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Thumbs somewhat up. Decent if not overly dramatic card of all-WW tourney fights.
Best fight: Zaromskis-Taleb
Worst fight: Tsarev-Welch
No KOs
Sub: Tsarev
Shlemenko trainee Koreshkov takes the UD over competent Jordan Smith. Real good for 2 rounds and both guys gassed badly in the 3rd.
Koreshkov stablemate Tsarev easy over the inept Tim Welch. Good skills but again poor cardio. Both were gassed within one round, Tsarev sunk the RNC in the 2nd.
Zaromskis and Taleb staged three rounds of entertaining mostly kickboxing. Taleb landed more but Marius landed everything big to sweep the rounds, including a belly to back.
Ex champ Lyman Good dominated Judo Jim Wallhead at all ranges to sweep the main. Lost a point in the 3rd for 2 low shots so it was 29-27 instead of 30.
Thumbs up. Mostly entertaining, mostly competitive card but... fb prelims started at 1:45 in the afternoon. Did ANYBODY know it? Very poor PR. 
Best fight: Manuwa-Kingsbury, Wiman-Sass, Pickett-Jabouin & Struve-Miocic were all very good
Worst fight: Hathaway-Maguire
KO: Pickett
Sub: Wiman
First fb prelim, Robbie Peralta just smoked Jason Young in what might have been a minor upset. 23 seconds.
Gunnar Nelson looked good in dominating and quickly tapping an overweight and lethargic Damarques Johnson.
Did not see Tavares-Watson.
Corassani got a dubious SD over the local Ogle in a very strangely officiated fight. Was also allowed to get away with a blatant late hit, illegal downed head kick, and various other fouls without even a hard warning.
Manuwa busted Kingsbury up bad but I thought he was gassed and Kingsbury walked through the hard shots and won the 2nd round, before the fight had to be stopped during the break. Good puncher but he didn't hurt Kingsbury with his shots anywhere as bad as Texeira did, and needs a lot better cardio. Good fight.
On the TV card, Che Mills was all over Bang Ludwig from the bell and although the fight ended quickly on Ludwig's knee blowing out, it was Mills' pressure that forced it, so not a completely 'fluke' win.
Maguire and Hathaway stunk out the joint for 3. Buddies and fought like it. Hathaway in total control but did no damage and Maguire just wasn't in the fight.
Wiman and Sass put on a short but first rate ground clinic, with Sass looking about to G&P Wiman early and Wiman turning it around and arm barring Sass, each guy doing the other's specialty. Surprising, entertaining fight.
Pickett and Jabouin put on about the same duration of standup clinic, trading sharp strikes and defense until Pickett ended it with a perfectly timed lead right uppercut (and then celebrated Gangnam Style).
Hardy, looked much improved overall especially in wrestling if less dynamic, dominated Sadollah to take a clear UD.
Miocic opened sharp in the main, outboxing Struve in the 1st and smartly avoiding the ground game, but Struve was just feeling him out and when he opened up in the 2nd and established the long jab, Miocic was badly exposed for poor reaction to getting hit and a suspect chin as Struve takes the TKO.
Good card that I'm afraid flew under the radar. The fox cartel does a very poor job on publicity as well as presentation and seems to drag Zuffa down to its level. Dana is gonna regret this hookup if he doesn't already.

Crimson Mask

Overall: Thumbs up
Best: Wiman vs. Sass
Worst: Maguire vs. Hathaway
A fun and enjoyable show overall. I'm not sure when this show airs in the US, but it was on in Canada in the afternoon. I taped it and watched it later.
I'm not disappointed given it's a FUEL TV card. It was honestly better than the recent card in Brazil and  the card in Calgary. Wiman - Sass was an awesome ground fight. It's one of the fights you show the skeptics who don't like ground fighting. I also enjoyed the main event. I like Stefan Struve as an individual, but I've always been frustrated by how he doesn't use his height and length. Thankfully he used all of his assets in round 2 and finished a tough Miocic.
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

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