Bellator live coverage from Atlantic City

Coverage of tonight's first round of the welterweight tournament from Atlantic City:

They just announced they are holding off the Ben Askren vs. Karl Amoussou welterweight title fight until January so it can air on Spike. 


First round:  Koreshkov with a flurry of punches and a knee and a spinning round kick.  Smith back with punches.  Hard body kick by Koreshkov.  Koreshkov with more punches and a jumping knee.  Koreshkov has some really impressive standing technique.  Fun to watch.  Koreshkov with another knee.  Smith spin kick to the body and knees from close range.  Takedown by Smith.  He's going for a Peruvian necktie , now going for a guillotine.  Koreshkov popped out of it.  Koreshkov landing hard rights from the top late in the round.  He hurt Smith.  10-9 Koreshkov.

Second round:  Smith got the takedown and has Koreshkov's back.  Smith has the choke.  I don't know how Koreshkov is going to get out of this, but he did.  Arm was under the neck and he got his chin back down before Smith could fully lock the hold.  Korshkov turned his body to get on top with 2:00 left.  Smith landed some up kicks from his back.  Has to be Smith's round, soA 19-19.

Third round: Nice head kick by Koreshkov.  Smith went for a takedown but couldn't get it.  Koreshkov landing now.  Big right and an uppercut and a left.  Smith now landing a flurry and a jumping kick.  Koreshkov back.  Spin kick by Koreshkov.  Fight slowing up in this round.  Smith nearly tripped going backwards.  Smith hard left.  Koreshkov back landing about a half dozen punches.  Koreshhkov with a takedown with 22 seconds left.  He's holding him down.  Smith bleeding.  Fight ended with Koreshkov on top.  Koreshkov has to win 29-28.

Scores:  All three have it 29-28 for Koreshkov. 

They are now pushing King Mo on Impact showing Hulk Hogan's promo from last night.  So weird watching a Hogan promo in the middle of an MMA show.


First round:  Tsarev got the takedown.  He worked for a guillotine.  Welch popped out.  Tsarev knocked him silly with an up kick.  Welch was grounded and Tsarev kicked him twice, which is illegal.  Dan Miragliotta told him next time he's taking a point away.  Body kick by Tsarev.  Tsarev landed a hard right and then took Welch down.  Tsarev got a trip takedown.  He's working for a guillotine but I don't think he has it.  Welch popped out.  Tsarev's round 10-9.

Second round:  Tsarev landed low and body kick.  Welch with two jumping knees.  Tsarev wanted it on the ground and Welch told him to get up.  Tsarev went for the takedown.  Welch got back up.  Great high kick by Tsarev but Welch blocked it.  Tsarev shot in for the takedown.  He moved to side control.  Tsarev got behind him and got the choke.


First round: Taleb keeps landing right kicks.  Now he landed a left low kick.  He continues to land the right kicks.  Zaromskis landed a spinning backfirst and knocked Taleb down.  Taleb seems okay.  But Zaromskis has his back.  Head kick by Taleb as he got back up.  Zaromskis landed a left and now a knee from short range.  Big lefts by Zaromskis from up close.  Taleb's round, 10-9.

Second round: Taleb landed several shots but Zaromskis knocked him down.  Taleb went for a triangle from the bottom but Zaromskis cleared it.  Zaromskis in side control.  Taleb regained a half guard.  Ref Dan Miragliotta ordered a stand-up.  Zaromskis wasn't doing a lot.  Taleb landed some kicks, a flying knee, punches and more hard body kicks.  Trading kicks.  Taleb went for takedown but blocked.  Knee from a clinch and another by Taleb.  Zaromskis with a takedown but Taleb back up.  Fight slowed up.  Miragliotta broke up the clinch.  Taleb landing the right kicks.  Zaromskis round 10-9 but I could see it going the other way.  Taleb did more standing but Zaromskis got the knockdown.

Third round:  Zaromskis went for a takedown but didn't get it.  Zaromskis with a left.  Taleb throwing kicks and now they are trading punches.  They were in a clinch and nothing was happening.  Miragliotta separated them.  Taleb throwing a lot of jabs, several of them landing.  Low kick by Zaromskis.  Zaromskis with a body punch.  Knee by Zaromskis.  Now Taleb went for a takedown but Zaromskis blocked it and got his back.  Zaromskis trying for  a takedown but not getting it.  Zaromskis with a back suplex into side control.  If Zaromskis does something from here he can win the fight, but he's just holding side control.  Dan Miralgiollta warning him for doing nothing.  Zaromskis dropping shoulder strikes but that's not enough.  Miragliotta stood them up while Zaromskis had side control.  That's bullshit.  Great high kick by Zaromskis which hurt Taleb and he missed a spinning backfist and Taleb used it to get the takedown.  Very close round but the suplex and high kick to me give it to Zaromskis 29-28.

Scores:  30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 Zaromskis.  How Ricardo Almeida could give Zaromskis round one I can't see.  This was a close decision, though.


First round:  Both in the clinch.  Good with a knee and a punch.  Good landed a few punches.  Good landing a lot of punches up close.  Body punches from short range.  Wallhead cut near the left eye.  Good landed more punches.  Good landing a lot more punches.  More punches by Good and a knee by Wallhead from tight range.  Wallhead landed a right.  Good with punches and a knee from up close.  10-9 Good.

Second round:  Good landing a flurry of punches and hurt Wallhead.  Good continues to land jabs.  Good landing more jabs.  Big right by Good.  Wallhead moved forward to land some punches.  Knee and punches by Good.  Low kick by Good.  Good landing again.  Good continues to land.  Wallhead moved  in but couldn't get a takedown.  Good with a hook and uppercut.  Good's round so up 20-18.

Third round: Good continues toland and then landed a hard knee.  Now they're  in a clinch but Good got away.  Good threw an accidental low blow.  Wallhead's left eye looks bad.  Good keeping the distance and landing the jab is the story of the fight.  Right hook by Good.  Crowd strongly behind Good.  Good landing body shots.  Both guys throwing punches back and forth.  Good's knee landed low with seconds left.  Dan Miragliotta took a point awy.  Only three seconds were left.  Good's round, with the point deduction it's a 9-9 round so 29-27.  

Scores:  All three judges have it 29-27, only score you could give, for Good.

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