CMLL 79th anniversary show notes 9-14 Arena Mexico - Rush vs. Terrible hair vs. hair

  • By Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims
  • Inicial: Damas: Tecnicas Goya Kong, Dalys La Caribena, and Marcela defeated rudas La Princesa Blanca, Tiffany, and La Amapola (on some cards Zeuxis had been billed here, but I believe this was an error), two falls to zero, in about ten minutes. Marcela pinned Tiffany to end fall two, but held on to the ropes to do so. This enraged Tiffany (who just lost her hair to Marcela earlier this summer) to ask for a singles return revenge match next week here.
  • Segunda: Rudos Mephisto, Ephesto, and Niebla Roja defeated tecnicos Stuka junior, Delta, and El Valiente, two falls to one, in about fourteen minutes.
  • Tercera: Mexico contra Japon:  Mexican tecnicos La Sombra, El Angel De Oro, and Titan defeated Japanese rudos Taichi, Okumura, and Namajagüe, two falls to one. In what was called a very good match that went about 14 minutes, LA Sombra pinned captain Taichi to end fall three.
  • Especial: Mascara contra Mascara: Rudo The Puma King, seconded by his brother Tiger, defeated tecnico El Rey Cometa, seconded by his brother El Espiritu Negro, x, two falls to one The referee was El Tigre Hispano. The match went about 17 minutes, and ended when El Felino made El Rey Cometa submit to his father’s number two finish, La Felina (reverse figure four leg lock). El Rey Comets is Mario Alberto Gonzalez, from Queretaro, age 29, with 13 years’ experience in lucha libre.
  • Semifinal: Rudos El Ultimo Guerrero, El Negro Casas, and El Dragon Rojo junior defeated tecnicos Prince Devitt, Atlantis, and Mistico La Nueva Era, two falls to one, as El Dragon Rojo junior defeated Prince Devitt cleanly in both falls one (submission) and fall three (pinfall via power bomb) to take the bout.  This set up a title match for Devitt’s NWA Historic World Middleweight Championship
  • Estelar: Caballera contra caballera: Tecnico Rush (seconded by his father El Toro Blanco) defeated rudo El Terrible (seconded by El Bucanero and accompanied by La Comandante), two falls to one. The referee was El Tirantes.

1.       Fall one: Rush dominated a fall one that lasted less than two and a half minutes, but El Terrible won the fall via pinfall with The Small Package.

2.       Fall two: Rush came back  in a fall that lasted less than two minutes and won with an arm bar (also restricting Terrible’s head) submission hold

3.       Fall three: In a bloody fall three (that’s rare for CMLL in this day and age) that lasted about 19 minutes, Rush won via in fall with his apparently legal version of the piledriver, el martinete.



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