UFC on FX live coverage from Minneapolis

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First round: Immediately they are in a clinch. Harris got single leg and had Uyenoyama’s back standing. Harris thought about a back suplex but instead went forward with a takedown. Uyenoyama working for a triangle from his back. Harris escaped. Now Uyenoyama up. Uyenoyama threw a koppo kick that the crowd cheered but it did no damage. High kick by Uyenoyama and another high kick. Both kicks were blocked. He threw another, also blocked. Another high kick blocked. Close round, I guess Harris 10-9 but the triangle was more effective from the bottom than anything on top.

Second round: Another high kick by Uyenoyama. He tried another and it was blocked. Harris threw a counter left and now a low kick. Uyenoyama back with a low kick. Uyenoyama pushed him into the fence. Uyenoyama got the takedown and is working for a Kimura. Uyenoyama now on top. Uyenoyama got his back. Uyenoyama has the choke and Harris tapped.


First round: Nunes out fast and hurt Palaszewki with two rights and now going for a takedown. Palaszewski grabbed a guillotine as Nunes shot for a takedown. Palaszewski’s left eye is busted and dripping blood. Nunes out of the guillotine but Palaszewski working now for a triangle. Nunes remains on top. Nunes landing hard elbows. Nunes dropped another elbow. Nunes dropped a punch but Palaszewski used the opening to get back to his feet with 90 second left in the round. Nunes dropped him with hard right and his pounding on him with elbows again. Nunes now has his back. Palsazewski now on his back. Nunes dropped a punch and more punches as time is running out. 10-9 Nunes, this would be 10-8.5 with halfs.

Second round: Spin kick by Nunes didn’t land solid. Palaszewski landed a left. Nunes with a hard right. Nunes landed another right. Spinning backfist hurt Palaszewski. Takedown by Nunes. Nunes dropped a punch and has Palaszewski’s back on the ground. Palszewki got to his feet. High kick landed by Nunes. Hard right by Nunes. Another looping right by Nunes. Hard right by Nunes. Nunes round up 20-18.

Third round: Left by Nunes but now Palaszewski back with a left hook. Nunes is hurt. Palaszewski landed more. Nunes is desperate for a takedown. High kick and more punches by Palaszewki. The crowd really hot. Nunes landed the right. Spin kick by Nunes. Palaszewski needs the finish . Nunes landed a few now. Nunes wants a takedown but couldn’t get it. Nunes thowing wildly, but mostly missing. Missed head kick by Nunes. Missed spin kick by Nunes. Nunes landed a punch as Palaszewski moved in. Trading low kicks. Nunes missed a high kick but landed a spin kick. Big right by Nunes dropped Palaszewski and he’s pounding on him as time ran out. Crowd gave Nunes a huge ovation. Very good fight. Nunes took the round in the last 30 seconds. 30-27 Nunes.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Nunes

They just did a killer TV commercial with Stephan Bonnar asking Forrest Griffin for advice on how to fight Anderson Silva.  One of the best ones and funniest they've done.


First round: Volkmann got a big reaction because he’s from White Bear Lake, MN. Probably the only city he’s getting cheered in. Volkmann landed a body kick and a right. Volkmann moved in and has Roller’s back. Volkmann landing a lot of punches and has figure foured the body. Volkmann is working for a choke. Roller had to tap. Roller didn’t want to because Roller needed this win bad.

Volkmann came off well on his interview leading the crowd in a Minnesota Golden Gophers cheer (he wrestled for J Robinson there some years back).  He's said he's running for president as a write-in candidate.


First round: LeVesseur tried to knock him out right away but missed wildy. Prater almost took him down. Prater throwing knees but LeVessuer got the takedown. Ref Josh Rosenthal stood them up as nothing was happening on the ground. Prater tried a flying triangle but didn’t get it. Pretty much a boring round. Prater blocking takedown attempts. Nobody won the round. 10-10. Crowd booed both.

Second round: LeVesseur landed a left. Now they are back in a clinch. Prater with knees and LeVesseur with short body punches as both are in a clinch against the cage. Trading knees. Prater tried a hiptoss, and didn’t get it. Now they are separated. LeVesseur landed a left. He went for an uppecut, Prater ducked, tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Prater with some knees to the body. LeVesseur got the takedown but Prater working for a guillotine. LeVesseur pulled out. LeVesseur got a second takedown. This fight will make criminal confess to a crime it’s so bad. LeVesseur’s round so 20-19 LeVesseur.

Third round: Prater landed a high kick. Back to the clinch. LeVesseur threw two uppercuts, went for a takedown, but Prater blocking. Josh Rosenthal called for a break from a clinch due to nothing happening. He should just call off this fight if that’s the criteria. High kick by Prater. Back in a clinch. Knees by Prater and LeVesseur with short uppercuts. Prater pulled guard and went for a guillotine. He gave Josh Rosenthal a thumbs up and then broke out of it and now he’s on top. He needs to deliver something because he’s behind in the round. LeVesseur with a lot of body shots. Prater trying a guillotine again as time is running out. I’d give the round to Prater so have it 29-29 draw, but any score is possible here.

Scores: 29-28 Prater 29-28 LeVesseur 29-28 LeVesseur


First round: They are in the clinch. Simpson with knees from close range. Simpson landed a kick. Sims landed a right that put Pierce to his knees. He threw some knees and punches and Pierce now working for a takedown. Simpson landing uppercuts. Pierce can’t get Simpson off his feet even when sunk in deep. Simpson showing great balance. Punches and a hard knee y Simpson. Uppercut by Simpson. Simpson picked him up and slammed him, now has Pierce’s back. I’m surprised how easily Simpson is handling him. Simpson has his back and working for a choke. Pierce survived . 10-9 Simpson.

Second round: body kick by Simpson. Simpson wiht a few punches. Front kick by Simpsn. Simpson moved in right into a right hand and Simpson crumbled as the punch hit the chin. He ducked a right and the counter hit the chin and a few quick punches and it was over with Pierce winning.

On the fights that went to the decision:

In Nunes vs. Palaszewski, Judge Todd Neilsen scored the third round to Palaszewski while judges Kyle Shiely and Andy Kemp both had all three rounds for Nunes, which I agreed with.

In LeVesseur vs. Prater, Judge Sal D'Amato had LeVesseur winning the first two rounds.  Judge Chris Lee had Prater winning the first two rounds.  Judge Andy Kemp and LeVesseur winning rounds two and three. 

In LeVesseur's fight, all three rounds were close enough to go either way.  As for the third round in the Nunes fight, I thought he pulled it out in the last 30 seconds but you can make a case for Palaszewski in the third.  So no bad scores in the fights that went the distance so far.  


First round: Trading low kicks. Castillo knocked him silly with a right and and is going for the kill, side control, mount and Castillo is working for an arm triangle. Johnson is in trouble. Castillo moved back to mount which actually weakens the hold. Castillo with a few punches. Johnson back to guard. Good for Johnson surviving this an only losing the round 10-9.

Second round: Now Johnson landed a short left on a counter and knocked him down hard. Johnson started throwing punches on the ground and his lights went out on the third punch on the ground. That’s two almost identical comebacks in two straight fights.

Dana White just did an interview saying that Jeremy Stephens is still in jail at this moment but they are working on getting him out.  They said if he can get him out they will add him to the FX card.  White said that Stephens was picked up on a warrant from 2011.


First round: Edwards out fast but Neer has tied him up. Edwards grabbed a standing guillotine and Neer didn’t tap but went out cold.  :45


First round: Winner gets a shot at Demetrious Johnson for the flyweight title. Crowd starting to boo because neither is committing to anything. Body shot by Dodson and Formiga landed a good counter. Body shot by Dodson. Formiga tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Crowd now booing heavy since this round is ending with nothing happening. Body kick by Formiga blocked. Crowd heavily booing the end of the round. 10-10 round.

Second round: Crowd booing. Imagine if Larry Zbyszko was wrestling himself. 8 minutes and nothing happening. Dodson just knocked him down with a left. Formiga back to his feet. Dodson moving forward. Dodson missed a looping left. Body shot and a second knockdown by Dodson. He finished Formiga with punches on the ground. He ran up the cage and and did a front flip down. The left and 8 punches on the ground and it was stopped.

Dodson was dancing his way out of the cage.  He said when he fights Demetrious Johnson to put it on the DVR and it's going to be so fast you'll have to play it back in slow motion.       


First round: Starting off slow. Hieron landed a left hook on a counter. Very slow round. Ellenberger just landed two big shots but Hieron moved out of the way from any follow up. Hieron with a takedown attempt but Ellenberger landed a knee. Super balance by Ellenberger to avoid going down. Body kick by Hieron. Close round because little happened but Ellenberger did enough to take it 10-9.

Second round: Hieron moved out of the way with a punch and landed a nice left. Hieron with a low, Ellenberger blocked the the high kick. Hieron tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Takedown by Ellenberger. Ellenberger landed some elbows and Hieron is bleeding. Ellenberer landed a left. Hieron missed a spinning backfist. Hieron throwing kicks that were blocked and then a low kick. Another close round for Ellenberger 20-18.

Third round: Crowd is reacting to something else, probably a fight in the stands. Hieron accidentally kicked Ellenberger in the groin. Hieron throwing a lot of kicks. Ellenberger with another takedown but Heiron right back up. Heiron kick blocked. Crowd booing both guys due to lack of action This has been for the most part a boring fight. This is a close fights and it’s time for someone to try to win. Ellenberger moved in for a takedown but didn’t ge it. Body kick by Hieron. Ellenberger knocked him down with a left in the lat second. Ellenberger’s round close again 30-27. Even though I’ve got 30-27, every round was close and again, any score is a legit here.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Ellenberger.

Judge Chris Lee gave round one to Hieron.  Judges Jeff Blatnick and Kyle Shiely gave round three to Hieron. 

Not looking good for Jeremy Stephens appearing on TV.


First round: Browne tired spin kick at 6-7 and 246. Silva landed a right. Browne now throwing a jumping Karate Kid kick that missed by a lot. Browne is so quick for a guy of his size. Browne got off the right. Silva threw a slow kick and some slow punches. Silva has him against the cage and working for a takedown. He’s stomping on Browne’s feet. Browne hooked the fence to avoid a takedown. That was pretty blatant. Browne threw a knee. Browne’s left knee has gone out. He can’t put any weight on the left knee. Imagine having to fight a guy like Silva with one leg. Silva kicking the leg. Silva threw a big right that put Browne down and Silva is killing him with hammer punches on the ground and it’s over. Once Browne’s knee went out he was done.

Some added notes:

*Jeremy Stephens didn't get out of jail at the time the show was over.  Dana White was trying to work out a deal but couldn't pull it off.

*The only thing we know is that it was charges from Iowa.

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