WWE Smackdown TV report - Orton vs. Show

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They plugged Big Show taking on Randy Orton in the main event before Show came down to the ring. They showed footage of him knocking out Tensai and Clay. He was angry because the guy who beat him in less than a minute for his title (Bryan) went on to lose at WrestleMania in 18 seconds. He said people had made fun of him for it. But once he regains the title, people won't make fun of him any more. He said he was the only one who could beat Sheamus.

Orton made his way out and said that their match tonight would determine who would be facing Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. Orton said no one would get in his way. Alberto Del Rio then came out and talked from the ramp. He said he would not be tossed aside. He made his way to the ring saying he was better than Orton and Big Show together. He said both were going to the back of the line, and was then RKO'd by Orton. Orton and Show faced off, then Orton walked to the back.

Match Number One: Antonio Cesaro (c) Vs. Santino, United States Championship Match.

Cesaro was on his own and angry after he dumped Aksana last week. Josh said that Santino called his offence MMA for “Marella Martial Arts”. Santino then pulled out the Cobra, but Cesaro cut him off and sent the sock out of the ring before Santino could use it.

Cesaro started getting mouthy with Santino, who hit a super kick for two when Cesaro was berating him. Santino backdropped Cesaro off the middle rope after reversing an attempted middle rope Neutraliser. Santino tried to follow up with his saluting headbut. Cesaro avoided it and immediately hit the Neutraliser for the pinfall.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro, Pinfall.

They showed the Bryan/Kane diner skit.

Match Number Two: Beth Phoenix Vs. Natalya.

Eve had a tout before the match started, saying she was taking the investigation into who attacked Kaitlyn seriously. Neither Beth nor Natalya got an intro.

They opened up with chain wrestling, going back and forth. Beth was the first to play dirty and tried to intimidate Natalya. Natalya caught Beth's legs as she came off the middle rope, just after getting the crowd riled up. Natalya put on the Sharpshooter, then dragged Beth into the centre before she could reach the ropes. Beth crawled back to the bottom rope to break the hold, then hit the Glam Slam in the middle. Natalya kicked out at two though, which shocked Beth.

Beth then got the pinfall after a series of pinfalls were revered out of an electric chair.

Winner: Beth Phoenix, Pinfall.

Beth had to hold back tears, with Cole saying it was a release after a week of being accused and ostracised in the locker room by the other divas. Eve came out to the ramp to apologise to Beth for acting in the heat of the moment on Raw. She said they had to act rationally, so she was suspending her indefinitely.

Long and Booker were talking about the tag division. Booker said they would have an 8 team, single elimination tournament, with the winners facing Kane/Bryan at HitC. Beth came in and asked what was going on. Eve said she had the authority to do it, but Booker reversed her decision. She said she was acting the way Booker would want to. Eve said she was going on the advice Long had given her. Teddy said they hadn't talked. Booker had them both leave.

Match Number Three: Zack Ryder Vs. Wade Barrett.

It was a typical Ryder match, rather than a Barrett match. Barrett tried to powder to the outside to avoid the Broski Boot, so Ryder hit it through the ropes. Barrett quickly came back to it the short art elbow which he now calls the Souvenir for the pinfall.

Winner: Wade Barrett, Pinfall.

More Bryan/Kane Raw skits.

Match Number Four: The Usos Vs. Rhode Scholars, #1 Contenders' Tag Team Tournament Match.

The match was in fast forward, with the heat lasting seconds. The Usos were set up for the top rope splash after a super kick, but Sandow pulled one of the Usos out of the ring, which was a long enough distraction to allow Rhodes to get his knees up as the Uso came off the top rope. Rhodes then hit the Cross Rhodes for the pinfall

Winners: Rhodes Scholars, Pinfall.

They briefly put up the tournament brackets. First round matches were:

Usos Vs. Rhodes Scholars

Marella/Ryder Vs. Gabriel/Kidd

Kingston/Truth Vs. Prime Time Players

Primo/Epico Vs. Mysterio/Sin Cara

So Rhodes Scholars will face the winner of the Marella/Ryder Vs. Gabriel/Kidd match.

They showed more Bryan/Kane.

Match Number Five: Lord Tensai Vs. RyBack.

They said Tensai was angry since being knocked out Monday, while RyBack had had the week of his life. Tensai attacked early in the match, and wouldn't separate in the ropes. RyBack came back with a belly to belly. When up close like that, it was put into perspective how big Tensai is.

RyBack hit the clothesline, then called to finish it. He got Tensai up and hit the Samoan drop/muscle buster for the pinfall.

Winner: RyBack, Pinfall.

Orton was walking the halls in preparation for his match. Del Rio attacked him and rammed a big container into Orton, who sold his arm.

Match Number Six: The Big Show Vs. Randy Orton, #1 Contenders' Match.

Show was waiting in the ring, but Del Rio came out to Orton's music. He announced himself as taking Orton's spot before Orton took him out from behind. He then drove Del Rio into the big W on the stage. Orton continued to hold his left side as he slowly approached the ring.

They started the match with Orton trying not to engage, avoiding the overhand slap by punching with his right side. Show quickly cut him off though before they repeated the process. Once Show had Orton, he worked over his side with a claw and by standing on him.

Show was yelling at Orton to quit. He threw body shots and went back to the claw. Orton came back by sending Show into the ringpost, but wasn't strong enough to hit the draping DDT. Show called for the chokeslam but Orton hit an RKO for a nearfall.

Orton shaped like he was going to hit the punt on Show, but he was caught by the throat and hit with the chokeslam for two. Show immediately picked Orton up and hit another chokeslam for the pinfall. Good story to the match.

Winner and #1 Contender: The Big Show, Pinfall.

Big Show left the ring, but came back to hit the KO punch on Orton and letting Sheamus know he'd see him at HitC.

They had showed Miz and Sheamus preparing for the debut of MizTV on SmackDown, but it was no where to be seen. I think it was meant to be just before the Usos' match, but it just never was on this broadcast. Otherwise a pretty good. 

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