Letters: Bonnar promo; Raw rating; Hall of Fame

I had 100% decided that there was no way I was spending money on a Brazil PPV with Stephan Bonnar in the main event. I was for months actually planning on ordering BFG that weekend. TNA has sucked lately and I haven't even watched the last two episodes of Impact so I'm not buying that PPV. Watching the show tonight, that first promo with Bonnar and Forest was the one of the best things I've seen in wrestling or MMA in a long time and the 2nd one telling the Rocky story was great in a completely different way.
If I somehow manage to not avoid the Countdown show and if it's half as good as either of these promos, I might just be forced to give UFC my $55 next weekend.
Paul Fontaine

Hi Dave,
I believe people are finally getting bored with the horrible product the WWE puts on each week.  The in ring action is still good when given the chance, but the storylines are so insulting that it is driving people away. 
I really hope this is a wake up call for Vince, but sadly history shows they will probably do something to get shock value that will get people talking for a day, but then quickly people will not care. 
WWE needs to go back to the basics of booking.  Create new characters and giving them time to get over. This will create possibly new stars to catch on and also fresh new matches.  Make championships important again.  It is not old school mentality, it is what people want to see and its a proven draw.  One of the most basic and yet successful storylines is the chase for the championship.  Focus once again on the in ring product.  Jim Cornette said it best, people do not tell people they are going to see sports entertainment on monday night, they say they are going to see pro wrestling. 
The ratings will keep dropping with what the WWE is giving their WWE Universe.
John LaRocca

I think that people confuse being a notable figure in the wrestling industry and being at HOF level; one is not the same as the other.
Also they need to understand that not being in a HOF is not saying that person sucks, merely that they were not part of the elite.

As an example there is Jeff Jarrett:  He is a very notable person in the business with an interesting history but he is HOF?

Chechen Wendingo

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


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