80s star Jaggers passes away

Robert Jeaudoin, who was best known as Hangman Bobby Jaggers, passed away in recent days.  We don't have more details on this.  Jeaudoin was 64.

Bobby Jaggers was a solid star in a number of territories, hitting almost everywhere in the United States at one time or another with the exception of WWF.

A native of Kansas, Jaggers, who at times tried to emulate Dusty Rhodes, formed a tag team called the Kansas Jayhawks, first with Dutch Mantell in Jim Crockett Promotions and later with Dan Kroffat (Phil LaFon) in Puerto Rico.

Jaggers, with blond hair and a physique that resembled a young Dusty Rhodes, was a good brawler and a first-rate talker.  He won countless championships, working as a headliner in many smaller territories.

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