ROH Death Before Dishonor feedback

Thumbs down. Bad show.

I think every person that paid for this show agrees they would have rather seen the two semi final losing teams go for the titles.

TT/Young. One of the three matches with really fresh talent and that I was looking forward to, and was fine, but short. Silas Young should be booked in every indy promotion. Alas, he only has a consistent gig in the Midwest.

ACH/KO was solid. It ended just as it was picking up. ACH should be booked in every indy promotion, too!

Lethal/Homicide was pretty good. The storytelling with Lethal was OK, but like most of the show the crowd couldn't have cared less.

HOT/IA was ok, but I knew coming in this would be hampered by the #SlowBurn dissension between Strong and Elgin, which I think people gave up
on before it even started. The heat for the angle at the end of the show was molten. 

Mondo/Cole was decent, I enjoyed it and several spots over the course of the match, but the layout of the match was so contrived. It didn't
really allow for the two to have any sort of memorable or stand out match. I could hear the crowd all the way in Maine for this one, and by that, 
the opposite. 

I think ROH was trying to get over tonight the idea that "many people" see Adam Cole as a younger Matt Hardy. And by try, shove it down my throat.
Safe to say no one has ever made that comparison in their life. 

Tag finals was awful. Epitome of everything wrong with ROH right now. Jimmy and Steve are great.

Steen/Rhino was by the numbers. Same thing Steen gets every show. This match was changed to an ANYTHING GOES MATCH. I know, I was taken off guard by that one as well.

Don't order a replay. 

It's very sad watching the booking philosophy and process going on right now in ROH. They are booking to an audience not watching, and even then I'm not sure what it is they're tying to accomplish. WWE and TNA are booking vastly better PPV's at the moment than ROH's last two outings, and it's not like either of those companies are lighting the world on fire at the moment. ROH has weekly television and yet barely have any established guys. 80% of tonight's card was ROH regular vs. part timer. On paper, it was still a good and fresh card (Stupid optimistic me), but nobody has any reason to invest into these guys or even the top matches. They insist on protecting Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin at EVERY CONCEIVABLE MOMENT. Charlie Haas is having flat out bad matches, and everything in ROH right now is so "heat" based. Gotta get them heels over! The style and formula is so dated and boring to watch. I feel so insulted watching their shows.

I can't wait for the post ROH death Delirious and Cornette shoots blaming one another, or, blaming everything but the product. You can say what you will about the business model, it's one that is going to fail 15 times out of 10 in 2012, but for God's sake at least put on a watchable product while the ship sinks.

Best match: Kevin Steen
Worst match: Charlie Haas 

Lamb Baskin
Woodenville, Maine

Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Cole-Mondo
Worst match Strong/Elgin-Irish Airborn
I was very excited for this show. But it was kind of a let down and not just because of not seeing the whole show. 
I ordered on demand at about 11 p.m. PST. The first thing I see if a clip of Jay Lethal attacking the ref from ROH TV. Then I realize I don't get to see the first few matches. Another wonderful performance by ROH. It staggers me than Dragon Gate USA/Evolve, PWS and others manage to successfully get this right. Yet the company with the TV deal finds ways to fuck it up consistently.
There is not much to say at this point. I want to see a lot of these matches, so I basically put up with it so far. But it's beyond old at this point. I guess I didn't want to see the first two tag matches or ACH. Oh wait, I did. When I pay for a card, I tend to want the whole thing. On the plus, the on demand stream worked great for me. 
Homicide vs Jay Lethal: Decent story of Lethal finding his "killer instinct."
Strong/Elgin vs  Irish Airborn: It's amazing how far Elgin has come with the fans. Martini sucks and is a waste of time. It's so obvious what is going to happen here that I'm bored.
Adam Cole vs Mike Mondo: Well Matt Hardy is fairly terrible on commentary. Great to see ROH pay him to bury their stars as "cult favorites." Sigh. But what a match. I wouldn't have minded this going a bit longer. This is two PPV performances in a row where Cole really stood out. Will be interesting to see him work with Hardy.
Haas/Titus vs Jacobs/Corino: Seems like this match woke up the crowd. Very fun tag match. Nothing stands out as much as how much people truly hate Haas. 
Steen/Rhino: Good match, but nothing great. The crowd seemed kind of dead for the main event. But some good brawling. The show ending with Elgin finally getting rid of Truth and Strong was a nice touch. It builds Elgin well for the next PPV. The crowd treats him as a real star. ROH has pretty much sold me on the next PPV despite the problems with this one. I guess that says something. 
All and all I thought the two final matches came off as pretty average. But the stories advanced and Cole-Mondo stole the show.
Mike Trask
Las Vegas

 best match: unknown, since I couldn't see the first half of the show. Best of what I saw was Mondo versus Cole
worst match: again unknown, although Irish Airborne versus Elgin and Strong was a bit of a letdown.

I believed ROH when they blamed their iPPV problems on Go Fight Live. I stuck with them when their first attempt at running an iPPV on their own site was a disaster. I was getting a little irritated when the second one didn't work. The last two were great, and I thought the problem was solved; the video quality was great, everything ran smoothly, and it was money well spent, in my opinion. However, the problems last night have turned me off of buying their iPPV product for the foreseeable future. What was more annoying than the stream being down, was the lack of response from ROH. Then when they did respond they simply stated on twitter that the feed was fine and everyone should be able to access. That was met with dozens of messages on twitter and their facebook page with people posting screen caps where "stream unavailable" was clearly visible. ROH simply stated "refresh your page", as if everyone had not thought of that. Of course, that was met with more screen caps after the "miracle refresh" showing they STILL could not access the feed.

Long story short, as everyone knows the feed was working for most by the midway point. Those of us who stuck it out had wasted an hour and a half of our Saturday night trying to see what we paid for. THEN, when it was available the quality was very poor and well below what they presented for the last two shows: video quality was poor, choppy, and was a bit behind the audio.
ROH got my money this time. I see this morning only the second half is available for replay. When and if the first half is made available I'll FINALLY be able to see what I paid to watch live. Yeah, ROH got my money THIS time. Not again.

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