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Thanks, Dave!

Best match — Matt Wiman vs. Paul Sass by a long shot. It was like one of those "old-timey" duels where each man takes turns shooting at each other until one of them falls over. Except in this case, it was submission moves instead of pistols.

Good match — Brad Pickett vs. Yves Jabouin. As one-dimensional as Jabouin can get, I'm kind of glad that Pickett chose to wing it out on the feet instead of going for the safe wrestling win. That uppercut was godly.

Bad match — Jimi Manuwa vs. Kyle Kingbury. For all the hype behind Manuwa, I cooled on him pretty quickly every time he got taken down. It's not a good look when you briefly get controlled on the ground, then throw up your arms like a petulant teenager. Plus, could've finished that fight in the first round if Kingsbury wasn't so damn big—Manuwa might benefit from going down a weight class.

Worst match — Duane Ludwig vs. Che Mills. Can't blame either guy, but the fight looked fantastic up until Ludwig dropped like a brick with that knee injury.


McKinley B. Noble

Thumbs Up

Best: Wiman vs Sass
Worst: Hathaway vs Maguire

I'm a big fan of the afternoon fight card. It's great to be able to flip between back in forth between mediocre football games. Plus it's not the caliber of show that you can get a group together for so it doesn't jam up your Saturday night.

Jonathan Renfro

Hey Dave,
A thumbs up! Good afternoon of fights Best Fight YVES JABOUIN VS. BRAD PICKETT, and worst fight JOHN MAGUIRE VS. JOHN HATHAWAY
A good submission win for MATT WIMAN, and a good knockout for STRUVE. Dan Hardy looked really good too, on the ground and standing. The two prelim fights added to the show, really only one boring fight on the main card.
Kyle Schroeder

Hi Guys,
I gave the show a solid thumbs up
Best Fight: Wiman vs Sass
Worst Fight: John Maguire vs John Hathaway
Best KO: Brad Pickett
Best Sub: Matt Wiman
Che Mills vs. Duane Ludwig  - Too bad it was an injury stoppage as was looking forward to Ludwig regaining some form and having a nice stand up battle here if he was able to keep it standing, which is debatable.
Robbie Peralta vs. Jason Young - A nice explosive knockout by Peralta. Great combination from body to head and aggressive on the ground once he had him hurt.
John Maguire vs. John Hathaway  - An uneventful fight. Hathaway controlled the pace and fought smart but didn't really seem to have a killer instinct in this fight. A battle between two friends and it seemed like a light sparring session. Hathaway deserved the decision but has looked much better in the past.
Matt Wiman vs. Paul Sass  - I thought this was a great fight! An incredible pace and back and forth action. Loved how Sass was trying to get out of the armbar at the end by almost doing a headstand and throwing a couple knees to the body using the cage for balance. Great display here by both guys. Wiman really upped his stock here with a submission over a great submission guy.
Gunnar Nelson vs. DaMarques Johnson - Another nice fast paced fight. Nelson looked really good in his debut. Since TUF Johnson hasn't been that impressive and may be on the endangered species list here.
Yves Jabouin vs. Brad Pickett  - This was the fight I was really looking forward to on this card and it delivered. These guys put up a crazy fast pace as well with lots of strikes connecting. A beautiful uppercut to end it. I think this fight exemplified what the Johnson vs Benavidez fight in Toronto was missing and why fans were disappointed in that title fight. These two were going for it and connecting a lot, Johnson & Benevidez were not.
Amir Sadollah vs. Dan Hardy - Hardy put on a great performance here after a feeling out process 1st round by both. He looked very relaxed in the 2nd and 3rd, his strikes were varied and how many people thought that he would want to go to the ground with Sadollah? Hardy looked great on the ground and very aware of whatever submission attempts may have been coming by Sadollah and postured up at the right time to stay out of trouble. A solid and well deserved victory for him.
Stipe Miocic vs. Stefan Struve - This was another very entertaining fight. Miocic did a great job getting inside in the 1st round and negating Struve's reach. 2nd round Miocic took a crazy amount of punches early in the round and I though Struve was going to finish it in the first couple of minutes. Great patience by Struve in the 2nd as he finally unloaded and finished him with those devastating uppercuts. 
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Grant Zwarych
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