New Japan iPPV feedback

Hey Dave,

Watched the iPPV with the video on demand. It played perfectly from the moment I went onto the site and I had no issues whatsoever. Video quality was superb and the audio was perfect (although they had to slightly quieten the audio during certain copyrighted entrance music).

The main event and Okada/Anderson were both legit MOTYC's with Goto/Nakamura and Low Ki/Ibushi both being great matches also. Everything else on the show delivered what it should, either meeting expectations or surprisingly exceeding them (the TenKoji match).

Considering Japanese shows tend to rarely be so stacked top to bottom, I'd say that this was maybe the best full puro show that I've ever seen with how everything delivered so strong. The crowd was into everyone and everything, and treated everyone as major stars.

Alan Counihan

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs Minoru Suzuki
Worst Match: Tetsuya Naito Vs Yujiro Takahashi
Despite having problems and being unable to purchase the iPPV in time for it to air live, I was able to buy the VOD replay later in the evening. The event was satisfying all the way through and the stream quality was faultless. I will definitely purchase their next iPPV if they continue with them. New Japan has to have one of the most balanced rosters in 2012. They have a variety of different roles filled with some entertaining gimmicks and ideas spread all around. Some of the ideas aren't original, like Okada's No. 1 Contender briefcase, but they don't have to be when they work so well.
I was expecting the main event to be very good but Tanahashi and Suzuki went beyond that with a dramatic showing. Suzuki can do so much with so little while Tanahashi gave a high class performance.
Shinsuke Nakamura has quite possibly the sleaziest swagger I've ever seen. Hirooki Goto meanwhile has what it takes to be a main eventer. However, every time I see him I am reminded that not everyone who deserves to be the champion, gets to be the champion. I just can't see the guy getting a meaningful IWGP Title run. He'll probably be like Manabu Nakanishi and get a transitional IWGP reign as thanks for his loyalty but I bet that's as far as it goes. This was an enjoyable scrap between the two.
The finish to Okada Vs Anderson was wild with both of them avoiding each other's trademark moves and attempting each other's finishers until Okada finally hit the Rainmaker. Eight months ago I detested the idea of Okada being champion but now I anticipate watching his matches more than almost any other wrestler.
Shibata & Sakuraba Vs Makabe & Inoue was chaotic, which is just what the New Japan Vs Laughter7 feud needs to be. For those wondering why Shibata and Sakuraba are called Laughter7, that is (was?) the name of Sakuraba's gym. He chose the name simply because laughter is an expression of happiness and 7 is a lucky number. I am waiting for the day Yuji Nagata gets involved with the feud and faces Shibata in the ring.

I hope Naito can recover from his injury woes. It would be a shame to see him slow down his wrestling style. Still, New Japan saw it as a good opportunity to make Takahashi look like a dangerous challenger for Tanahashi.

The IWGP Tag Title match did a good job showing Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr as a dominating team but Kojima & Tenzan put in enough offence to avoid making the match look like a squash.

The two Jr. Title matches were both exciting. I can tolerate Low Ki more in Japan than I can with the American companies and am fine with him being top dog in the Junior division for now. You can tell how much fun Rockey Romero & Alex Koslov are having as a team. It was also good to see Nakanishi return. He looks a little healthier now that he slimmed his body down a bit.
Finally, only in Japan could you buy an officially licensed DVD dedicated to wrestlers attacking announcers.
Jamie O'Doherty

Hi Dave and Bryan,

I just finished watching the King of Pro Wrestling iPPV and I was extremely happy with it.  I’ve really missed seeing the NPJW shows live (or near to it) ever since I moved from Japan six months ago, so seeing this show meant a lot to me personally.  I was also impressed with the quality of the stream; I hope New Japan offers other iPPVs on Ustream in the future, particularly the upcoming Tokyo Dome show.

The show was everything I was expecting; the matches told stories that made sense and they were also entertaining (and not in the sense of "entertaining" as being insulting to the audience).  I’m not going to bother writing down my thoughts on each individual match; suffice it to say that I’m more willing to pay for New Japan pay-per-views than I would be to get most other promotions’ shows for free.

John McGraw

Thumbs up
Best Match
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Minoru Suzuki
Worst Match
Yujiro Takahashi vs Tetsuya Naito (wasn't really a match)
6 man opener: Served its purpose as an opener and got the crowd going with a good match.
Jr Heavyweight tag title:  Alex Kozlov is a major upgrade from Davey Richards in terms of all round entertainment, Forever Hooligans are a great tag duo and there match with KUSHIDA and Shelley was a really entertaining fast paced match up.
Jr Heavyweight title: This match wasn't as good as i thought it would but still turned out to be a great match. The finish was kinda botched but it added to the drama and turned into a good finish. Prince Devitt returned and challenged low ki
Heavyweight Tag title: Considering how limited Ten-koji are in 2012 this was a very good match. The finish was surprising as Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr completely destroyed Ten-Koji and got the cleanest and most decisive win you will ever see to become new champs.
Naito vs Takahashi: This was more of an angle than a match since Naito was already injured. Naito tried to fight but Yujiro applied a leg lock and the ref stopped the match (Naito didn't submit).  After the match Yujiro got some chairs and destroyed Naito's knee and he was stretched out. The start of a great night for Yujiro.
Laughter 7 vs Makabe and Inoue: This match and all the matches going forward was when the crowd really got loud. You really get a sense of danger  when Shibata and Sakuraba are in the ring. The start of the match was complete chaos and quickly turned into a one sided inoue ass kicking. Mababe got some offense but was mostly left watching as inoue was destroyed with stiff palm strikes and kicks to the point of having his mouth busted open, and was pinned with a PK to the face by Shibata. NJPW is doing everything WWE should of done with Brock Lesnar.
Tokyo dome number 1 contender match. This match was awesome. Karl Anderson is probably the most underrated wrestler around and Kazuchika Okada has been amazing since his retirement of being Samoa Joe's camera man. These two men have great chemistry together and everything they did was done flawlessly. The finish had an amazing sequence of finishers being countered and even attempting each others finishers. Okada got the win with the rainmaker and retains his briefcase for the main event of the tokyo dome show. The rise of Okada has been nothing short of amazing and the performance and fan reaction of Anderson really gives you the impression that he is a legit main eventer.
I.C Title: It was impossible for this match to be anything other than really good but after the Okada/Anderson match they had a lot to live up to and they did. The finish was great with Nakamura winning with the Boma Ye. I don't know what the future holds for Goto, maybe he will challenge Okada for briefcase since he beat him in the G1. I can see Anderson vs Nakamura at the tokyo dome show for IC title.
Heavyweight title: This was a MOTY contender. Everything about this was great and they blew there tokyo dome match away. The first half of the match was done at a slow pace with chain wrestling and submissions but with Tanahashi working on the leg and Suzuki working on the arm they told a great story. Tanahashi was always the favourite but there were point where i was convinced Suzuki was walking away with the title. Tanahashi's mouth was busted open from Suzuki slapping the crap out of him but Tanahashi eventually won after high fly flow in a awesome 30 minute match. Yujiro came out after the match and challenged Tanahashi for his first heavyweight title shot. Its clear that Tanahashi vs Okada 3 is the money match but New Japan has done a great job making Yujiro look like a threat. There ability to make stars out of what they have is amazing but at the same time so simple. WWE really need to take notes. Clean wins go a long way.
All in all this was the best PPV since money in the bank 2011 and well worth the £15 i paid. If theres any downside its that you can only view the IPPV till thursday or Friday.
Dwaynne Answer

Thumbs way up!

Best match - Tanahashi v Suzuki (slighty better than Okada v Anderson)

Worst match - the six man tag, although it was in no way bad

Hi Dave,

I puchased the New Japan iPPV (surely one of the few people here in England that did!) and wanted to share some quick thoughts.

It aired at around 9am here so I was at work but by the time I returned home in the afternoon the show was available to watch on demand. The quality was high and there were absolutely no problems with the stream.

As for the show itself, I thought it was excellent with all matches ranging from decent to fantastic. The main event of Tanahashi v Suzuki was outstanding with Okada v Anderson was not far behind.

Nakamura v Goto was a great bout and the Sakuraba/Shibata v Makabe/Inoue tag match had that real big match feel, competely different where you felt something dangerous could happen at any second.

I thouroughly enjoyed the show and would certainly buy any future NJPW events.


Duncan MacGregor

Southampton, England

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