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9.27 Impact Wrestling
by Jeff Hamlin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Twitter: @hamlin37
The Big News: More matches for Bound for Glory. And the Aces and Eights angle is now officially past its prime.
Hulk Hogan came out and brought up that negotiations between management and Devon had broken down, so he had vacated the TNA TV title. So Hogan announced there would be a new champion tonight among Garrett Bischoff (when did he last win a singles match?), Samoa Joe, Magnus and Mr. Anderson. He also ordered James Storm and Bobby Roode to face each other at Bound for Glory in a street fight featuring King Mo as a special enforcer. Crowd acted like they didn't know who King Mo was. Then Aces and Eights came up. Hogan got his timeline all backward, saying Joseph Park had been taken captive, and then Aces and Eights had started messing with his daughter and the TNA wrestlers. It was the other way around. Anyway, Hogan said he was going to face Aces and Eights inside their own clubhouse tonight. Then Sting showed up after several weeks away and said he was coming with Hogan, and they left together.
Mr. Anderson mentioned his favorite Bound for Glory moment coming in 2010, when he headlined against Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle in a three-way. Anderson said it was the culmination of a whole year.
Christopher Daniels pinned Chavo Guerrero in a three-way that also included Kurt Angle in 9:04. Between Austin Aries doing a job in the main event last week and two babyfaces against one heel in this three-way, I'd swear that Vince Russo was back in the company. Then Kazarian (at ringisde with Hernandez and A.J. Styles) tripped Chavo Guerrero, who thought Styles did it, and it led to an argument between the faces. I was getting Vietnam-like flashbacks. (I apologize to all veterans for that one) Everyone had a face off in the ring, and referee Brian Stiffler ordered Styles, Hernandez and Kazarian to the back. No doubt that was derived from the NFL scab referee debacle. It was the Angle show from there, as he gave Daniels an Olympic Slam, but Chavo tried a schoolboy for a two count. Guerrero gave Daniels Three Amigos, but as he went for the Frog Splash. Angle put Daniels in the ankle lock. Angle and Guerrero then collided several times, and Daniels seized the opportunity to pin Guerrero clean after an STO. Guerrero and Angle were left pointing the finger at each other. **1/4
Hogan met in his office with the four TV title contenders. Bischoff said he belonged because Devon took him under his wing and his toughness rubbed off on him. Magnus echoed what a majority of the audience was thinking: why was Bischoff even in the discussion since he had barely competed as a singles wrestler. He claimed Bischoff was only in consideration because Devon was his tag partner. That gave Joe a chance to laugh at Magnus after being unwilling to keep a tag team relationship going. Anderson said the other guys only talk while he does his talking in the ring. The irony of that seemed lost on everyone. Hogan dismissed Magnus, I guess for making sense.
Brooke Hogan approached Tara backstage. Hogan was constantly interrupted by calls from Tara's boyfriend from Hollywood until Hogan finally took the phone and ordered Tara into the ring without naming her opponent.
2. Tara defeated ODB in 4:43. Eric Young was back with ODB doing the same concussion routine he's been doing for two years now. Old doesn't begin to describe it. ODB got all of the offense until Tara started selling a knee injury after a bump out of the ring. Absolutely no one brought it, except referee Taryn Terrell and ODB, of course. You know the rest. ODB dropped her guard. Tara got an inside cradle. Three count. Tara jumps up and down, then pretends she's still hurt. Terrell actually helped her to the back. That's six babyfaces who look foolish in two matches. Or about the same percentage as an average Russo show in 2009. Tara faces Miss Tessmacher at BFG. *
Bruce Pritchard read Al Snow the riot act over being unprofessional regarding his behavior with Joey Ryan. Pritchard said Snow was either a wrestler or an executive, and he had to choose between the two. This is similar to an old RollerGames angle from the 1980s with John Hall, the Los Angeles T-Birds coach who was promoted to a figurehead commissioner role. Leroy Gonzalez, the coach of the heel Hollywood Hawks team, got him unseated as commissioner for allegedly showing favoritism to the T-Birds. So Hall became the T-Birds coach again and got revenge in a match race against Gonzalez. This will probably lead to Snow doing roughy the same thing. Except roller skate, of course.
Bully Ray has a mystery partner tonight to face Aries and Jeff Hardy. He refused to acknowledge who the partner was, but mentioned how great he looked as TNA champion. So Ray is either gonna challenge for the title in November or be added to the BFG main event, which would be excess.
Hogan met with Joe, Bischoff and Anderson. Hogan eliminated Bischoff basically for inexperience. So it was Joe vs. Anderson for the TV title.
Roode talked to Aries backstage and said that he would be tagging with Ray tonight. Roode reminded Aries that as long as he held the title, Roode wouldn't be able to get a title shot. Attention to detail. Ahh, life is good again. Roode admitted he has never been able to beat Aries. Roode said Aries has the total package, and he couldn't fathom Hardy winning the title. Roode sarcastically said that he was sure Hardy and Aries would make a good tag team tonight and wished him luck. Aries was left wondering what Roode was talking about.
3. Samoa Joe defeated Mr. Anderson via referee stoppage to win the vacant TNA TV championship at 5:15. Anderson has short, brown hair now. His month off got him the lion's share of the cheers. Anderson struggled but got Joe up for the Lambeau Leap, but Joe turned it into a crucifix for a two count. Anderson got a clothesline and went for the Mic Check, but Joe escaped. Anderson went for the schoolboy cradle, but Joe wrapped him into a Kokina Clutch. Taz did a Joe Rogan-caliber job of getting the positioning of the hold over, as Anderson struggled for well over a minute to get to the ropes. Anderson passed out from the pain and referee Earl Hebner played Herb Dean and stopped it. *3/4
Hogan and Sting talked before leaving for the Aces and Eight clubhouse when a woman walked up to Hogan and asked him to sign some company documents before they left. As Hogan signed, the woman put hairspray into Sting and Hogan's eyes, and two membes of Aces and Eights put hoods over their faces and carried them away in a van. The long-haired member of the group held up a camera and promised to take plenty of pictures.
Evan Markopoulos came out for the Gut Check judging. He admitted to Jeremy Borash he didn't put forth his best effort against Douglas Williams because he got his ass kicked, but said he was here tonight. OK. Taz voted yes because he wanted to see Markopoulos learn under the company's brand name. Pritchard, who's now the subtle heel of the judges, voted no because he needed to learn elsewhere. Markopoulos did his kick out interview, and it kicked ass. He said that he was born in 1994, the same time when Snow was trying to get in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and ECW. He said he got his ass kicked last week, but would keep showing up regarding of how often he got his ass kicked. It was so good, crowd begged Snow to vote yes. Snow really talked him up, but voted no because he was 18. Seems to me that's a great reason to sign him. Markopoulos still shook hands with all the judges and the crowd was behind him, but he was clearly disappointed. This was the most indefensible of all the rejected candidates, by far.
Some footage of Hogan and Sting being kidnapped aired of them being in the clubhouse. They were tied up in chairs with masks over their heads, which were eventually removed. And this angle officially took a turn for the hokey. Hogan was left addressing this figure who had their back turned to them. Even with a digitalized voice, the delivery and verbal ability made it clear it was Eric Bischoff. Whether Bischoff is truly the figure behind the group remains to be seen. It could have simply been a case like the Black Scorpion, where Ole Anderson was the voice but Ric Flair (instead of the original plan, Al Perez) was the body. But it was clearly Bischoff as the voice here. The mysterious spokesperson, who was never revealed, said that Hogan and Sting would be freed tonight, but only if they gave in to demands. Hogan and Sting would choose two representatives to face against two members of Aces and Eights. If Hogan's team wins, Aces and Eights are done. If Aces and Eights win, they get full access to Impact Wrestling. Joseph Park was then reeled out on a stretcher, and the leader of Aces and Eights said he would remain with them as an insurance policy until the match. The leader vowed nothing would happen to Park until then. Someone kept threatening Hogan and Sting with a machete. This was a low-rent takeoff from a Saw movie and pretty bad.
Storm did a promo about his match with Roode about his street fight at BFG.
4. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray and Bobby Roode in 14:02. Crowd was hot for the faces until Roode tripped Hardy, who was attempting the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy made his comeback with the Twist of Fate on Roode, which has become a transition move. Aries got cut off in the midst of his hot tag sequence with a knee to the back from Roode, who followed by throwing Aries into the steps. Aries had a chance to make the hot tag to Hardy, but refused. Later, when Aries hit a tope on Roode, Hardy wouldn't tag himself in. Eventually, Aries hit the brainbuster on Roode. Then Hardy tagged in to hit the Swanton for the victory. Hardy and Aries argued. **3/4
Hogan and Sting were released from Aces and Eights custody. Sting started to go after them but one of the members pulled out a knife. As the heels drove away, Sting all but said he would be one of the members to face them.
SUMMARY: This was the night where the Aces and Eights angle just turned the corner into silly status. Hogan overacting was as bad as his stuff from the 1995 Dungeon of Doom angle. The matches were OK.
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