd danced together. Another pun for tonight's show.

Barrett came out to the ramp and mentioned declaring himself open for business last week. He said everyone was too scared or stupid to understand him. He said next week one lucky person would get to sample the product, then business would be booming.

Match Number Four: Kaitlyn Vs. Beth Phoenix.

They're pushing that no one is giving Kaitlyn a chance. They showed Layla watching on a monitor in the back, and a Tout from Eve about how she was looking forward to watching the Night of Champions match.

Phoenix was amazing at getting this match out. Kaitlyn was fine selling last week, but her offence with Natalya was dreadful. This match was good almost from start to finish. Kaitlyn reversed out of the Glam Slam and hit an inverted DDT for the clean pinfall.

Winner: Kaitlyn, Pinfall.

Eve congratulated Booker on his banning of the Brogue and offered her support if he needed it. Booker appreciated it. Long then said from one GM to another, he thinks Booker made the right call. Booker went to bump fists with Teddy, but Long went to shake hands, then they switched. Eve laughed and Booker left to go talk business with her.

Match Number Five: Sheamus (C) Vs. Daniel Bryan, Non-Title Match.

Del Rio, Ricardo and Otunga were watching this match on the monitor in the back. Bryan had to calm himself, using breathing techniques.

It was easily the best match of the night. Although it didn't make up for Mania, which they showed a replay of as the match started. The crowd at one point actually chanted for the Brogue kick. Bryan got a nearfall with a drop toe hold to Sheamus as he charged the ropes, then kicked the rope into his face before a headkick. After the 2 count he sort of Hulked up, with the head shaking no, before kicking at Sheamus some more.

Sheamus caught Bryan as he jumped from the ropes, but as he tried for his Irish Curse, Bryan grabbed the guillotine. I'd love that to be a proper finish, as the koala position is always effective for Bryan on the bigger guys. Sheamus eventually got out and hit the Irish Curse, put on the Cloverleaf and Bryan eventually submitted.

Winner: Sheamus, Pinfall.

There was zero post match. Sheamus grabbed his belt the show ended.

Not a lot to the show, which is entirely forgivable given when it was taped. The did you know question was not forgivable. Even if it was an honest oversight, they should be red faced.

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