UFC 152 live coverage from Toronto

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 152 from the  Air Canada Centre in Toronto.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Noke connected with a left jab and then dropped him with a right and it’s over. Brenneman wasn’t happy with the stoppage. Right dropped him and Noke was throwing several punches and Brenneman was moving forward for the takedown that he wasn’t going to get when Dan Miragliotta stopped it. :45. This is likely to make television at some point tonight.


First round: Gagnon is the Canadian here. He’s giving up a lot of reach. Gagnon cracked him with a left right on the jaw that put Watson down hard. Gagnon got his back and threw a flurry of punches. He then, as Watson was starting to recover, started working for a choke. It took a few seconds of adjusting the choke but Watson had to tap out. 1:09  This one should air on television as well.


First round: Slow first round. Thoresen landed a good punch. Now they are in a clinch and Baczynski threw some knees. Thoresen landed another right. Baczynski’s lip is bleeding. Thoresen landed another right. Baczynski accidentally poked Thoresen in the eye. Crowd booing. Body kick by Thoresen. Baczynski nailed him with a counter and knocked him silly with a left hook to the jaw. That was like his first punch of the fight.


First round: Brimage landed a right that put Hettis to his knees and landed a left. Brimage landed a big left to the head. Hettis moved in and Brimage landed another right. Body shot by Brimage. Hettis threw a knee which landed low and he apologized. Brimage moving forward with punches. Brimage continues to land body shots. This is not going well for Hettis right now. Brimage knocked him down with a left. Brimage was in the guard and got up not wanting to be on the ground with Hettis. Hetis is hurt. Brimage contniues to land punches to the head. Hettis landed a knee. Hettis landed a right. Now both landing big punches. Brimage landing more punches. Knee and punches by Brimage. Hard right by Brimage. Left staggered Hettis. Two hard lefts by Brimage. Left by Hettis. Brimage is getting tired from working at such a fast pace. Brimage landing more good punches and Hettis went for a guillotine. Brimage hurting him with punches. Good round. Brimage 10-9, would be 10-8.5 with halfs but not enough for 10-8.

Second round: Brimage landing all kinds of punches. Bodyshot by Brimage. Left by Brimage. Hettis got the takedown an throwing punches on the ground. Hettis landing elbows and went for a choke and Brimage slipped out and got to his feet. Knee by Hettis and took Brimage down again. Now he’s in side control. Hettis went for a guillotine but Brimage out. Hettis has his back with a body triangle. He’s working for a choke. He got 3:00 to get it. Hettis has his back and has the body triangle back on. He’s again trying to loosen him for the choke. Brimage got to his feet and landed a left. Hettis went for a takedown but Brimage blocked him. Now Hettis looks tired. Brimage landed some punches. Hettis tried a takedown but was too tired to come close. Hettis round so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: This will decide it. Brimage landed a left and low kick. More low kicks by Brimage. Brimage landing several clean shots to the head. Hettis is bleeding down his neck The cut is from behind the right ear. Both guys are tired now. Brimage landed another left. Left and right by Brimage and he’s dancing away to avoid any takedowns. Two hard lefts by Brimage. Body shot by Brimage. Left to the body and right hook by Brimage. Left by Brimage. Hettis went for the takedown and didn’t get it. Low kick by Brimage. Hettis is losing this fight whch is a huge upset. Brimage’s round, should take it 29-28. Good fight.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Brimage.


First round: They are locked in a clinch. Body kick by Benoist. Pierson knocked him down and is trying to follow up but Benoist grabbed a clinch. Pierson chants. Pierson knocked him down a second time when Benoist was off balance. Pierson landed a big punch on the ground and Benoist worked for an armbar from the bottom. Pierson escaped. Benoist tried an uma plata. Pierson got out of that. Benoist back to his feet. Let’s Go Pierson chant. Pierson landed several body shots. Pierson with more body shots. Pierson’s round 10-9.

Second round: Pierson moved in and continued to land shots to the body. Pierson took him down and is controlling him on the ground. Benoist landed a nice left. Benoist jumped in but lost balance as Pierson hit a left. Pierson landed a left. Benoist landed a few punches. Pierson now back. Closer round, still to Pierson 20-18.

Third round: Both have slowed down. Benoist got poked in the eye. Pierson apoolgized. Pierson landed one punch solid and Benoist with an elbow. Body kick by Benoist. Left by Benoist. Pierson with a counter right. Pierson wanted a takedown but Benoist easily blocked it. Knee by Benoist. Low kick by Benoist. Benoist bleeding from left eye. Pierson bleeding from the right eye. Benoist hurt him with a left with 1:00 left. Benoist dropped him a second time and is hurting him with punches on the ground . Benoist throwing elbow after elbow. He’s go 35 seconds to finish it. He’s got Pierson’s back but Pierson scrambled out. Left by Benoist. Benoist with a right and a knee knee. This was a 10-8.5 style round, not enough for 10-8 for Benoist. I think Benoist won the fight but I’ve got Pierson winning two rounds. The second was close so this could go either way.

Scores: all three have it 29-28 for Pierson. Certainly can’t argue with it. Either could have gotten it.


First round: Grant hurt him with a right. Looks like Dunham cut from the right eye. Both landing. Now Dunham with a few punches. Both guys have landed a lot of punches back and forth. Grant with a head kick. Grant landing shots and Dunham back. Big left and knee by Grant. This is really a hell of a first 3:00. Grant continuing to land well. Dunahm got the takedown with 35 seocns left. Dunahm doing some ground and pound as time ran out. Grant 10-9.

Second round: Both trading punches to the head. Another great slugfest. Now Dunham landing several punches but Grant pressed him against the cage. Knee by Grant. Both landing hard punches. Dunham bleeding bad from the forehead. Dunham with a great kick. Dunham bleeding really badly now. Dunham back with punches. Both landing hard punches and staying up. Dunham landing punches, but Grant with hard knees. Another knee by Grant. Dunham got the takedown and is on top. Grant bleeding now. Dunham got his back. Grant up but Dunham landed some shots. Dunham landing big punches and Grant staying right there. . Grant’s round so I’ve got 20-18 but both rounds have been competitive. Great fight, though.

Third round: Both guys throwing big punches. Dunham is getting the better of it. Dunham landing several punches. Grant back with body shots and a knee to the body. Dunham is stronger now. Grant landed a right. Grant with a right to the body and left to the head. Dunham tried a takedown, but didn’t get it. Running knee by Dunham. Grant with several punches and hurt Dunham. Grant tried a takedown but Dunham blocked it. Body kick by Dunham. Head kick by Dunham. Dunham tried a takedown but Grant blocked it. Dunham got the takedown with 35 seconds left. Dunham won the third round and Grant won the second, so it’s coming down to the first round. I’ve got 29-28 for Grant. Great fight.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 for Grant. Don’t like that 30-27 but Grant deserved the win.  


First round: They are tied up against the cage. Takedown by Magalhaes. Magalhaes landing punches from the top. Igor threw a number of elbows from the bottom, a few to the back of the head and John McCarthy warned him about the illegal blows. Magalhaes spun into an armbar. He didn’t get it and Pokrajac now on top. Magalhaes going for a triangle from the bottom. Pokrajac escaped and got back to his feet. Fans booing. Pokrajac hurt him with a right just as the round ended. 10-9 Magalhaes.

Second round: Pokrajac with a takedown and Magalhaes working for a triangle. Now he’s switching to an armbar attempt and got it. Magalhaes looked great on the transition into the submission.

Lots of empty seats at the start of the PPV.


First round: Swanson moving backwards, landed some punches but Oliveira got the takedown. Swanson back to his feet. Oliveira moved in with punches. Oliveria tried a second takedown but Swanson blocked that one. Swanson landing a good left to the body. Swanson landed a solid right and knocked him out cold. That may have been the KO of the night. Right and this few second delayed like you’re shot reaction. Lots of upsets tonight. 2:40


First round: Hollett with a body shot. Slow early. Hamill is not trying any takedowns. Hollett landed a couple of punches. Hamill moved in for the takedown. Hamill pounding him hard. Hollett is blocking but not moving. Hamill threw like 70 unanswered punches until Hamill got tired of punching him. Hollett got back to his feet. Hamill is all blown up. Hollett hurt him with a right to the body. Hamill 10-9, again would be a 10-8.5 with half points. Hamill is gassed to the point he went to the wrong corner.

Second round: Good body shot by Hollett. Hamill got another takedown. Hollett got back up. Crowd booing the fight. Both guys seem real tired. Hollett with a spinning back kick to the body. Spin kick to the leg. Hollett with some body shots. Another low kick by Hollett. Hamill with a weak takedown attempt. Crowd booing both guys. Body shot by Hollett. Dan Miragliotta told them to fight and they’re not fighting. Hamill got another takedown and a few punches. Hamill probably took the round with that takedown only because Hollett did nothing. 20-18.

Third round: Hollet landed a right. Hamill took him down again. Hamill riding him. Hamill punching Hollett on the ground but he’s not nearly as aggressive as he was in the first round. I think Hamill is trying to control him and win the fight rather than go for the kill. Hollett up with 2:11 left. Hollett with a right to the body. Hamill took him right back down. Dan Miragliotta ordered a standup with 55 seconds left. Hamill wasn’t doing much on top. Hamill took him down again. Crowd booing both guys. Worst fight on the show so far. Hamill’s round for sure. Should win 30-27.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Hamill


First round: Bisping didn’t get booed that much. More positive and good reaction. Didn’t hear any boos for Stann. They ended up in a clinch. Let’s go Bisping chant. Both in the clinch. Bisping throwing knees from close range. Stann broke free. Stann landed a right. Bisping landed a left jab. Bisping with left jab. Bisping went for the elbow and Stann doing a great job blocking it. Now in a clinch. Knee by Bisping. Good elbow by Bisping but Stann back with a right. Bisping with an accidental low blow. Stann doesn’t care and wants to keep going without a time out. Balls of steel. Both trading punches. Both trading again. Not the right strategy for Bisping. Stann kicked Bisping low. He’s got a time out but Bisping is ready to go. Body kick by Stann. Bisping again going for a takedown and didn’t get it. Stann hurt him with a right. Bisping tied him up. I think Stann won the round with that last punch but it was close 10-9 Stann.

Second round: Bisping again going for the takedown, this time slammed him hard into side control. Bisping thought armbar and Stann used it to reverse and he’s on top. Stann landing some punches. Bisping slipped out. Stann may have complained about a punch to the eye. Bisping landed several punches while Stann’s eye was hurt. Bisping landed a couple of punches and Stann is missing his punches. Bisping shot and slammed him again. Back into side control. Bisping with some punches. Clearly Bisping’s round so I’ve got it 19-19.

Third round: Bisping landing jabs and got another takedown. Bisping is really looking good here. Stann back to his feet. Stann landed a hard left. Right by Bisping. Right by Bisping. Stann bleeding. Bisping landing several punches. Bisping tried a takedown but this time Stann blocked it. Stann with some knees. Body kick by Stann. Bisping landed a few punches and Stann landed one. Stann landed a good right. Bisping went for the takedown but Stann blocked this one. Bisping got the takedown with 33 seconds left. That probably clinched him the fight. Stann back up with 20 seconds left. Bisping trying for another takedown but didn’t get it Bisping’s round should win 29-28. Workmanlike fight. Not a spectacular fight but I thought Bisping looked really good.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Bisping.


First round: Benavidez moved in. Johnson with a few knees. Benavidez is the one moving forward. Johnson landed a good right. Benavidez tried a takedown, didn’t get it, but landed a right. These guys are really quick. Johnson landed a good right. Benavidez went for a takedown and again didn’t get it. Johnson with some knees. Benavidez landed few punches. Benavidez rolled for a kneebar, Johnson blocked it and punched him a few times. Johnson 10-9

Second round: Benavidez moved in and landed. Benavidez landed a punch. Benavidez moved in and landed some punches threw some knees. Both moving quickly. Benavidez in with punches. Benavidez landed a punch, went for a takedown, didn’t get it again and Johnson landed a knee. Johnson got behind him and threw a knee. Benavidez threw a right. Benavdez landed some big punches late. Benavidez’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Benavidez bleeding from the left eye. The fans were booing this fight. Benavidez got the takedown finally. Johnson right back up. Knee by Benavidez. Benavidez complained about an eye poke and Yves Lavigne said he didn’t see it. That was weird. Fans booing again. Very tough round to score, Benavidez 29-28.

Fourth round: Lots of quick movement. Benavidez decked him with a right. Benavidez on the ground looking for a guillotine. Johnson is in real trouble. Johnson now holding his chin down. Benavidez had to give it up. Johnson tried a leglock but Benavidez out. Benavidez into side control. Johnson spun out of trouble to his feet. Knees by Johnson. Benavidez went for a takedown but Johnson blocked and got on top. Johnson got behind him again. Johnson with another takedown and threw a nice kick. Another takedown by Johnson into side control. Johnson with body shots as the round ended. Great round. Benavidez has to win the round due to the knockdown and near submission. 39-37 Benavidez.

Fifth round: Body kick by Johnson. Johnson with a nice takedown. He really should have gone with this strategy earlier and he’d be in better shape on the cards. Benavidez got up and Johnson landed a head kick. Johnson with a left. Another takedown by Johnson. Johnson is in side control. Even if he loses this is the best I’ve seen Johnson look. Benavidez landed a left. Benavidez tried low single leg takedown and didn’t get it. Johnson’s movement is great. Johnson went for a takedown. Johnson’s round so I’ve got 48-47 for Benavidez but this could go either way. Johnson looked better overall but I had Benavidez taking three rounds.  From a skill and speed standpoint this actually blew away everything on the show but the crowd wasn’t into seeing guys this small do a speed fight this late in the show.

Scores: Jeff Blatnick 48-47 Johnson, Richard Bertrand: 48-47 Benavidez Douglas Crosby: 49-46 Johnson

There have been three fights in the stands already tonight.   Very rare at UFC.  I think this ties a record from a show years ago in Sacramento. 


First round: Jones was clapping to lead the fans and they booed him. Jones was dancing, did a cartwheel, just moving around like he’s the man. Vitor chants. Body kick by Belfort. Jones shot for a takedown and got him down. Figured that was coming. Smart move. Jones slammed him a little. Belfort went for an armrbar. . Jones power bombed him and Belfort holding on. Jones escaped and that was dangerous. Crowd going crazy for that spot. Belfort is already bleeding from an elbow. Belfort bleeding from the right eye. Belfort worked for an armbar but didn’t get it. Jones with another elbow. Jones landed a punch. Belfort’s face looks like hell from all the elbows. Another elbow by Jones. Loud Vitor chants. Jones now landing punches. Belfort again working for the armbar and Jones backed off. Jones with a stomp and Jones jumped to the ground and had a mount when the round ended. 10-9 Jones. Belfort’s in trouble of it being stopped on blood.

Second round: High kick by Belfort missed. Belfort landed a body shot. Jones with a front leg side kick. Jones spinning elbow but didn’t really land clean. Befort with a head kick and threw sone punches. Jones kicked the arm. Jones kicking the knee. That’s dangerous move. Belfort is already tired. Belfort has no movement. Jones kicking the knee. Jones threw punches that missed. Jones keeps kicking at the knee. Jones kicked the head and then kicked the thigh. Belfort is so gassed. Belfort threw a right. Jones took him down. Belfort more pulled guard because he’s so gassed. Fans chanting for Vitor. Jones with shoulder strikes. Jones is a lot more careful on top compared to the first round. Jones round 20-18.

Third round: Jones with a nice head kick. Jones missed another head kick. Side kick to the body and Belfort went down. Jones stomped on his belly. Jones is now on top which really is where Belfort wants to be anyway because that’s Belfort in a close fight. Not that Belfort can do anything. Belfort threw a few punches. Jones backed off and wanted Belfort on his feet. Jones with a left. Belfort with a left and Jones back with a right. Belfort with a left. Fans chanting for Vitor. Belfort pulled guard again. Rogan doesn’t understand why but that’s what Vitor does when he folds. Jones throw some blows. Another round for Jones 30-27.

Fourth round: Head kick by Belfort. Befort threw punches and pulled guard. Jones going for a Kimura and got the submission. :54

Not much of a fight. Really if it wasn’t the main event and having two compelling personalities people would think it was bad fight.

Jones admitted his arm popped in the first round. He said he wasn’t going to tap out and knows he needs a lot of rest on the arm. Said the arm wasn’t powerful. He indicated that his arm was messed up.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?