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10.4 Impact Wrestling
by Jeff Hamlin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Twitter: @hamlin37
The Big News: Bully Ray will be the unlikely partner of Sting in the tag team match against Aces and Eights at Bound for Glory. Originally, Sting and Hogan selected Mr. Anderson, but he was attacked by Aces and Eights outside the building just as he was announced. The show closing angle and the lackluster debut of King Mo Lawal put a damper on the show. Not to mention it was a crammed program, but did have some good matches.
Hulk Hogan and Sting lamented about their meeting with Aces and Eights last week. They should have talked about all the horrid skits they've appeared in over the years, which would've included last week. Probably the worst since Kevin Nash booked those endless NWO segments that took up a full hour on Nitro in March 1999. And you thought Raw dragged now? I sat through one of those three-hour nightmares live in Chapel Hill, and the subsequent therapy sessions cost thousands. Well, Sting will be one of the men facing two members of Aces and Eights at Bound for Glory, and said he would scout his potential partner during tonight's matches.
Mr Anderson defeated Gunner in 2:28. Gunner and Kid Kash are still a tandem. Mr. Anderson won out of nowhere with the Mic Check. Afterwards, Kash attacked Anderson, who hit the Mic Check on him as well. 3/4*
Tara was on the phone with her Hollywood boyfriend again. She worked in a rib saying George Clooney and Stacey Kiebler had canceled dinner on them, and said she had read on a reliable Internet gossip site that the two had broken up. Gail Kim walked up upset that Tara wasn't focused on their tag team match tonight, and Tara mentioned her famous husband, Chef Robert Irvine. Tara talked about how she was going to win the Knockouts title from Miss Tessmacher, but Kim told her she was coming for the title if she did win it.
2. Tara and Gail Kim defeated Miss Tessmacher and ODB in 4:44. Taryn Terrell was referee again. ODB and Tara were the tag partners that couldn't get along. Wasn't that the main event of last week's show? Tessmacher looked better doing high spots this week, including a Facebuster from a Monkey Flip position on Tara. ODB gave Kim a spear out of the ring while sipping from her flask. ODB got kicked to the floor. Finish came when Tara pushed Kim into Tessmacher, and both women took a bump. Tara got the three count following a Widow's Peak on Tessmacher. Match was better than average. **1/4
Al Snow reluctantly came out and introduced Joey Ryan. Snow apologized for letting his emotions overcome his better judgement by going after Ryan several weeks ago. Ryan was being obnoxious, and demanded that Snow personally tell him that he was sorry. Snow extended his hand and said he's sorry. Ryan called him pathetic and said Snow had some news to share. It turns out that Ryan's legal team and Impact Wrestling had agreed to extend a contract offer to Ryan. Immediately, Ryan signed the deal without reading the fine print. He even used Snow's back as a table. After Ryan signed the deal, Snow told him he doesn't have a permanent spot on the roster. Instead, it's a one-night deal, at Bound for Glory. And Ryan's opponent would be Snow. Wasn't it already established weeks ago that Ryan would fight Snow for a spot in the company? I guess they were trying to re-establish an angle for Bound for Glory that they had already shot.
Kurt Angle talked with Sting about working twice at Bound for Glory, first against Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, then again vs. Aces and Eights. Sting sounded negative on it but sounded like he was against it. In the background, Daniels and Kazarian eavesdropped on this conversation. Bully Ray walked up to Sting to plead his case to be Sting's partner. Sting told him to show him something tonight and be a bully because he needed one.
3. Samoa Joe defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA TV Title in 4:36. Rob Van Dam threw a kick, and Taz mentioned it reminded him of Nick Diaz. When exactly did Diaz build his forte around kicks? Van Dam caught a Rolling Thunder and went to the top rope, but Samoa Joe caught him with the Muscle buster for the pin. Pretty run of the mill. *3/4
A.J. Styles talked backstage with Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Guerrero accused Styles of interfering in his three-way match last week, and Styles shot back that Kaz interfered with Angle. Then Daniels and Kazarian walked in. The first thing Kazarian did was open his locker, where an Apple Martini was waiting for Daniels. That gimmick is now cracking me up. Kazarian and Daniels mentioned how Angle didn't want to be in the three-way match anymore, and said he would rather tag with Sting against Aces and Eights. Of course, the heels were bending the truth here, and Styles vowed to find out the truth later.
Dixie Carter said her favorite memory from Bound for Glory was Sting winning the TNA Heavyweight Champion against Jeff Jarrett in 2005.
Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talked backstage. Aries said he wanted to let bygones be bygones with Hardy, and he agreed. Ray walked up and challenged Hardy to a match tonight. Aries grew incensed hearing this and asked Ray why didn't he challenge him? Finally, Hardy suggested they have a three-way match tonight and Ray agreed. Aries was upset that Hardy arranged that match in hasty fashion. Like that doesn't happen every week.
4. Chavo Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle in 6:40. Styles and Hernandez were at ringside. Angle dominated early with a spinning backbreaker. Guerrero came back with a sloppy attempt at satellite head scissors and a dropkick, but Angle responded with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Guerrero attempted the Three Amigos, but Angle got the Three Freunden instead. That's three German Suplexes. Guerrero broke away from an ankle lock attempt and hit the Three Amigos, then went for the Frog Splash. But Angle got out of the way and hit the Olympic Slam. He attempted the ankle lock, but Hernandez got on the apron to distract Angle. Guerrero got the schoolboy cradle for the pin. This started a near brawl between the two teams. Daniels and Kazarian came out and watched this scene with glee, thinking the two challengers to the tag belts were fighting with each other. **3/4
5. Douglas Williams defeated Zema Ion via DQ, so Ion retained the X Division title in 1:16. Douglas Williams clotheslined Zema Ion over the top rope. Ion got back in the ring and clamped on his armbar finisher for the submission. Ion held the hold on after the bell, so referee Brian Stiffler disqualified him. Ion got on the mic and told Hogan and Sting to take his name off the list to team with Sting at BFG because he didn't want to ruin his pretty face. Ion's gimmick is he's putting people out of action with his armbar, including Dakota Darsow, Sonjay Dutt, Jesse Sorenson, etc. DUD
They aired a brief promo video of King Mo Lawal, but it was nowhere near as long as it needed to be to get him over.
Bruce Pritchard cornered D.Lo Brown about iPad footage that showed Matt Morgan doing a run-in at a house show, giving Stifler the Carbon Footprint. Since Stilfer was in the last match selling nothing, I'd say that move wasn't exactly as dangerous as one let's on. Pritchard wanted to know how Morgan got in the building when security had already escorted him out earlier in the night. Brown promised Morgan wouldn't get back in a TNA building again. I guess we were left with the idea that Morgan had been fired, which had never been acknowledged to begin with.
James Storm came down and said Bound for Glory would be the biggest night of his week. He said he was going to prove to Bobby Roode that he was the better man. Storm brought up King Mo, which got no reaction at all. Roode came out and said he didn't give a damn about King Mo. He wasn't the only one. Roode built up the match and said King Mo wasn't going to get in his way to stopping him from beating Storm at Bound for Glory. Roode said if Mo was in the building tonight, he would say that to his face. This brought out Mo himself, wearing a robe straight from your local indy show on a Saturday night. Roode started to argue with him and Mo shoved him down. Lawal then got in the ring with Storm, had a brief staredown with him. Storm raised his arm and they drank beer together. Well, Lawal just sprayed it all over the crowd. This was underwhelming, and that's being charitable. The fans haven't even been educated to Lawal, and billing him as a "Bellator superstar" is right up there with being a "Canadian Football star" in terms of committing identity suicide, at least at this stage of the game.
Hogan and Sting talked some more backstage. Hogan shared his idea for Sting's tag team partner and wrote it down. Sting said he wanted to wait until the main event was over.
Another Aces and Eights video aired where someone got out jumper cables and tried to use them on Joseph Park, who was already dosed with water. The leader said they would reveal who their two partners would be next week, but they were ready to die for the cause. He wondered if Hogan could say the same thing. Park was about to be electrocuted before the tape cut out.
6. Bully Ray defeated Jeff Hardy in a three-way match that also featured Austin Aries in 4:08.The match started in progress to avoid the recent pattern of two full commercial break ruining the flow. Hardy ran wild on Ray and hit the Twist of Fate and Swanton before Aries broke it up. Then Aries broke up the pin and threw Hardy out of the ring, and clamped on the Last Chancery on Ray before Hardy made the save. Ray clotheslined both men and threw Hardy out of the ring, and Aries got backdropped onto Hardy over the top rope. Aries came back with a missile dropkick on Ray and attempted the brainbuster, but Ray kneed his way out. There was apparently a miscue as Ray went looking for his chain, but couldn't find it. He looked pissed legit. So Ray, apparently ad-libbing, simply grabbed Aries belt. The finish was somewhat mistimed, as Hardy tried to keep Ray from using the belt, but collided with Aries. Ray got the surprise pin on Hardy after the Buh-Buh Bomb. **1/2
Postmatch, Aries yelled at Hardy for breaking up the pin. The storyline here is Aries is trying to prove himself to the fans who already see Hardy as a star. Aries, despite holding the world title, is jealous of Hardy's popularity. Hardy, even doing the job, got the cheers from the fans, while Aries got largely booed.
Sting and Hogan came out to announce who Sting's partner would be against Aces and Eights. Hogan cut a promo saying he knew Sting was going to keep Aces and Eights from running roughshod over TNA. Hogan brought up Angle, Joe, and Ray. But Sting and Hogan agreed it would be Anderson, which got a tepid response. As Anderson was supposed to come out, an video was shown of Anderson being laid out by Aces and Eights outside the building. Ray came in the ring and told Hogan to look at the man he picked. Ray pleaded with Sting to go to war with a warrior, and that Ray was that man. Ray said they cost him the world title and begged to be Sting's partner. The crowd wasn't buying this and started booing and chanted for Devon. Sting and Hogan were apparently deaf and didn't see the Big Turn of 1980 with Ole Anderson and Dusty Rhodes. Sting talked to Hogan saying it should be Ray, and Ray shook hands with Hogan to a chorus of boos. This flopped badly.
SUMMARY: It was a good show for wrestling. But you can see where this Aces and Eights angle is going.
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