ROH TV report from last Saturday (due to issues with the station airing the wrong tape last week)

9/15/2012 ROH TV Report

The show opens with footage of the ROH TV title match from last week between champion Adam Cole and Michael Elgin. The interference from Kevin Steen, Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs to end the match is shown as well as the aftermath with Rhino and Roderick Strong leading to a face-off with Elgin and Strong.
Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness introduce this week’s “Road Rage” edition of show from the Boiling Point show in Providence, Rhode Island. The matches being aired are Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs as well as Charlie Haas vs Michael Elgin.

Haas is interviewed and says that the House of Truth is a dysfunctional family and the nucleus of that problem is Michael Elgin. Haas says he knows a thing or two about kids and that is exactly what Elgin is, a crybaby. Haas says that when his kids act up he takes them behind the woodshed and gives them a good old-fashioned whipping. Haas tells Truth Martini that tonight he is going to bend Elgin over and spank his ass.

Truth Martini is shown in the ring with Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin and he says that they are the greatest cohesive unit in all of wrestling. Martini says that just like Nostradamus he can see the future and that tonight Kevin Steen will retain the World title. Martini says that it is not a shot against Eddie Kingston who is a great athlete but the destiny of the title has a different path. Martini says that at Death Before Dishonor it will be his hired mercenary Rhino vs World Champion Kevin Steen and Rhino will bring the title home to the House of Truth. Martini says that Strong and Elgin will prove they are on the same page because they are going after the ROH World tag team titles. Kevin Kelly says he assumes that will be in Toronto. Elgin interrupts and says that they say great minds think alike and he can tell that image he has in his head is the same in his mind which is him (Elgin) walking out of Toronto with gold around his waist. Elgin says his announcement is that he sat down with ROH officials all week and signed the papers reading Unbreakable Michael Elgin wrestles the World Champion. Roderick interrupts and says that Martini promised him Elgin’s title shot. Strong asks Martini if that is true and says that as of now he is on strike from the House Of Truth. Strong tells Elgin that when Elgin gets his title shot in Toronto he will sit in the front row and “watch your fat ass fail.” Strong leaves the ring and Elgin tells him he can go on strike as long as he wants because after Toronto he can address Elgin as the new ROH World Champion.

Haas comes to the ring for his match with Elgin. They face off in the ring and then
tie up. They break and Elgin slaps Haas and then runs him into the corner. Elgin lays in with punches and then whips Haas to the opposite corner, following with an avalanche. Elgin again runs Haas to the opposite corner and comes off the top rope with a shoulder-block for a near-fall. Elgin picks up Haas and delivers a long delayed vertical suplex.  On their feet, Haas fights back with a right punch but Elgin throws him in an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Kelly announces on commentary that the paperwork Elgin signed was for his title shot from winning Survival of the Fittest last year. Strong comes out and distracts Elgin allowing Haas to approach from behind and kick Elgin’s legs out from under him. Elgin rolls to the outside and is taunted by Strong. Elgin is getting to his feet again and Haas again kicks his leg knocking him down. Haas runs Elgin’s leg into the ring barrier knee-first several times. Elgin rolls into the ring and Haas tries to pull him out but Elgin kicks him off into the ring barrier. Haas gets to the apron and is punched by Elgin who goes to the second rope and attempts to suplex Haas into the ring. Haas blacks and kicks Elgin’s leg knocking him off the second rope. Haas starts running Elgin’s knee into the ringpost as the show goes to commercials. After the break Haas is working over Elgin’s knee with kicks and a legdrop. Haas applies an Indian deathlock and they exchange chops in this position. Elgin gets out and Haas starts delivering crossface forearms. Haas attempts to jump on Elgin who gets out of the way.  Elgin is on the apron and boots a charging Haas in the face. Haas charges again and Elgin vaults into the ring hitting Haas with an elbow to the face. Haas attempts a Stinger Splash on Elgin in the corner but Elgin gets out of the way and hits Haas with clotheslines. He runs Haas’ head into the corner and then hits a running boot to his face for a near-fall. Elgin deadlifts Haas for a German suplex but Haas fights out and attempts to give Elgin an elbow to the head. Elgin blocks and then hits a German suplex, Haas goes for a powerbomb but Haas punches him before getting hit with an enzuiguri from Elgin. Haas rolls outside of the ring where Strong cheers him saying Haas is his favourite wrestler. Elgin attempts to hit a dive but Strong is in the way. Elgin goes to the apron and Haas pulls his leg out from under him. Martini is in Haas’ face and Martini throws a beer at him. Haas then drinks a beer with Strong but Elgin drives both of them into the barricade together. Elgin rolls Haas into the ring and then pours a beer over Strong’s face while drinking a beer himself. Elgin returns to the ring and attempts to powerbomb Haas but gets sprayed in the face with beer by Strong. Elgin goes after Strong but gets rolled up by Haas in a schoolboy. Haas holds Elgin’s tights and scores the pinfall.

On “Inside Ring of Honor” Kevin Kelly promotes the replay of Death Before Dishonor X. Kelly then promotes Glory By Honor X: An Unbreakable Hope from Mississauga, Ontario. Kelly notes that Michael Elgin intends to face ROH World Champion Kevin Steen. Kelly notes that while Jim Cornette has ordered that every match that Steen wrestles is for the ROH title, many experts feel that Steen has the best chance yet of defeating him for the title. Steen is interviewed and says that this is the match that a lot of people have been waiting for. Steen says that Elgin calls himself unbreakable and a lot of people have a lot of hope that Elgin will be the one to take the title away from him. Steen says it doesn’t matter if he calls himself unbreakable, he will show people that Elgin is not unbeatable. Steen says he will walk out of Toronto the exact same way he did last time, as ROH World Champion.

Kelly announces a special challenge match between Mike Mondo and Mike Bennett. Kelly notes that Mondo defeated Bennett is a six-way challenge match and things heated up last week in the Mike Bennett vs Mike Sydal match. Footage is shown of Mondo sneaking a kiss from Maria Kannellis. Mondo is interviewed and says that it started in New York City when he said he would do two things. Mondo says that as he laid Maria in his arms and she looked at him and he smacked one right on her lips she was the one that stuck her tongue down her throat. Mondo says that at Glory By Honor he is going to finish what he started and that Maria needs a real man and it is him, No Fear Mike Mondo.
Kelly also announces a match for the ROH TV title with champion Adam Cole facing his mentor Eddie Edwards. Kelly notes that Edwards will be taking a month off from competition to allow his rib injury to heel and to be ready for Cole. An interview is shown with Cole who says that on October 13 he will be across the ring from a partner and friend in Eddie Edwards. Cole says if there is one thing that Edwards has instilled in him it is that when you work so hard for something, don’t ever let it go. Cole says that the TV title is what he has worked so hard for since he came to ROH. Cole says that Edwards was a tremendous TV champion and that he wants to be on his way to becoming that. Cole says that when they face each other in Toronto as friends and opponents they will bring the very best out of each other and that he knows Edwards looks forward to that. Cole says the best man will walk out the winner and with all due to respect to Edwards it will be him.
Kelly also says that there will be a defence by the new ROH World Tag Team Champions in Toronto. Kelly also says that this year the Survival of the Fittest tournament will take place on ROH TV this year with two matches per show the weeks of October 6-7, October 13-14 and October 20-21 with the six winners meeting in an elimination match the week of October 27-28. The winner will receive an ROH World Title Match whenever he wants.

After a commercial break the Briscoes come to the ring followed by their opponents of Corino and Jacobs. The match starts with Corino vs Jay and they ties up with Corino whipping Jay into the ropes and the two shoulder-blocking each other. They criss-cross the ropes and Jay hits a leg lariat before tagging Mark. The Briscoes hit s a double football tackle and Mark hits Corino with punches as well as a slap and headbutt. Corino rolls outside where Mark hits him with a dropkick and then throws Jacobs into the ring barrier. Jay rolls Corino in and then comes in the ring and attempts to give Jay a back suplex over the ropes. Jay escapes and Mark returns to the ring and hits a spinning kick on Corino who goes to the outside where Mark hits a top rope moonsault onto Corino, Jacobs and Jay. Mark starts kicking both Corino and Jacobs and runs Corino into the ringpost and bounces his head off the ringside table. Mark fights with Jacobs and gives him a hot-shot onto the ring apron. Mark and Corino roll into the ring where Mark hits a DDT. Mark walks the second rope and hits a senton on Corino. Mark kicks Corino in the corner but Corino catches him and runs him into the turnbuckle. Corino tags Jacobs and runs Mark’s head into the Jacobs’ feet. Jacobs mocks Mark doing his dance across the second rope and dropping an elbow. The match goes to commercial and after the break Corino and Jacobs whip Jay into the ropes and hit him with double punches. Jay takes on Corino and runs his head into the turnbuckle. Both men tag and Mark hits Jacobs with a series of karate-style chops in the corner. Mark hits a big mule kick sending Jacobs flying into the corner. Mark charges Jacobs but gets kicked. Mark tries an iconcoclasm but Jacobs blocks it and spins out into a suplex. Corino tags in and charges Mark with a knee to the face in the corner twice. Corino goes for a suplex but Mark fights out before getting hit with a knee to the midsection and getting dropped face-first on the mat. Corino hits a clothesline as well as two backdrop drivers. Jay saves Mark from a pinfall. Mark hits a chinbuster and tags in Jay who unloads with punches and a death-valley driver for a near-fall. Jay hits a reverse neckbreaker and then attempts a suplex but Corino gets out and hits a backdrop driver. Jacobs tags in and goes for a senton but Jay gets his knees up, hitting Jacobs in the back. Jay charges Jacobs who hits him with a spear. Mark breaks up the pin attempt and gets thrown outside. Jacobs and Corino set up for the double football tackle but Mark trips them. Corino goes outside with Mark and gets a Russian legsweep into the ring barrier. Jacobs gets hit with a Jay Driller followed by a top rope elbow from Mark. Corino breaks up the pin attempt and whips Jay into the corner and Jacobs hits an Ace Crusher. Mark suplexes Corino on the floor as Jacobs goes for Sliced Bread # 2 but is blocked. Jay puts him on his shoulders and Mark hits the Doomsday Device clothesline and the Briscoes get the pinfall and the victory.

There is a commercial break and the show returns to Kelly and McGuinness saying that they didn’t intend to show the World Title match between Kevin Steen and Eddie Kingston but due to increased interest they have decided to show edited highlights. Nigel notes that even edited it is still graphic. Highlights of the World Title match between Steen and Kingston is shown to end the show.

The matches selected this week were good and the announced matches for Glory By Honor do seem interesting. I really wish they would show “Road Rage” matches from unseen house shows but if you hadn’t seen Boiling Point this would be enjoyable. They announced that next week the mixed match with Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray vs Mike Bennett and Maria Kannellis will be shown so that will be footage that is two ippv’s behind. I don’t like to be negative as I like ROH television but do feel that these issues should be addressed.

Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

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