UFC live coverage from Nottingham, England

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First round: Peralta got the jump on him and landed a big right and several punches on the ground and it was over in 23 seconds. This will almost surely make television.


First round: Nelson got a huge reaction. Nelson is originally from Iceland. Fans booed Johnson. Johnson looks gigantic next to Nelson. Nelson landed a high kick right away. Nelson still got the takedown right away. Johnson got an uma plata from the bottom but Nelson escaped and back on top. Nelson moved to side control. Full mount by Nelson. Now Nelson has his back and is working for a choke. Nelson throwing punches while holding the figure four body scissors to keep Johnson in position and got the submission with a choke.


First round: Watson is a big favorite in the U.K. making his UFC debut. Tavares with two rights and a takedown. Watson right back up. The place exploded with Watson getting to his feet. Watson with a knee. Tavares with a series of punches. Watson with aright. Watson with an accidental low knee. Tavares hugged him and they are back in action. Big right by Tavares. Low kick by Watson. Low kick by Tavares. Watson with a hard right. Loud Watson chants. Tavares took him down but Watson back to his feet. Watson kicked him in the groin. No penalty point called. He was told by ref Leon Roberts next time he’s taking apoint away. Tavares with a knee. Watson tried a takedown, Tavares tried a hip toss but couldn’t get it. Good round. Tavares 10-9

Second round: Watson landing some kicks. Both swinging and Watson landed a knee. Good low kick by Tavares. Now they are in a clinch agaisnt the fence. Back and forth with punches. Tavares with a takedown and has Watson’s back. Tavares gave up the choke. Crowd is super hot. Tavares keeping back position while Watson blocking the choke. Round to Tavares 20-18.

Third round: Tavares took him down, Watson tried a Kimura and Tavares back to his feet. Tavares with another takedown. Body kick by Tavares. Tavares working for another takedown but Watson trying to block it. . Watson blocked and landed in an advantageous position Tavares trying for a guillotine but Watson out. Watson with two punches and a knee. Body kick by Tavares . Tavares working for another takedown but Watson blocking it again. Tavares with a takedown. Watson landed some shots late and Tavares back. Very good fight. Watson’s round so 29-28 Tavares.

Scores: 30-27 Tavares 29-28 Watson and 29-28 Tavares. Crowd booed the decision, but it was the right call.


First round: Jon Anik just called Akira Corassani a household name in the United States. Seriously. Corassani heavily booed. He’s a natural heel to begin with. Ogle is from Sunderland, England and came off as such a nice guy on TUF while Corassani came off like a classic bully asshole on he same show. Both guy’s official UFC debut as both were injured when their finals came around. Ogle chants. Ogle dropped him with a left hook. Cossani bleedingfrom the left eye. He moved in and landed some punches. Ogle swelling from the forehead. Ogle dropped him with a left and is on top in the guard. Corassani back to his feet. Hard right by Corassani and Ogle ducked for takedown and couldn’t get it. Corassani now the aggressor. Ogle 10-9

Second round: Ogle trying for takedown but Corassani was too strong. Corassani landing several punches. Ogle went for the takedown and easily blocked. He did land an uppercut. Corassani landing but Ogle got the takedown. Ogle holding him down and trying a guillotine but it’s not dangerous. Ogle working the guillotine and landed a lot of punches and. Corassani dropped him wth a left, but that shot looked late. In the replay, not only was the punch late but Marc Goddard had already mved in. Asshole move really. Ogle’s round winning it late 20-18.

Third round: Corassani landed a kick that put Ogle down. Ogle came back with a takedown. Ogle has his back. Ogle landing a lot of elbows. Ogle continues to control him on the ground. Ogle’s round for sure and should win 30-27.

Scores: 29-28 Corassani 30-27 Ogle and 29-28 Corassani. Crowd is really upset. I can see Corassani getting the second round. First questionable at best and third no way.


First round: Manuwa’s camp asked that Kinsbury trimmed his Eric Young beard. So he shaved the whole thing off. Manuwa is from London and was a champion in BAMMA. Kingsbury got the takedown. Jon Anik gets the BAMMA fans mad saying how Kingsbury is not the kind of competition Manuwa faced on the local circuit. Crowd booing since Kinsgbury is holding him down. They want a standup while Kingsbury is working for a D’Arce choke, which is pretty silly. Manuwa got up. Kingsbury tried a takedown. Manwua blocked and landed a knee. Trading knees from close range. Manuwa landed a hard left. Manuwa landed punches and dropped him with a right behind the ear. He walked away and wanted Kingsbury to get to his feet rather than went to the ground. Flying knee by Manuwa. Left hook to the liver by Manuwa. Body kick by Manuwa. Manuwa killed him with a knee to the head. Manuwa is about to finish him as Kingsbury took a punch and another flying knee. If Kingsbury survives this round it’ll be a miracle. Kingsbury’s right eye is nearly shut. Kingsbury went for a takedown but too mach has been taken out of him. Left hook by Manuwa. Right by Manuwa. 10-8 Manuwa even with Kingsbury controlling the early portion. He hurt him too much for a 10-9.

Second round: Kingsbury got the takedown to start the second round. Kingsbury landed an elbow. Manuwa escaped from the bottom and landed a knee. Kingsbury tied him up with a clinch and throwing knees. Kingsbury with knees to the body. Side kick by Manuwa. Kingsbury tying him up again. Hard knees to the head by Manuwa. Flying knee by Manuwa and more knees. Kingsbury went of a takedown but Manuwa sprawled and in control on the ground. Manuwa went for a Peruvian necktie but didn’t get it. Kingsbury got another takedown but Manuwa back to his feet. Hard right by Manuwa and another hard right and a knee by Kingsbury and another takedown by Kingsbury. This is really a hell of a fight. Kingsbury moved to side control. Kingsbury’s round so 19-18 Manuwa after two. Crowd really shocked by this turn of events.

Third round: They stopped the fight between rounds because Kingsbury’s right eye was swollen shut. It’s the right call, but really disappointing considering how Kingsbury came back after being mauled in the second round and seemed fresher. Hopefully some fights on TV go short because this was really good.


First round: Of course Mills is the crowd favorite from Gloucester. Mlls with two uppercuts, a knee and takedown into side control. Second takedown by Mills. Ludwig is already bleeding from the right eye. Mills landing some from the top. He got up and dropped a right but it mostly didn’t land. Knee by Mills. Ludwig appeared to blow out his left knee and Herb Dean stopped it. They were struggling for a takedown when the knee went out.


First round: Hathaway went for a high kick that was blocked. Hathaway moving forward. Crowd getting bored one minute in with little action. Hathawayt with a punch and a knee. Maguire landed a nice left. Head kick by Hathaway and a few punches. Hathaway with a kick to the shoulder. Hathaway with a takedown, doing this diving takedown but he rolled past him and Maguire got up. Hathaway with a jab. Maguire landed a nice left. Maguire now trying a takedown that Hathaway blocked. Boring round. 10-9 Hathaway.

Second round: High kick by Hathaway. Hathaway bodylock takedown. Maguire tried a triangle from the bottom that didn’t come close. Hathaway pretty much dominated without ever opening up or going for a finish in another fairly dull round. 20-18.

Third round: Right by Hathaway. Hathaway moved in with a knee. Maguire is just staying away from Hathaway and he’s down two rounds. Trading punches. Very little happening. Hathaway landed a right and another right. Maguire landed a left. Right by Hathaway. Maguire got a takedown. Maguire moved to side control. Hathaway regained guard. Both punching while on the ground. Hathaway is doing more from the bottom. Up kick by Hathaway. Crowd booing them. I could see giving Maguire the third based on the takedown but he did nothing with it and was outstruck on the ground, so I go with Hathaway 30-27. Either way, he wins easily. Light booing when it was over. Boring fight for the most part.

Scores: All have it 30-27 for Hathaway.


First round: This is a really interesting fight. Sass always wins by submission. Wiman never loses by submission. Takedown by Sass right away. Sass landed an elbow. Wiman with an elbow from the bottom. Another elbow. Sass went for a leglock which allowed Wiman to get on top. Sass waned a triangle and got an uma plata instead. Wiman out of trouble. Sass with a switch and back on top. Sass now working for a ankle lock but gave it up. Wiman with a triangle from the bottom, . Sass escaped. This is absolutely great ground work. Sass threw threw hard punches from the top. More big shots by Sass. Wiman tried a triangle, then an armbar. Thes two are twisted up like pretzels. Wiman working for the armbar and tapped Sass. Awesome. Wiman is probably getting another bonus out of this.

Wiman in tears during the interview.  Said he was filled with nerves coming into the fight.  Said the finish was a blur to him. 


First round: Crowd really into Pickett. Pickett got poked in the eye right away. Body kick by Jabouin. Jabouin with a high kick and a knee to the body. Crowd really behind Pickett. Body kick by Jabouin. Pickett landed a left. Jabouin landed a left kick to the body and Pickett landed a few punches. Jabouin with a side kick to the body. Traded with Pickett landing the best shot. Pickett with a right. Pickett with a hard left. Jabouin landed a lot, he seems the quicker of the two. Low kick by Jabouin. Spin kick, Pickett tried a takedown. Jabouin landed solidly again. Uppercut by Pickett knocked the hell out of him. That’s a best KO bonus waiting to happen. It was one punch knockout. There was punch on the ground but Jabouin was done before he landed.

Hopefully with that quick finish we'll get the Kingsbury fight on TV.


First round: People heavily booing Sadollah. Hardy obviously is going to be the most popular fighter on the show since he grew up within walking distance of this arena. Loud chants for Hardy. This is as hot a crowd for a fight in a long time. Both landing stuff. Hardy landed two hard left hooks. Sadollah back with low kicks. Sadollah landed shots but Hardy landed the left hook. Hardy landed the left hook agian. Sadollah went for a clinch. Hardy with a right. Sadollah landed e left. Hardy moved in with punches. Both traded knees. Hardy went for a takedown and didn’t get it. Both landing punches from close range. Hardy tried a takedown. Very close round. Almost even, very slightly to Hardy.

Second round: Crowd chanting Hardy still. Hardy landed several shots and is starting to taken over. Sadollah landed but Hardy countered back. Hardy with another left. Body shot by Hardy. Hardy with a right. Hardy landing several punches and Hardy got the takedown. Trading punches. Sadollah with a hard left. Both missing big punches. Another takedown by Hardy. Hardy dropping elbows. Hardy landing some shots and now elbows on the ground. Hardy’s round for sure 20-18.

Third round: Hardy landed a right. Hardy trying for another takedown. Sadollah blocking this one. Sadollah looks like he’s bleeding from the right eye and left ear. Sadollah working for a takedown but didn’t get it. Sadollah failing on another takedown. Sadollah looks to be bleeding from the forehead as well. Hardy staggered him with a right and got another takedown. Sadollah bleeding from the left eye as well now. Hardy dropped an elbow. Hardy landing elbows and punches. Hardy throwing more elbows. Hard shots on the ground by Hardy. Crowd going crazy. Knee by Hardy as Sadollah got up. Sadollah’s face is a mess. Hardy with a couple of punches and going for another takedown as time is rnning out. Hardy’s round easily, should win 30-27.

Scores: 29-28 and 29-28 and 30-27 Hardy


First round: Miocic got in and landed a punch. Miocic landed to the body. Now trading low kicks. Miocic landed to the body and head. Another shot to body by Miocic. Miocic landed a right and Struve landed a right. Miocic back with a right. Struve not using his height well. Left and right by Miocic. Body kick by Struve but missed a flying knee. Miocic with two more body shots. Body kick and knee by Struve. Miocic landed a right on the jaw and another. Struve tried a knee. Miocic used it for the takedown but Miocic let him up rather than risk Sturve’s ground game. Knee to the head. Miocic hurt hiim back with a punch. Miocic with more body shots. Struve landed a knee. Miocic with a low kick. Miocic landed again and landed another left. Miocic landed another left. 10-9 Miocic

Second round: Body kick by Stuve. Struve accidentally kicked him in the groin. They slapped hands and are back in action. Miocic landed a left and right. Miocic landing more punches. Miocic tried a takedown and gave up on it. Struve landed some punches. Now Struve landing jabs. Miocic with a body shot. Hard left by Struve. Struve landing good punches andMiocic is running away. Struve hurting him with uppercuts. Body shot by Miocic. Struve with an uppercut and another right and Miocic moving away. Miocic with a hard left. Hard right by Miocic and Struve is in trouble. Very good round. Left by Struve on the jaw. Now Miocic was connecting. Sturve landing several hard right and Miocic was hurt. Miocic back in with a body shot. Struve hurt him. Struve knocked him out after a series of shots. Very good second round. Struve landed six right uppercuts and one left and Miocic was done and it was waved off.

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