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***This week, GSP emulates Manny Pacquiao, Vitor explains his failed armbar, Gilbert explains his injury, and Bisping explains his path to the World title.  All this and more, all this week on Inside MMA!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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With your host Kenny Rice (@KennyRiceSports) and co-host Bas Rutten (@BasRuttenMMA) and special guests:  Gilbert Melendez, Anthony Johnson, and Pat Healy


“Strikeforce Cancelled”

Due to the injury to main eventer Gilbert Melendez, the entire show was cancelled ala UFC 151.  Scott Coker stated that this was Showtime’s decision to not air the show on TV following the injury announcement, so they decided to cancel the show outright.

Gilbert joins us on the big screen to explain.  He says he was locking horns with “Jay” defending a takedown and separated his shoulder and tore “some stuff”.  Bas wasn’t surprised since pre-fight injuries always seem to happen from wrestling training.  Gilbert says this was a different type of injury than the one he suffered in preparation for Josh Thomson.

He goes back to the doctor on Tuesday to re-evaluate the shoulder to see what needs to be done.  As soon as he pulled out of the fight he ate burritos and a cold beer.  He’s a little bummed out but he’ll be alright.  He doesn’t know if he will still face Pat Healy after all.  He hopes so, but hasn’t spoken with Coker about the future.  He can’t even raise his arm up at this point, so doesn’t believe he’d be ready for the November Strikeforce show, but maybe the one after that.


“UFC 152:  Vitor vs. Jones”

They show clips of Vitor Belfort armbarring Jon Jones.  Bas points out that Vitor didn’t fully extend the armbar and will regret it when watching the tape.  When he first heard the pop he relieved pressure because that’s the kind of guy he is.  But otherwise Bas believes he would’ve snapped Jones’ arm.  Bas noticed how sound Vitor’s ground game has been since his last fight with Anthony Johnson.

Kruck spoke with Jones after the show backstage.  Jones says he is ok and the armbar was definitely tight and he decided he would not tap no matter what, to show heart and warrior spirit.  Vitor is very tough, physically intimidating and had great hand speed.  He’s a tough, tough warrior.

A deflated apologetic Vitor says he lost his pressure when he heard a pop, then Jon optimized, and that was it.

They also show highlights of Bisping’s decision over Brian Stann, Demetrious’ flyweight title win over Joe Benedivdez.


“Daniel Cormier vs. ????”

Frank Mir injured his knee last week, so Daniel Cormier has no opponent for his final Strikeforce fight in November.  Andrei Arlovsky, Fabricio Werdum, and Roy Nelson have all expressed interest, but no opponent has been officially named yet


“Cain still wants his title shot”

Cain Velasquez understands why Junior Dos Santos would want to fight Alistair Overeem because of the personal heat between the two, but he has to fight him first and expects the rematch to happen until the UFC tells him different.


“GSP new trainer”

Georges St. Pierre has contacted Freddie Roach for a 2-week visit to help with his striking, despite Freddie currently training Manny Pacquiao for an upcoming prizefight.


“Anthony Johnson LIVE”

Anthony Johnson joins us via the big screen from Delray Beach, FL.  He’s getting used to dropping to 205 but he is having fun so far.  He does do low kicks like Bas suggests but there’s nothing like kicking somebody in the mouth.  He isn’t exclusive to any one fighting group yet and is still entertaining offer.


“Pat Healy LIVE”

Gilbert Melendez’s originally scheduled opponent, Pat Healy joins us on the big screen from Portland, OR.  He found out last night, just before everyone else did, from his manager Matt Lindland about an hour before the press release came out.  After he found out he was so disappointed from working so hard to get to this point and he felt he found a home in Strikeforce and everything was coming together to get this title shot so he was devastated by the news.  The word he got was that he would still get to face Gilbert when he returns, but hopes it’s not too long of a wait.  He won’t get any sort of compensation despite the money he’s put out training for this fight.  He doesn’t expect to lose his title shot like how UFC title fights fall apart completely after a fight gets postponed or cancelled due to injury.



They begin their 7th season in January debuting on SpikeTV and this Friday from Atlantic City is Bellator 74 featuring the welterweight quarterfinals with Lyman Good vs. Jim Wallhead and Nordine Taleb vs. Marius Zaromskis as the top fights.


“Michael Bisping”

Michael Bisping spoke with Ron Kruck after the show following his win over Brian Stann.  Bisping calls this a solid win over a highly ranked opponent that people have respect for.  His face is nicely marked up from his strikes and Bisping doesn’t have a mark on him (not true).  Bisping respects Stann but he gave him a beating so this win is significant.  Bisping was told by Joe Silva if he puts on a technical clinic and an impressive win over Stann than a title shot at Silva might be something they could sell, but this was before the Anderson Silva-GSP fight talk started to heat up.  Bisping says if it happens right away or in two years he’ll keep on trying to earn that shot.  He feels he is more deserving than Chris Weidman because he’s too young in his career and he’s been doing this longer so his time is now.


“MMA Highlights”

KSW 20 from Poland:

--Jan Blachowicz over Houston Alexander

--Mariusz Pudzianowski over Christos Piliafas (they showed Mariusz smokin’ hot girlfriend at ringside)

XFL from Tulsa, OK:

--Andrew Todhunter over Brandon Gaines (I guess there weren’t any Todd’s available to fight?)

--Jarrett Rouse over Jimmy Carrol over in a kickboxing match

--Anthony Johnson over Jake Rosholt


So like Bas Rutten always says, Godspeed and party on!

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