New Japan iPPV feedback such as it is

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs.  Minoru Suzuki
Worst Match: Six Man Opener (Wasn't actually that bad)
Hi Dave,
Since the show started at 9am for me I was able to watch it live.  Overall it was a great show and well worth the $25. The stream was great quality the whole way through with no problems. 
I'm hoping they continue to offer the service because I'd gladly buy them all.
The main event was a legit strong MOTY candidate for me.  Very hard hitting and very technical.   Everything that happened mattered and it built to a great finish.  Tanahashi has been the best main event wrestler in the world for the past few years and Suzuki more than held up his end of the bargain here.  Actually he was pretty great. 
The undercard was the usual solid New Japan card.  The opening couple of matches were fun.  Alex Koslov is a much better fit as Rocky Romero's partner than Davey Richards was. 
Low Ki vs. Ibushi was good.  The tag team title match was fine and and Naito vs. Yujiro served its purpose. 
The same can be said for the Shibata and Sakuraba tag match.  I think Sakuraba has limited uses going forward in terms of singles matches but he's fine in tags where he can come in, do some moves and get out.  Shibata can obviously still go.  The crowd really came alive for this one also.

Nakamura vs. Goto was also good which was to be expected given who they are. 
Okada vs. Anderson was terrific.  Okada has grown so much this year to become one of the best workers in the world.  Everything he does, he does very well.  Anderson has also really emerged as a consistently great singles wrestler.  Their finishing stretch here was great.  

From top to bottom this was a great card that people really should try and watch.  The replay was up and running within an hour of the live show finishing.
Patrick McHugh

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