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The 12 issues included in this special are the ones covering the
12 Halloween Havoc PPV events, which are:

November 6’89, November 5’90, November 4’91, November 2’92,
November 1’93, October 31’94, November 6’95, November 4’96,
November 3’97, November 2’98, November 1’99, November 6’00

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Nov. 6 (10)        WCW Halloween Havoc 10/28 card coverage & poll results
            Lia Maivia trial update
            Tenryu & Hansen capture PWF & International belts from Yatsu & Tsuruta
            Lawler replaced as CWA booker by Dutch Mantell
            Barry Windham has surgery, Bret Hart hospitalized
Nov. 5 (10)        WCW Halloween Havoc ’90 10/27 card coverage
            Things continue to get worse in World Class
            Wrestling in Mexico by Steve “Dr Lucha” Sims
            Antonio Inoki in Iraq to work on NJPW card
            Heat between Lawler & Mid South Coliseum manager Beth Wade
Nov 4 (10)            Hogan and Flair have first meeting 10/22 in Dayton
            WCW Halloween Havoc 10/27 card coverage/Paul E returns
            Barry Windham breaks wrist in 4 places, Sid Justice has surgery
            One of the strongest mainstream media steroid stories is coming
            Details on Steamboat leaving
Nov 2 (10)            Halloween Havoc 10/25 card coverage
            Flair ear injury update
            Road Warrior Animal gives notice to WWF
            AJPW has 100th consecutive Tokyo sellout
Nov 1 (10)            Halloween Havoc 10/24 card coverage “Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal”
            Vader vs Cactus Jack exemplifies dangerous trend- a look at high risks
            More notes from Hogan/Savage fall out
            Nasty Boys regain WCW belts
            El Espectro & Emil Dusek pass away
Oct 31 (12)        Halloween Havoc 10/23 card coverage- Hogan pins Flair in retirement match
            Rougeau retirement show doubles the gate of Halloween Havoc
            Mexico Districto Federal Boxing & Wrestling Commission hold public meeting
            Toshiaki Kawada captures triple crown 10/22 from Steve Williams
            Missy Hyatt files 12 count suit vs WCW
            UFC IV update
Nov 6 (12)            In Your House buy rates scary
            Fire, lights out and fire extinguishers cause panic at ECW show
            Halloween Havoc 10/29 card coverage
            Press conference announcing Televisa taking over AAA
            2 more serious injuries in AAA-Perro Aguayo Jr & Konnan
            Tatsumi Fujinami opens new promotion
            Jay York of The Alaskans passes away
Nov 4 (12)            Roddy Piper signs with WCW
            Halloween Havoc 10/27 card coverage-Hall & Nash win WCW belts
            Monday Night Raw to move up one hour on time slot
            It all hit the fan in Mexico this past week
            Antonio Inoki announces his venture into Ultimate Fight world
            Brian Pillman has ankle surgery
Nov 3 (16)            Halloween Havoc 10/26 card coverage-Rey Mysterio wins cruiserweight belt
            Royce Gracie to appear at next UFC PPV?
            Appears can officially signal the death of USWA
            Universo 2000 wins vacant CMLL title
            Gorilla Monsoon gravely ill
            Seems Eric Bischoff trying to neutralize Konnan’s power over Mexicans
Nov 2 (16)            WCW 7 figure catastrophe-PPV shut early-air main event next day free
            WCW Halloween Havoc 10/25 card coverage
            A look ahead at NBC Exposed special
            Randy Couture taps out to Enson Inoue on 10/25 Shooto show
            Rick Steiner & Marcus Bagwell wins WCW titles from Scott Steiner & Giant
            Rings 9/21 & Pride 10/11 detailed card coverage
            Paco Alonso of EMLL reaches talent deal with Eric Bischoff & WCW   

Nov 1 (18)            Review of Mick Foley’s book “Have a Nice Day”
            WCW Halloween Havoc 10/24 card coverage-Goldberg wins US & WCW titles
            Sandman returns to ECW after Paul Heyman vehemently denies he ever would
            Antonio Pena threatens to sue EMLL over Felino
            Kobashi & Akiyama win PWF & Int’l belts from Misawa & Ogawa
            Ultimo Dragon announces his retirement
            Nitro to move to 2 hour show in January

Nov 6 (18)            Bret Hart retires
            Owen Hart death lawsuit verbally settled
            Davey Boy Smith arrested for threatening Diana with death
            Halloween Havoc 10/29 card coverage
            Pride 11 Battle of the Rising Sun 10/31 card coverage
            Tenryu wins triple crown in tournament over Kawada
            Leo Nomellini update
            “Bodyslams! Memories of a Wrestling Pitchman” book review

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