WWE Raw TV report, Cena, Foley and Lawler

WWE Monday Night Raw

September 24, 2012
Albany, NY

Rob McCarron

Tonight is the Night!...
- We hear from Jerry Lawler for the first time since his massive heart attack.
- Brad Maddox has some 'splaining to do.

Paul Heyman opened the show from inside the ring, with CM Punk sitting silently in the middle of it. They were out to hold up the show until referee Brad Maddox apologized for his ruling last week in the main event. Maddox slowly walked to the ring, but eventually did get in the ring and admitted his mistake. Heyman demanded Maddox resign, but he wouldn't. Brad said he was hired by AJ when Raw went three hours, and Heyman called him a 'scab' and 'replacement ref'. Punk called AJ an "idiot General Manager." AJ's thighs skipped to the ring. She dismissed Brad, then argued with Punk and Heyman. Punk berated AJ, but Heyman tried to cool him down before he got in trouble with the Board of Directors. Whatever. Heyman then dropped to a knee, and proposed marriage to AJ. AJ looked disgusted, then angry, and slapped Paul. She left, Heyman looked surprised, and Michael Cole put over how AJ was standing her ground.

Backstage, Brad Maddox and referee Marc Harris were talking. AJ came up to Brad, and he apologized for last week's mistake. AJ threatened to fire him if he screws up again, all while staring blankly into the distance. She was tearing up, even.

Vickie Guerrero came out to introduce the greatest wrestler the world has ever seen, Dolph Ziggler.

Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston
Jim Ross and Michael Cole are your commentators tonight. Vickie Guerrero got a drink spilled all over her by R-Truth before the match started. Truth was out with a drink and popcorn to watch the match. Referee John Cone ejected Truth and Guerrero, as Jim Ross said the referees have zero tolerance tonight.  For not having a super long time, this match was really good. Ziggler won with the Zig Zag in a strong showing. It was nice to see the foolishness of Truth and Vickie get taken care of before the match so the focus could be on the match itself and not outside hijinx.

Cole and Ross mentioned John Cena's elbow surgery, and announced he was here tonight.

Video: Dr. Shelby and Daniel Bryan eating at a diner before the show. Kane came up to the table wearing an apron asking to take their order. This was a Dr. Shelby plan to get the two talking again. Bryan ordered a vegan meal. Then, hilarity ensued. Just watch it somewhere, anywhere. This video was great.

#RAWactive returns tonight! The WWE Universe gets to pick the team name. Crossing fingers for Air Devils.

Match: Prime Time Players vs Santino & Zack Ryder
Santino and Ryder looked like geeks here. Probably because they are. Titus hit Santino with Sky High and awkwardly covered Santino for the win. Jim Ross mentioned how the referee made sure he was in position for the cover, to cover up for Titus' awkwardness and to build the Maddox story. Quick thinking from Ross, which is what is sorely missing when it is Cole & Lawler on commentary. Regardless, there is finally some focus in the tag team division, with a lot of time being given to the tag champs and building future contenders.

Guess who showed up? Mick Foley! He was wondering where the CM Punk he used to know was. CM Punk out to cut him off. Punk went to grab a mic, and bumped against Foley in the process. He demanded respect from Foley. This was a real surprise segment, and another good way to make Punk a mega heel. Foley, in a serious tone tonight, talked about his feelings about Punk's recent actions and his alignment with Paul Heyman. Foley warned Punk about partnering with Heyman, and asked why Punk even needs a mouthpiece. Foley brought up Hell In A Cell, with the pay per view coming up. He said that is a match that can earn you respect. Foley asked that Punk step into HIAC with John Cena. Punk brushed off Cena, and said Foley was beneath him. Punk started spouting off how many days he has been champ, but Foley argued that dates don't mean anything. It's the moments that define you. He begged Punk to take the match with Cena. Punk gave a reaction like he was taking Foley's words to heart.

Match: The Ryback vs The Miz
This is The Match of The Night with The Miz and The Ryback featuring The Referee Scott Armstrong and The Ryback had a big cut on The Back of his head. Miz actually got offense in early, but Ryback quickly squashed that. As Ryback was going for his running clothesline, a fan jumped into the ring. Ryback hit the clothesline, however, following with his MOVE (still no name?) for the win.

Video: Kane and Daniel Bryan having lunch at a diner before the show. They talked about how they could never be friends, then reminisced about the beating they gave to several men last week on Smackdown. Then in a 'When Harry Met Sally..." takeoff, Kane was pounding the table as Bryan screamed "Yes!" until they were out of breath. Mae Young was at the bar and gave the final line, and this slightly less glorious but still comedic segment ended.

Backstage, AJ Lee had a meeting with some referees (Harris, Patton, Maddox, Cone) and said that WWE will never have instant replay, so mistakes happen. She tried to ease the tension with the refs. Alberto Del Rio appeared, and AJ announced a 6-Man Tag with Del Rio, Otunga, and Ricardo against Sheamus, Rey, and Sin Cara. Ricardo was fine with this news, while Otunga and Del Rio were upset.

Match: Wade Barrett vs Tyson Kidd
Wade won in about two minutes with his smashing forearm that he now calls the souvenir.

Michael Cole was in the ring to introduce Jerry Lawler, live via satellite from his home in Memphis. They showed some new photos from two weeks ago of Lawler and the doctors working on him. Lawler had a raspy voice, explained by the breathing tubes he had inserted during his hospital stay. Lawler said the last thing he remembers from two weeks ago was the Bret Hart-Punk confrontation opening the show. He thanked the WWE Universe for their well wishes the last two weeks. Cole asked him when he'd be back. Lawler joked that sitting next to Cole for three hours gave him the heart attack. He said he'd be back as soon as doctor's allowed. I'd say WrestleMania would be a good time, even if he's ready well before then.

Match: David Otunga & Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez vs Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio & Sheamus
They went heel entrance, commercial, face entrance, commercial, match. Ricardo wrestled in his tuxedo, including brief lucha with Sin Cara. Ricardo was in a lot more than I would have expected, especially at the end when he took the brunt of Sheamus main offense. Rey hit the 619 into Ricardo, then Sin Cara pinned him after a senton. Cole promoted the team of Sin Cara and Rey. After the match, Sheamus hit the brogue kick on David Otunga.

Video: Diner action! Dr. Shelby told the duo they had made progress today, but had one last test. Shelby wanted Bryan to eat some meat, while Kane ate some salad. They stared at the food, perplexed. Kane ate some lettuce, while Bryan ate a piece of a meatball. Kane belched, while Bryan said the meat wasn't as bad as he thought. He then convulsed, and puked in Dr. Shelby's lap. Kane laughed, and asked for the cheque. 

#RAWactive: #TeamTeamwork, #TeamFriendship, or #TeamHellNo were the choices for the team name. Should be obvious.

Team Hell No won the Twitter poll, 59% while Team Friendship got a surprisingly high amount of votes. Kane and Daniel Bryan were in the ring, and got blindsided by Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. Rhodes called their new team the Rhodes Scholars, and put themselves in the tag title hunt. Awesome. Tags!

Match: Layla & Alicia Fox vs Eve & Beth Phoenix
Tiffany's music means good times. Must say, Cole and Ross' commentary has been good tonight. Not as amusing as last week, but that's okay. This started like a match that would go a few minutes, but finished abruptly when Eve tagged in and hit Alicia with her Heart Breaker finish. Beth was upset that she did all the work only to see Eve get the win. Kaitlyn, with a crutch, came out and said the diva that attacked her at Night of Champions was a blonde. You can rule out Scott Norton. Eve accused Beth, while Beth said she'd never do such a thing. Crowd hated this. Eve attacked Beth and said she wouldn't get away with this. Kaitlyn just looked confused. I'd say.

Match: Brodus Clay vs Tensai
Oh, poor Tensai. Even I'm depressed for him. Big Show returned during the match, a minute in. He punched Tensai, then Clay foolishly charged into another right hand. Dorks.

Your main event tonight is John Cena talking. He came out at the 10:50 mark, so this is going long it seems. That's fun. The first minute was an infomercial about Susan G Komen Foundation. Cena then apologized to Chad Patton and Brad Maddox. Cena said he'd be ready for Hell in a Cell. Punk and Heyman came out, taking their time to enter the ring, including mocking kids in the crowd on their way. CM Punk talked about how many times he's beaten Cena. Punk says he's not accepting Cena's challenge because Cena has had all his chances, and Punk has beaten him too many times. Crowd started a "CM Punk" chant, drowned out quickly by louder boos. Anyway, a lot of words were spoken here. Words we've all heard before... for over a year now. Cena attacked Punk with a lead pipe. Because he's the bad guy, you see. Cena, in a bit of hilarity, after attacking a man with a pipe, said that "real men wear pink." 

Backstage, Punk walked by Foley, then returned and kicked him in the groin. He walked away again, but turned around... only to stand still in fear. The camera panned back to where Foley was, but we now see an angry Ryback staring at Punk and breathing heavily. 

After all this, CM Punk vs John Cena in HIAC is all but official. WWE did manage to keep Cena involved during his injury, which everyone already suspected, I'm sure. It also appears that, in case Cena cannot go, we have a plan B.

Raw is The Ryback Up Plan.

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