WWE house show report 10-7 Reno

By Bryan Miller

This Event was the first time in the last two years WWE did any sort of show in Reno, the two previous times they had booked a show in Reno it was at the larger Reno Events Center and canceled the show due to low ticket presales, this time they went for the smaller Lawlor at the Campus of UNR.  This was the same venue TNA had booked last year and then canceled for the same presale issues. .
Match #1 Justin Gabriel and the Usos d. Yoshi Tatsu and the Primetime Players
I haven’t seen Yoshi for a while but he worked heel here.  They had a standard 6-man match with the crowd really popping for everything the Usos and Gabriel did. Titus O’Neal really worked the crowd and got a great heel reaction.  Gabriel hits the 450 splash on Yoshi.
Tony Chimel Announced that Ryback would face Jinder Mahal in a Fan’s Choice Match, either 2 out of 3 falls or a Lumberjack match, and that the crowd could text in to vote.
Match #2 Heath Slater d. Tyson Kidd
Slater came out and snatched the mic from Chimel and started to sing his “one man band” song badly, this got the crowd hot, he had a lot of heat here, then Kidd comes out and the two of them have a match, with Kidd getting most of the offense but Slater winning the match.
Match #3  Natalya vs Aksana
The crowd started cat calling as the divas came out, Aksana played to it, Natalya did not.  These two had a match that went a bit too long for Aksana, and she looked tired after a bit, and Natalya wins with the Sharpshooter.
They showed results of the fan’s choice with Lumberjack in a huge lead.
Match #4 Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara d. Cody Rhodes and The Miz
The heels come out and Cody cuts a promo on Reno, mentions that a fan’s sign said “Rey for President” and that if Rey were to be President the entire country would be like Reno, a terrible place to live.  He mentions that he’s not being a “Bad Guy looking for a reaction” and that Reno really is a horrible place.  Sin Cara and Rey come out and Rey tosses his shirt to the crowd, and the Miz and Cody yell at the fan to give them the shirt, but the fan doesn’t comply.  Then Miz takes off his shirt and Rey and Sin Cara get it and rip it up, and shine eachother’s boots with the pieces.  They have a great match and the crowd was really into it, with the good guys winning, much to the crowd’s pleasure.
We come back from intermission with a video of John Cena thanking everyone who bought his Cancer shirt, this Video got the biggest pop of the night.
Match #5 Wade Barrett d. Ted Dibiase
Wade cut a promo about how he was the champion of bare knuckle fighting in Europe which made him the only legit tough guy in the locker room, and then Ted came out.  Barrett dominated this match and won it with his Souvenir.
Match #6 Ryback d. Jinder Mahal (Lumberjack Match)
Ryback got a huge pop when he came out, after both men were in the ring Chimel announces that Lumberjack won the fan’s choice, and we see Yoshi, Young, O’Neil, Slater, Gabriel, The Usos, and Kidd come out to be the lumberjacks.  This match went on way too long, Ryback looked tired after a while and this was not the Ryback the fans are used to seeing, they had some fun spots outside the ring, and in the end Ryback uses the Shell Shock to pin Mahal.  The Lumberjacks and Mahal leave the area and Ryback plays to the crowd, as Miz and Cody come out to attack him, but he easily beats them down and gives each of them a Shell Shock.  There were a few annoying fans chanting Goldberg during the match, but maybe 3 or 4 at most.
Main Event  Sheamus d. Alberto Del Rio (Street Fight)
Ricardo comes out and snatches a fan’s sign, and brings it to the ring and then takes the mic from Chimel as Chimel is trying to introduce him.  Ricardo then introduces Del Rio and tries to show him the sign, which eventually Del Rio rips up.  Sheamus comes down and these two have the best match of the night, they really beat the crap out of eachother both in and out of the ring, at one point Del Rio wedges a chair into the corner, they fight over a kendo stick which both use on eachother and Sheamus swats at Ricardo with, before tossing it out of the ring at right into Chimel’s head it looked like.  Eventually Sheamus is thrown into the corner with the chair and takes it head first, several times both guys were down for a 9-count, and then Del Rio eats a Brogue Kick witch he tries to get up from, grabbing the ropes but falling out of the ring at nine and losing the match.  Both men are tired, Sheamus’ music is playing and fans start to get up to leave, but then Ziggler’s music hits and he has the briefcase and a ref in tow.  just before the Refg rings the bell though Ziggler eats a Brogue Kick and sells it like crazy.  The crowd cheers and goes home happy.
The Smackdown crew went out and acted like this was a sellout crowd, which was nice considering it wasn’t close to being sold out.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.  The new house show set really attempts to mimic the TV show experience on a smaller scale.
Bryan Miller

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