WWE NXT TV report - Seth Rollins vs. Rick Vitor non-title

September 20, 2012
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by Emerson “I am drawing a blank as to what to put here” Witner

-In case you are wondering why there was not a review of an NWA: TNA pay per view from 2002 on AngryMarks.com this week, my computer completely crashed on Tuesday morning and I spent all day on the phone with tech support getting it to work. Obviously if you are reading this then everything turned out a-ok.

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NXT Champion: Seth Rollins (since August 30, 2012)

In case you missed it, here's what you missed last week on WWE NXT...

-Continuing the feuds between the two teams, Jey Uso countered attempted interference by Conor O'Brian and pinned Ascension member Kenneth Cameron.

-Seth Rollins was confronted by Rick Victor, who slapped him and thus got a match for this week.

-Big E. Langston won a squash match and then attacked his poor foe after the bell, despite being a baby face. Langston then demanded that every one of his matches end in a 5 count.

-Kassius Ohno announced that next week would feature the First Ever Kassius Ohno Training Session.

-Trent Baretta was found eating chips in a utility closet, thus ending the 7 month quest to find out where he was.

-Finally Michael McGillicutty pinned Tyson Kidd to become the top contender to the NXT Championship.

And that's what you missed on WWE NXT.

Before I begin, I have a very important question to ask....why wasn't there an NXT Championship match at Night of Champions?!?!?!

Match #1
Trent Baretta vs Johnny Curtis


The last time we saw Trent he had agreed to form a tag team with Tyson Kidd and then he tore his triceps days later. Tyson Kidd then teamed with Justin Gabriel...who injured himself in their first match. Tyson then teamed with Percy Watson who was accused of attacking people backstage on NXT.

The winner of NXT Season 4 does some athletic moves to avoid being given offensive moves, but runs into a dropkick by Trent. Trent goes to the top rope, but the Dudebuster got pulled off the top rope.

Curtis with an overhead wrist lock, Trent tries to fight out of it, so Curtis gives him a ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ack body drop for a 2 count and sets him up on the top rope.

Trent fights back and nails a sunset flip power bomb off the top rope for a 2 count! Too bad the fans didn't pop, but I sure as hell did.

Trent with a half-assed springboard elbow and then a Whisper In The Wind for a near fall. Trent went for a Tornado DDT, but Curtis threw him into the turnbuckles for a pair of 2 counts.

To the top and Curtis misses his Top Rope Legdrop so Trent finishes him off with a Running Knee To The Jaw!

Winner: Trent Baretta
Time: 5:37

-Last Sunday night at Night of Champions it was almost a reunion of NXT: Redemption competitors in the pre-show battle royal. One man there was Jimmy The Gimmick himself. Well JTG is on the internet twice this week, as he battles the returning Ted DiBiase on WWE Superstars this week. Man-o-man, you can read all about it in Adam Barnowski's drunken review of the show on F4WOnline.com.

Match #2
Alicia Fox vs Paige

Paige looks especially white tonight. I guess that is better than when Eve looks extra orange. Alicia actually got a jobber entrance tonight, much to my shock.

Alicia with a go-behind, which Paige reverses. I wouldn't mind doing a go-behind with either of them. A series of roll-ups and two counts by both ladies.

Alicia cuts off Paige's momentum and hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a 2 count. Alicia then hits a Northern Lights Suplex as the fans begin to chant for Paige.

Remember when Alicia gave JTG a make-over and then the two of them were never seen together again? Yeah, I know I am the only one.

Paige fights back to her feet, screams and delivers a series of kicks and clotheslines. Remember when she started a feud with Raquel Diaz and was then never mentioned again?

Anyway Paige finishes off Alicia with a Wacky Package DDT.

Winner: Paige
Time: 4:46

Match #3
Conor O'Brian (w/Kenneth Cameron) vs Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso)

Can the brothers Uso pick up singles wins over both Ascension members? It does not look good for Jimmy as he gets a jobber entrance. This is far from the first time I have reviewed a Conor singles match, as he finished 4th in NXT Season 4 and again in NXT: Redemption.

Conor, who I guess no longer wants to bring in the Ratitude Era, gets the early advantage on Jimmy, grounding Uso and dropping hard punches to the skull of the Samoan. I guess Jimmy isn't a real Samoan, as that hurts Jimmy.

Conor with “a unique strategy” which consists of headlocks. That is quite unique. Jimmy is tired of headlocks, so he fights back and nails both a Samoan Drop and a Running Hip Attack.

Jimmy goes up top, but Cameron distracts him. Jey runs over to help, so the referee ran over to get Jey away. Cameron knocked Jimmy off of the top rope and Conor scored the win with a running dropkick.

Winner: Conor O'Brien
Time: 3:50

After the match The Ascension double teamed Jey Uso, beating him down to the mat.

-Backstage Briley Pierce is interviewing Bo Dallas, who hasn't been seen much in 2 months. Before Bo can say anything, in walks #1 Contender Michael McGillicutty. Michael told him to leave and turned to the camera to do a promo, so Bo attacked him. Referees all ran in to break it up.

NXT Sparring Session #1
Kassius Ohno vs Oliver Grey

Two weeks ago Kassius beat the shit out of Richie Steamboat.

Not sure what the difference is between this and an actual match. Before I could finish that sentence, Byron Saxton asked the same thing.

Anyhoo, Kassius grounded Oliver and slapped on a torquing headlock for the submission.

Winner: Kassius Ohno
Time: 0:59

After the match...I mean NXT Sparring Session, Ohno took the mic and said out of the goodness of his heart, he is going to give Oliver another shot, since Oliver wasn't ready.

NXT Sparring Session #2
Kassius Ohno vs Oliver Grey

Kassius hit his Tornado Forearm to Oliver and slapped back on the torquing headlock for another submission.

Winner: Kassius Ohno
Time: 0:25

After NXT Sparring Session #2, Richie Steamboat made his long-awaited return and ran off Kassius.

-A video package for the disturbingly happy version of Leo Kruger aired.

Match #4
Seth Rollins vs Rick Victor

This is the first match for Rollins since winning the NXT Championship and he is here in a non title match here in the.....MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIINNNNNNNNNNNNNN EVENT!

Rick is from Calgary (dramatic pause) Alberta, Canada and has jobbed a few times on the show already. Rick has joined Chris Jericho and Tyson Kidd as the “Last Graduate of the Hart Dungeon”. That was a hell of a graduating class, huh?

One fall with an 8-minute time limit. Victor got this match by slapping Seth last week. After cleverly avoiding Seth's offense, Rick took him over with a headlock take over. I wonder if it is as unique as it was 10 minutes ago when Conor O'Brian did it.

Seth fights out of the side headlock. Victor ducks two clotheslines and ducks out of the ring when Seth went for a Mafia Kick. Seth went for his Suicide Dive, but Rick met him with a forearm as the champ tried flying out of the ring!

Back in the ring, Rick chopped away at Seth, before taking him back down and slapping on a rear chin lock. Seth gets out of it, but runs into a High Knee from Victor, but again Rick only gets a 2 count.

Victor begins biting himself and goes for a running back splash in the corner, but Seth gets his knees up and Victor crashes into them.

Seth fights out of the corner and dares Rick to slap him again. Rick obliges, so Seth fires up with a series of punches and a step-up inzigiri to the back of the head.

Rollins with the Stinger Splash Forearm and a running boot to the face before finishing off Victor with the Black Out.

Winner: Seth Rollins
Time: 6:50

So that is it for tonight. We will see you again next week and until then if you have any questions, comments, concerns or emotional outbursts, send them my way.

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