UFC 152 feedback

BEST FIGHT: Dunham v. Grant
WORST FIGHT: Hamill v. Hollett
I was so excited for this show after such a wait between events, and in hindsight I guess I was bound to be letdown. Two things really stood out for me after tonight:
1) 125lb is never going to draw money. I'm sure many people were excited about the technical aspects or "speed" of the fight, but guys that size do nothing for me, and clearly the crowd in Toronto felt the same way. Todd Martin tweeted something to the effect of "a fight that could have been done at 135" and that about says it all. There was never any sense of either guy being in danger, and after a few minutes you could tell it was going to be a 5 round fight, so I checked out until the end.
2) I believe the Jon Jones aura is gone. First watching his goofy, delusional interview with Joe Rogan, then having Dana White come out at the end of the prelim show and try and sell Bones after spending weeks burying him, was making me regret buying the show before it even started. I wanted to see him get beat, but when Vitor had him in that armbar, I didn't even care if he got out. My main feeling was APATHY, and that just about guarantees I won't pay to see Jones fight again.
G.S. Koval

            Hi Dave,
                            UFC 152:
                                           - Thumbs up
                                           - Best match: Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort
                                           - Worst match: none
                      A good show , but not a great show.  Very hard to pick a best and worst match.
                       The fourth round was easily the best round in the Johnson vs Benavidez match.
                        In the first round of the main event Vitor Belfort answered the question that Jon Jones is beatable.
                                                                James Stanios

Thumbs Down. Exceptionally boring and unimportant, and nothing was effectively done to make it otherwise. Dwarf tossing did not go over.
Best: Jones/Belfort. Only because there was a little drama. The fight primarily illustrated to me that if Jones wasn't misshapen I'm not sure how good he'd be.
Worst. Hamill fight. He's done.
This card dampened my enthusiasm for the sport.
Mike Devlin

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