WWE Smackdown TV report - Punk vs. Ziggler

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Big Show started the show by saying everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. He said Sheamus would be joining a very elite group of victims at Hell in the Cell. They then played a video of Show knocking people out. Sheamus came out and thanked him for the heads up, because Hell in the Cell would be the biggest fight of his life. He then said may the best man win and offered his hand.

Show wouldn't shake it, instead he left the ring. Sheamus called out after him and said he was right, everyone does have a plan, then show Bryan's plan at TLC last year (cashing in on Show who had just won the title). He said it worked out a bit differently to Bryan's WrestleMania plan. Show started walking back to the ring and offered a handshake to Sheamus. Sheamus shaped like he would, but moved his hand at the last second and walked up the ramp. Bashing Sheamus' character for being grating has become a popular thing to do, and they keep giving reasons for people to justify it.

Match Number One: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth Vs. Prime Time Players, Tag Team Tournament Match.

Pretty convoluted finish. Kofi had Young set for the Trouble in Paradise after a Boom Drop. O'Neil tried to get involved but Kofi knocked him off the apron. Kofi then missed Trouble in Paradise, leapfrogged a charging Young, was tripped by O'Neil who was on the outside and had been fighting Truth, then Young hit his gutbuster on Kofi for the pinfall. I've enjoyed the tag team focus, this won't be the best match of the tournament.

Winners and Advancing to Semi Finals: Prime Time Players, Pinfall.

Match Number Two: Primo w/ Epico & Rosa Vs. RyBack.

The match was a backdrop for the announcers to talk about how popular RyBack has been on social media. They talked about him taking focus away from CM Punk. It was a normal RyBack match until RyBack sent Primo outside. Epico started to try to take Primo to the back, but RyBack clotheslined him and threw Primo back into the ring. He then hit his finish and got the pinfall.

Josh said “Shellshocked is Primo” as he hit the move, so maybe it's finally got a name.

Winner: RyBack, Pinfall.

Punk and Heyman were walking backstage and asked for directions to Dolph's room.

Match Number Three: Layla Vs. Alicia Fox.

Fox focused her attack on Layla's knee and played heel. Layla at one point came off the middle rope with a cross body but sold her knee which stopped her trying for the pin. Layla then hit a head kick for the pinfall.

Winner: Layla, Pinfall.

Striker interviewed Layla in the ring after the match. She said the way that Eve won the championship would make it even sweeter when she loses it.

Dolph and Vickie walked into Punk and Heyman. Punk was upset about Dolph leaving him during Monday's match. Dolph said Punk did the same thing a few weeks ago but now it's a problem. Punk said it was a problem because he was the WWE champion and Dolph needs to learn respect. Everyone was talking over everyone else. Booker came in and broke it up and said he appreciated Punk being here but this isn't Raw. He booked them for a match later.

Match Number Four: Wade Barrett Vs. Nameless.

They had a guy waiting in the ring, but I don't think they mentioned his name once. Certainly no graphic up with his name, which they usually do for their one time use guys. Barrett beat him with with the Souvenir, total squash.

Winner: Wade Barrett, Pinfall.

Match Number Five: Sheamus (C) Vs. The Miz (c), Non-Title Champion Vs. Champion Match.

Sheamus was on top until he was sent outside the ring, and Miz attacked him as he tried to enter. Miz then drove him into the pole on the outside and beat him down back in the ring. Miz got a nearfall with an implant DDT after avoiding the Irish Curse. He then set himself in the corner to charge but was caught with the Irish Curse.

Sheamus hit his forearms in the ropes and White Noise. Big Show's music started playing as Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick. Show walked at the ring and got up on the apron, only to hit the WMD on The Miz.

Winner: The Miz, DQ.

Big Show then walked back up the ramp asking if Sheamus was taking him seriously now. To his credit, Miz took the punch like a champion.

David Otunga was in the ring in his gear. He had requested this time to talk about what happened when SmackDown went off the air last week. He showed footage of Del Rio attacking Orton's arm in the ring until Booker had to bring referees down to stop it. Otunga thanked Del Rio on behalf of the WWE locker room, for having the courage to stand up to Orton. Orton's music hit but Del Rio and Ricardo came out. Del Rio was pretending to walk like Orton, the man does a good impression.

Del Rio said Orton didn't have the guts to be in the same building as him. He said he cut the head off the snake. Del Rio said he was the new apex predator in the WWE. Booker T came out and said it looks like he has spare time on his hands and booked a tag team match.

Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio & David Otunga w/ Ricardo Vs. Team Hell No (C), Non-Title Match.

Del Rio nearly got a pinfall on Kane when Kane and Bryan were having a tiff. Bryan tried to tag in as Kane was about to get the pinfall but Kane grabbed his hand to stop the tag. Del Rio pushed Kane into Bryan and hit the enziguri for two. Otunga then got a blind tag to try to get the pinfall instead of Del Rio, but was chokeslammed by Kane. Bryan then got the blind tag and hit the top rope headbut for the pinfall. They yelled about which one was the tag team champions after the match.

Winners: Team Hell No, Pinfall.

Eve and Long were backstage and Teddy told her to drop the act, since Booker wasn't around. He said he didn't tell her to suspend Beth last week. She said old men forget things. Long said he sees straight through her, and while he can't prove it, he knows she was involved in the attack on Kaitlyn. He then said that Booker isn't an experienced GM so she may be able to fool him, but if he was in charge, she would be out the door. Of course Booker came in at the tail end and said Long wasn't in charge. He asked Eve to leave and wanted to know if Long was jealous. He said he can't have him and Eve bickering. Long said he understood and Booker left to attend to business.

Match Number Seven: The Big Show Vs. Lord Tensai.

Tensai charged Show with an elbow and the two threw down. Show got the better of it and sent Tensai outside. Show missed a running elbow drop back in the ring and Tensai with a senton for a nearfall. Tensai missed a charge into the corner and was speared. Show called for the WMD, but Sheamus' music hit, he ran down the ramp and Brogue Kicked Tensai. Show stood there with his hand cocked the whole time.

Winner: Lord Tensai, DQ.

Match Number Eight: CM Punk (C) w/ Paul Heyman Vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie, Non-Title Match.

They teased a double count out after both were fighting on the top rope. They both connected, Punk with an elbow and Dolph with a punch, and both fell off to the floor outside. Punk nearly got the pinfall in the ring with a head kick and Heyman lifted the title over his head proudly.

They really pushed the idea of people being “Paul Heyman guys”, I wonder if they're going to make a group of them then. They earlier talked about Miz saying that Heyman helped him be able to be himself when he first started, and that's what he's doing for Punk now.

In the ring, Dolph tried to splash Punk in the corner but Punk moved, hit the GTS and got the clean pinfall. It wasn't incredibly hot, but it was a good match and they seemed to enjoy working with each other.

Winner: CM Punk, Pinfall.

Punk grabbed his title and a microphone and stood on the announcers' table. He said he had heard it from Hart, Ross and all of them. He knows what they want and what he has to do. They want to see Punk step into HiaC against Cena, and he will not.

Wrestling heavy show. None of it was awful, though none was too memorable either.

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